At the end of the day, when we've all gone away, and our high school memories are through

Which squad will we think was just on the brink of the best girls who ever wore blue?

Was it the squad with the perfect hair, or the one who's officer was always prepared?

Once we step on that field with a smile on our face, and all of our hearts begin to race, what really matters?

Not that you were two, but that your heart was true.

Who cares if you're three when your heart feels this free?

What matters most is squad sister.

When we are as one, our love spinning on, nothing else matters at all.

We stand here together, sisters forever, proud and standing tall.

Squad sister is us, the you's and the me's, the beautiful girls who make up this team.

So never forget, when you're looking behind, squad sister's the one to cherish for life.