There stands a boy, and there stands a girl,

And they're holding hands on top of the world.

They spin and they spin, and they don't give a care

About what people say of them loving up there.

But sometimes it hurts, and sometimes they fall

And it is the fault of no one at all.

But then she will scream, and then she will cry,

And he'll pull her close with a heartbroken sigh.

"I love you," he'll say, and her tears will fade.

He'll take her hand and together they'll stand

Atop the world again.

But if he should falter, and if he feels pain

He won't want to cry, he'll just hide it in shame.

And then she will plead,

Into himself he'll recede.

And they find they've fallen again...

So she bends and he slips, maybe into her lips,

And she holds him so close to her heart.

And as they will rise with a jolt he'll realize

That they never want to part.

While they stand on the world again

Nothing can fade his grin.

One day they'll realize on top of the seas are where they, together, are meant to be.

So they'll slip on some rings,

And seal with a kiss,

And then live together in eternal bliss.

On top of the world, two old people rock.

In chairs built on love that runs like a clock.

With a little adjusting, turning back now and then

Just the small bits of maintenance, they'll never give in.

They hold hands and fade into the sun

And at the end of the day, and the end of their love,

They have gained. And they have lost.

But what matters most is not the cost.

What matters most is the journey.

For while they fell, they also rose.

They smacked all the doubters right there on the nose.

And on top of the world they always will be.