The 'Perfect' Girl-

"What is your opinion on love?" her voice was timid, worried, yet excited at the same time. He didn't notice.

"Love?" He responded. They sat beside each other on a large, red chesterfield couch in the dimly lit room. The newest episode of their favourite television show was nearing the end of the episode. "Why do you ask?"

The question caught her off guard. She knew her answer but she couldn't tell him. Between her index and middle finger she played with her short blonde hair. Her bangs, usually nestled behind her ears, now hung loose, veiling her eyes. "Oh, you know, just curious."

"Well," he started, but paused, distracted by the television. It was just the two of them in the room, just like every Saturday since they had met. It was the living room of the girl's apartment; several large windows surrounded them but shed no light on account of the sun having set beneath the horizon long ago. He sat lazily across the couch, his arms and legs sprawled here and there. She sat with her legs together, hands folded together on her lap. He continued, saying "One day when I fall in love, it has to be with the perfect girl."

There was a silence for a short moment, and she shrugged her shoulders in a 'whatever' kind of way. "Perfect," she said to herself, looking at her unpainted fingernails., and clothing that did not match. "What do you mean by 'perfect'?"

The boy stood as the end credits for the show began to scroll across the television screen. Turning on his x-box he threw a controller to her, then returned to his seat, a second controller in hand. "Uh, I dunno, like she has to be beautiful!"

The game began and lights flooded from the screen into the small room, reflecting off the crystal rose that sat on the coffee table in front of the chesterfield. Stretching lazily, the boy rested his feet on the table.

"Oh, and she has to be interested in the same stuff as me!" He exclaimed, still intent on the screen before him. "Like video games, and dub-step music!"

A smile started to spread across the girl's face as the next song on her iPod played into her ear, one of the songs on the 'dub-step' play list he made for her. Her thumbs bounced around the controller putting her into first place in Mario Cart!

"As well, I have to meet her on a night like no other," he smiled widely as he spoke. "A night where the stars shine brightly, and the moon is full in the night sky!"

As he continued to speak, she tried to imagine the kind of night he spoke of. His words turned to images in her mind, and she could see the night before her. Fireworks erupted in the night sky, firing off streams of light in every direction. Soon the images in her mind took flight of their own, morphing themselves into memories. Memories of years before. She stood alone, watching the fiery sky. All around her others watched, families, couples, and not a single one of them was a lone on that new years eve. No one but her.

It was only a month earlier that she moved away from her home town, her family, when she first tried to make a new life for herself. The girl squirmed in her seat on the couch, the game screen blaring before her. She tried to pay attention to the game, to the boy beside her, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as her eyes grew watery. The fireworks blurred in the distance as tears pulled at the girls eyes. She never should have come to this city. Then it all turned around, changing her whole world in an instance.

It was not a great realization, or the world ending that changed her. It was not a message from god, or a grand catastrophe. No, change came to her life in a much different way. In the voice of a boy.

"And then I would make my way over to her, and ask her, 'Are you here alone?'" He spoke beside her on the couch, a smile brightly lighting his face. As he spoke she could still imagine the outfit he wore that night, as he spoke those words years ago. Their t-shirts matched, a picture of their favourite video game character, Link, holding the tri-force above his head. "And then, after meeting her in the firework filled sky, I would ask her to play some arcade games with me!"

Ding ding! Her mind jumped back to her memories, once again fuelled by the words he spoke. They stood side by side, and she watched as the boy swung the large mallet in his hand against the ever growing gopher menace. "You got them all!" She cheered as he collected his prize. Suddenly a loud sound boomed through the air, and they both turned to it's source; a large clock tower in the middle of the fair grounds. It rang eleven more times, signalling that it was midnight. The last firework exploded into a grand mixture of red and blue.

"And then it would be midnight, and I'd have to say farewell." The boy's smile seemed to die down a little as he peaked at his friend from from the corner of his eye. She seemed distant, distracted in thought. "However, we would meet again. We would become great friends, and years later fall in love!"

The television busted loudly as the game ended, the girl having placed first. Turning to the girl he smiled widely and spoke of how great she'd done, but his smile faded quickly at the sight of tears streaming down her face. "Hey, what's wrong?" He placed a firm grip on the girl's shoulder and shook her lightly after she failed to respond for a moment.

"Nothing," She spoke between gasps for air as she cried, smiling joyfully. "But... you just reiterated the night we met, didn't you? Doesn't that mean-"

She was cut off by the warm sensation of his fingers intertwining with hers. "Well you see, there is one more thing my 'perfect girl' needs."

She looked up into his forest green eyes. Her heart skipped a beat at his smile, a smile that could take her breath away. Slowly, the boy brushed her bangs back behind her ears.

"Well, my perfect girl is like a princess, with beautiful blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes, kind of like yours!" As he spoke the sun made it's first appearance on the horizon, inching it's way over the mountains. Light shot across the world and into the windows of the small room, illuminating the beige walls and red carpet.

The girl blushed and looked down to avoid his eye contact. The butterflies in her chest were getting restless, and her cheeks felt sore from smiling so widely. Without thought she tightened her grip on the boy's fingers, never wanting to let go again.

"However," The boy pulled his fingers from her grasp, much to the girl's dismay. He stood, and took several steps across the room towards one of the windows. He watched the world below from the seventh floor apartment window as it slowly buzzed to life. He took a deep breath in, placing his hands together behind his back in a giving up kind of way before continuing. "Impressing a princess is hard work, and could prove to difficult a task for one such as myself. Sometimes I believe it would be easier to give up all together."

The boy tilted his head to the left very slightly, so that he could see her in his peripherals. A surge of hope began to shoot through his veins as she stood quickly, making her way towards him. She spoke, "That's not true! Any girl would be lucky to have you!"

Just as quickly as the sudden courage made her speak, it vanished, and her eyes dropped to her toes. "I mean, you know... or whatever" She blushed heavily.

He turned to her, his eyebrows quirked in confusion. "Oh, and why do you say that?"

"Because, my 'perfect boy'," She mustered her courage, and slowly rose her gaze to mach his as she spoke. "is the kind of boy who befriends a lonely girl on a starry night and makes her laugh, and cry. The kind of boy I can just relax around, and play video games with."

"what else would he do?" the boy crossed his arms, and waited for her response. She had to ponder this for a moment, and several times she felt the urge to break eye contact, but she refused to give up.

Finally she found the words she needed, and spoke proudly. "He would be polite, and caring, and buy me flowers when I'm not feeling so good." She laughed to herself a little on the inside when the boy broke the stare, averting his eyes to the crystal rose on the coffee table behind the girl. It was the rose that he gave her when she broke her leg.

"He," She said, moving forward to poke the bow in the chest with her index finger. They locked eyes again, and she felt a calmness to the boy. She felt like all the other problems in the world didn't matter so much anymore. "would be a modern-day hero who would sweep me off my fee, and tell me-"

Her legs gave out under her as the boy scooped her into his arms. She gasped as he looked down into her eyes, and he spoke in a voice that took her breath away.

"Will you be my princess if I promise to always hold you?"

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