Hello again! Sorry for all the spam, however this is the best way to reach everyone at once.

Courting Chaos is now available on Amazon. The title is Courting Chaos, and the author is Jacklyn Dumais.

Even if you don't plan on buying a copy, I would be forever grateful if you would review the book. This one especially needs a lot of love, since 4,500 people read the plagiarized copy on Amazon. I'm terrified negative reviews of "I've already read this book!" will bring down any possible sales. So! Please, I'm begging you lovely readers to go and give it a positive review. Especially reviews that note that this is the original copy.

Again - you don't have to buy the book to review! But the more reviews the book has, the more sales I can gain.

You've all been fabulous through this mess. Thank you, thank you - a million times, thank you!