The drugs they force down my throat are bitter,

Chokingly large in tiny capsules.

White sits besides me'

'The scars are healing nicely, nicely, nicely'

Red rings my wrists,

they aren't fading.

Like me they are smothered

suffocated by the white blackness.

Black and White, Black and White.

Dead heat building,

pulling me down with

long,long black fingers.

'Nicely, Nicely'

White fades on more white,

An ever-changing pattern of

formality, routine.

Drugs, Pills, Syringes.

Anything they can force in me,

to help numb.

The pain still burns but they don't look.,

it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.

They won't look.

Wilder, hotter still.

My mind is numbed by them.

They conspire with the heat,

Numb my mind then scorch my heart.

It never ends, it never ends.

More blackness seeping, white uniformity.

They ignore the tears,

emotions are wrong/

Fight back.

I can't.

Fight back.

I can't.