Darren was watching the large television screen that was hanging across the room from the two beds when Adam came back after dinner. Adam was happy to finally see Darren relaxed and out of his uniform.

"Hey." Adam grinned. "Are you going to the play tonight?"

"Yes. I have to. I'm the president. I try to make all special occasions." Darren muttered.

Adam nodded. "I'm real excited!" He ran a hand through his dark brown hair. "I hear the theater here is really talented! It's so-"

Darren turned to him. "Adam?"


"I'm not sure what made you think otherwise, but I don't care."

Adam nodded slightly. "O…K…" He licked his lips then moved into the washroom to clean up and change into his uniform.

He had almost gotten used to Darren. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

After getting dressed Adam stepped out and walked over to his bed, taking a seat. He still had an hour before he had to go so he decided to watch television.

"So…" Adam muttered casually as Darren skimmed through the channels. "What's your specialty?"

Darren turned the television off. "I'm taking a nap. Wake me at 9." He said before crawling under the covers and lying down, his back to Adam.

Adam frowned. "But I'm going out at 8:30!"

"Postpone it. Wake me at 9."

"I'm not your servant."

Darren was silent for a moment before replying, "If I'm not woken up at 9… you will regret the day you ever met me."

"Already do." Adam grumbled, eyeing Darren's back in irritation.

There was no way he was staying an extra half hour just to wake him up. Whatever Darren will dish out as punishment he could handle it.

Or so he hoped.


"That filled up fast…" Adam muttered, glancing behind him as people piled into the theater before the show.

"Which is why I said we had to come early." Fredrick said, glancing behind him as well before turning to the stage.

"At least we managed to snatch some good seats. Right beside the reserved ones too." Christian said, glancing at the seats besides him which was marked with a small sign.

"This is gonna be great. The theater is one of the only entertainment we get at this school." Fredrick grinned, glancing at Adam and Christian. "And… guess what?"

"What?" Adam frowned.

"This is where we get to see girls." Fredrick laughed. "The girls from the boarding school a few miles near downtown. They collaborate together. You wouldn't believe how many guys try out for theater just to get close to girls. We are all desperate and horny men…"

Christian snickered. "We? Did you try out?"

"Yeah." Fredrick nodded, still grinning. "And… failed."

"It must be very competitive." Adam frowned, eyeing him.

"Yeah, it is. Only the best of the best make it…" Fredrick shrugged his shoulders. "So you better be good if you plan to try out."

"When are the try outs?" Christian asked, glancing at Adam.

"Next week." Adam glanced at him. "How about you? When is your interview for the director's internship?"

"Not till the end of the first month. Gonna be really tough as well." Christian licked his lips. "Let's just pray for one another… Because I really want this…"

Adam nodded, turning back to the stage as he eyed the workers on top setting up the curtains and the pedestal.

It took a half hour before the crowd began to pile inside. Adam watched the stage the whole time, shifting slightly from one side to the other to try and get a glimpse of behind the scenes.

The only time he turned away was when his vision was blocked by somebody. Adam turned up, frowning when he met narrowed eyes. Adam licked his lips. "Hello, Darren…"

Darren glared down at him. "Hello." He muttered, shortly, before turning and moved over to one of the reserved chairs and taking a seat.

Adam frowned, watching him carefully. He knew Darren was mad, but Darren hadn't even yelled at him. It made him a bit unsettled but he decided to deal with it after the play. He leaned back and turned to the stage once more.

Finally, the principle walked onto the stage and stood in front of the microphone, glancing around as the theater quieted down. "Good evening, everyone. It's great to see such a large crowd gathering in the theater so early in the year. We hope that our new students will come to enjoy the theater during their stay here, we are all very proud of them. They have won numerous awards and are recognized internationally."

"How long is this gonna take?" Adam muttered, glancing at Fredrick.

Fredrick grinned. "That impatient? Your roommate still has to make a speech."

Adam groaned, slouching into his seat as he glanced towards Darren, who was watching the principle and awaiting his cue to go up.

Once he was called to the stage, Darren stood to a round of applause that welcomed him and moved onto the stage and in front of the microphone, offering the principle a short 'thanks'.

"Good evening, students. Welcome to the first theater production of the year. Our theater group has worked on this production throughout their summer break, and it has been a very difficult thing to do especially because there were not many who could spare the time to make it. The dedication these students have put forth has paid off and they will surely amaze you tonight. The production tonight is American playwright Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie. There are only four characters, but this story does not lack the strength nor the moral value of any other play with many characters. Pay close attention, first years, you'll be studying this text soon." Darren warned.

A few laughs, mostly by elder years who recalled their experiences. Adam grinned slightly, eyeing Darren.

"We hope you enjoy the play." Darren finished off before turning and moving off the stage to his seat, a round of applause following him.

The lights dimmed.

The curtains were drawn open to show a darkened background with the light shining on a tall, dark-haired boy dressed in old clothing. He stared ahead before lighting a cigarette and placing it between his lips. His eyes do not waver from the distance he stares into at the far end of the room.

"Yes," He spoke. "I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion."

Adam, by then, was beaming. "I love that line." He muttered under his breath to Christian.


The play was done brilliantly in Adam's opinion, and the boy who played Tom's character was amazing. Adam couldn't help but be drawn in by his charisma and strength. Once the play ended and the applause finished up the crowd in the theater began to head out.

Adam glanced at Fredrick. "Could I go behind the scenes? Maybe meet the actors?"

"Uh… you'll need a pass to get backstage…" Fredrick said as he stood up.

"It's fine." Adam said, standing up as well. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Wait-" Fredrick quickly grabbed Adam's arm. "Look… if you somehow make it backstage, don't mention anything about your roommate."

Adam frowned at him. "Uh… My roommate? He glanced towards Darren who was by then leaving the theater to head back to his room. "Why not?" Adam turned back to Fredrick.

"The main actor… the one that you like so much, he's gay. And he has a huge crush on Darren, everyone in school knows about it. He's been trying to hook up with him for quite a while."

Christian and Adam raised their eyebrows in surprise.

"Are you…serious?" Christian snickered in thought.

"Oh, very serious. Just…don't mention him." Fredrick grinned.

Adam nodded before turning and heading towards the stage. He moved over to the back door, frowning when he saw the teacher standing outside of it. He cleared his throat when he got closer to the teacher. "Uh… excuse me…" Adam muttered.

The teacher glanced his way, frowning. "Yes?"

"Could I possibly head backstage for a bit? I want to meet some of the actors." Adam grinned.

"I don't think so." The man shook his head. "There's nobody allowed in there except the actors."

"But I'll be an actor soon! I'm going to try out." He reasoned.

The man shook his head. "No chance, kid."

Adam frowned then moved over to the wall besides the door, leaning against it. He watched as the students piled out of the theater and sighed, waiting. It took a full half hour before the first few people came out from behind the door. He hadn't seen them on stage so he figured they were working in the background. But he was waiting for someone in particular.

Adam was getting tired after an hour. He slid down to the ground and rubbed his eyes, very tired. He licked his lips, glancing at the door when it opened. Finally he saw the guy he was looking for. Adam grinned and stood up before he could walk away.

"Hey, you played a great Tom." Adam commented, eyeing him.

The dark-haired boy turned dark brown eyes onto Adam, looking him over for a moment before moving the strap of his bag over his shoulder. The boy nodded. "Thanks." He turned and headed for the doorway but Adam followed him.

"I'm going to be auditioning this week to be on the team." Adam said.

"Good luck. You're gonna need it." The boy muttered.

"I'm not too worried." Adam grinned.

The boy glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. "Confident, are we?"

"Just a bit." He nodded. "My name's Adam."


"So what play will you be doing next?"

Luke frowned as he moved out of the theater. "Hey, we have a website. It's put there so people like you won't bother people like me."

Adam frowned then licked his lips, feeling a bit embarrassed at his harassment. "Uh… sorry…" He slowed down to a stop but Luke didn't. "I'll see you later, then!"


Adam didn't want to return to his room, not caring to face Darren. So he stayed as long as he could at Fredrick and Christian's room before curfew, then at 11 he headed back to his room.

When he opened the door he noticed that all lights were off and only a glimpse of light came from underneath the washroom door. Adam frowned as he moved inside and turned on the light before shutting and locking the door. He moved over to his closet and got changed quickly before turning off the lights and hopping into bed, hoping to avoid Darren.

To his surprise, however, when Darren got out of the washroom moments later he ignored Adam and headed straight for his own bed.

Adam relaxed and eventually fell asleep.


Adam woke up the next day before Darren did. He quietly got dressed and washed up, hoping not to wake his senior, before heading out of their room. He moved over to Fredrick and Christian's room before knocking at the door. There was no answer so Adam figured that they were asleep.

He licked his lips and headed back to his room. When he got inside he noticed that there was a noise coming from outside. Adam frowned and moved over to the window, glancing out. He furrowed his brows when he saw the large group of students, in uniform, who were moving from booth to booth that were placed near the edge of the lake which sat on the side of the school. "What the hell…" He muttered, licking his lips. He wasn't sure if it was something he had to attend or not.

"It's the club registration."

Adam frowned when he heard Darren and turned to him. Darren had then turned around in his bed to face him. He grinned. "If you miss it, you can't register for theater. Did I forget to tell you that? Better hurry, it's almost over."

Adam narrowed his eyes at him in frustration, figuring that he had done it because of last night. "God damn it." He growled as he ran for the door. He sprinted as fast as he could go through the hallways and headed out before rounding the dorm and heading towards the lake. Once he arrived he looked around for the theater group then moved over to it before impatiently waiting his turn to sign up in the back of the line. He noticed that Luke was one of the two manning the desk.

When Adam arrived at the front of the line Luke shook his head at him. "I don't think so…"

"What?" Adam frowned at him, feeling his stomach tighten. "Am I too late?"

"No. Club registration for first years is tomorrow." He raised an eyebrow at Adam as the junior besides Luke snickered.

Adam blinked in surprise and glanced around, just then realising that everyone had more than one stripe. He frowned then gritted his teeth. "Darren."

Luke frowned, eyeing him. "Darren?"

Adam sighed in frustration. "He did this to me on purpose because I didn't wake him up yesterday for the play."

A grin spread across Luke's lips. "You're Darren's roommate?"

"Uh…" Adam frowned when he recalled what Fredrick had told him about Luke and Darren. He hesitantly nodded.

"Brilliant." Luke stood up. "Take me to his room."

Adam blinked. "Uh…"

"Come on." Luke rounded the desk. "Man the stand for me, Stoner." He said to his junior before wrapping his arm around Adam's shoulder and leading him towards the Dorm lobby. "So which house is he in? I hear its Hume."

Adam nodded slightly, eyeing him. Luke had changed from last night into a much friendlier version and Adam knew it was because of Darren. "You uh… like Darren?"

"Yeah, I do." Luke grinned. "He's hot, eh? Have you gotten to see his body yet?"

"Uh… once or twice…" Adam frowned. "I've only been in that room for a night…"

"How is it? Can you believe I've never seen him shirtless?" Luke licked his lips at the thought as they headed down the Hume dorm's hallways towards Adam and Darren's room.

"Um… this is a bit…weird. I don't think Darren's going to be happy if I let you in… I'm not allowed to."

"Don't worry, blame it on me." Luke assured him.

Adam sighed and moved up to his room door before fishing out his keys. He unlocked the door and moved inside but before he could do anything Luke shoved in after him. Luke moved over to Darren's bed and crawled on top of him, pushing the covers away.

Darren frowned, glancing back at him, still half-asleep. "What the-"

Luke smirked down at him as he slipped his arms around Darren's waist. "You look so fucking hot when you're half-naked." He mused, pressing his body against Darren's as he placed kissed down the blonde's neck.

Darren glared and shoved him off. "GET OFF!" he growled before pushing Luke to the ground. "Stupid fag!"

Adam frowned at the two, blushing slightly. He had a feeling Darren was going to skin him alive.

"Ow…" Luke frowned, glancing up at him with a grin. "We are so violent this morning…"

Darren moved off his bed, standing up and glaring down at him. "Get out of my room. Now."

"Aw…" Luke pouted as he pushed himself up. "I just wanted to spend some quality time together."

Darren didn't ask again. He grabbed Luke's arm and dragged him to the door before shoving him out. He turned to Adam and held his hand out. "Give me your room keys."

Adam frowned, eyeing him and hesitantly obliged: moving over to him and placing the keys in his outstretched hand.

"Get out."

Adam blinked. "Wait… what?"

"Out. Now."

Adam furrowed his brows before turning and heading out of the bedroom. As soon as he stepped out the door slammed shut behind him. He heard the familiar sound of the lock clicking then sighed, glancing at Luke. "Thanks a lot."

Luke grinned. "Aw… I'm sorry. You can sleep in my room, though. I don't have a roommate."

Adam frowned. "You don't?"

"Nope. My roommate found out I was gay and requested to change to a room without a senior, one of the spare single-rooms." Luke shrugged.

"Ouch…" Adam eyed him then grinned. "You're not so bad. He should've gotten to know you."

Luke grinned his way as he turned and lead him down the hallway, towards the dorm lobby. "I know. I'm a great guy."

Adam laughed lightly, following after him. "Oh so very." He licked his lips. "I uh… I can file a room change too right?"

"You can. But why would you?" Luke raised an eyebrow. "Darren's the best roommate you could get."

Adam scoffed at the thought. "Somehow that ends up not being the case. He's horrible: didn't you see what he just did to me?"

"Well you did deserve it, bringing me into a room with him half-naked." Luke smirked.

"And! He's not helping me at all! In fact he's making everything worse for me!"

"Don't worry, he'll prove to be useful once you actually befriend him."

Adam rolled his eyes. "Somehow I doubt it. Besides, what makes you an expert on how he treats his friends?"

"I used to be his friend."

Adam slowed down to a stop without realising it. "Huh? You did?"

Luke stopped and turned to him. "Why do you look so surprised?" He grinned. "Yeah, me. We were best of friends during our freshman year. And part of sophomore."

"Well… what happened?"

"I feel in love with him." Luke licked his lips as he thought it over then shrugged. "I told him to decide. I couldn't see him as a friend so… it was either he becomes my boyfriend or… we would end our friendship."

Adam furrowed his brows, eyeing his senior. "Isn't that kind of harsh?" He muttered, eyeing him. "I mean, it's not like he could help you falling in love with him. Did you really have to end it?"

Luke sighed then slipped his hands into his pockets. "You've no idea how often I get asked that." He muttered then shook his head. "Forget it. You wouldn't understand." He turned around before continuing his walk.

"Wait! I want to understand! Explain it to me!" Adam asked as he ran after him until he was beside him.

"No, just don't worry."

"Explain, explain!" Adam licked his lips. "I will understand."

"Oh really? And just what makes you so special?"

"I'm gay too."

Luke, surprised, turned to the younger boy. "Really?"

Adam nodded. "Yes…"

Luke frowned then nodded slightly. "I wouldn't tell Darren if I were you."

"Explain… why you couldn't be friends with him anymore."

"Well… how would you feel when the very thing you wanted so much, which you knew you couldn't have, was right in front of you all the time?" Luke grinned as he moved down into the Locke dorm. "I couldn't take it. It was hard, especially before I came out. It was painstaking. We did everything together, at many points I made myself believe that he might have fallen in love with me too…"

Adam frowned, eyeing him.

"But I was rejected, of course. Either way, this is much easier. I can pursue him openly."

"By jumping on top of him in bed?"

Luke grinned. "He is so hot." He turned to Adam. "You don't think so?"

Adam blinked at the question, blushing slightly as he glanced away. "Uh… Well, yeah. He's very handsome…"

Luke laughed. "I have never wanted a man more than him. Maybe because I know I'll never have him and annoying him is a lot of fun but… I'm pretty much obsessed with him." He stopped in front of his bedroom door and unlocked it. "Come on in." He invited before heading inside the room and leaving the door open for Adam.

Adam nodded and followed inside before closing and locking the door.

"You want something to drink?" Luke asked as he walked over to the fridge.

"No thanks." Adam muttered as he sat down on the empty bed. Luke's bed was a mess; unkempt and with clothes and books piled on top.

Luke took out a water bottle and chugged half of it down before putting it back in. He turned and glanced at Adam before grinning. "You know… you're pretty cute."

Adma frowned, eyeing him then licked his lips. "Thanks…"

Luke moved over to him, taking in his appearance. "I've always loved dark-haired boys too."

Adam raised an eyebrow. "That's nice-" He frowned when Luke shoved him back onto the bed and crawled on top of him. "What are-" Adam furrowed his brows when Luke pressed his lips against his own. Adam shoved him away. "God damn, Luke! We hardly know each other."

"Who cares? We're not getting married." Luke muttered then straightened up, keeping his knees on either side of Adam on the bed before taking off his shirt in front of him.

Adam's eyes trailed down the elder boy's strong shoulders, neck, chest and abs. He licked his lips.

Luke grinned at his reaction. "Let's just have some fun. This may be an all-boys school but trust me you won't find any gay guy willing to loosen up."

"Hmm..." Adam met his eyes. He did want some fun, too, fun he didn't get to have at his last school while he watched everyone else kiss and break up and kiss someone else. He wanted to be liked too and to like someone back. While Luke was a bit extreme and he knew he would never pursue a relationship with him, he decided he was definitely open for some fun. "Let's have fun, then."

Luke grinned before pushing Adam back and pressing their lips together again.

This time, however, Adam responded.