Hello guys! :D This is my newest story, the chapters will be mostly slowish cause were going on vacation this weekend, I'll write and update after my holiday's :D

S - Neo Star is an abused 15 year old boy. But, one trip to his hometown where his mother's grave was changes that as he meets Silvester, a Mage, and Dixon, a mystery man. Who is this boy really? And what's his history?

Neo sighed lightly, looking out of the window of his classroom on the second floor. School was going to let out in about five or so minutes, which would be both a relief and a burden for the 15-year-old boy.

A relief because it would be weekend for a few days, since they had Monday and Tuesday off as well; but it would be more of a burden to him than a relief…he would be alone with his father for those 4 days, something he didn't really look forward too…

He sighed again and leaned back in his chair as someone tapped his shoulder. He leaned his head all the way back until he was seeing his best friend, Erik, upside down, grinning at him.

"Dude, you wanna come over to my house this weekend? I got new games for my Xbox, but I wanna play it with someone" he asked, still grinning, making sure to keep his eyes on the teacher.

"Sure! I'd love to join you! Am I allowed to stay the entire weekend?" Neo grinned up at his friend, who nodded happily.

Unknown to Neo, Erik knew about him…he knew about his father and his house life. Everyone knew that Neo's mom had died when he was 6 and they knew that he and his father had moved to the current town to get away from all the 'pitiful looks that people gave them'. But he knew something that no one else knew, not even Neo knew that he knew; he knew that Neo's dad had started to abuse him from that he was 7 and Erik's parents knew too, and they usually let him stay without telling him that they all knew…

Erik nodded and let out a shocked scream, jumping in his seat as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Mr Jameson…talking in my class again…" Mr Turtle tsked, "Mr Jameson…you should pay attention, truly…"

"M-Mr Turtle, I-I was listening! I-it's just…whenever you look up, I talk, which is kinda unfair, no?" Erik laughed nervously.

Mr Turtle narrowed his eyes and shook his head lightly, squeezing Erik's shoulder, cause him to give a very unmanly, quiet 'eep', "Mr Jameson, Mr Star, I would like both of you to stay behind and clean my classroom" the teacher smirked and walked back to the front of the class, telling his students of their homework.

Neo gave Erik a look and his friend laughed nervously again, rubbing the back of his head, messing his blonde hair up.

The two boys heard snickering and Erik looked to the front in the next row, while Neo looked at the same row, but back.

It was their other two friends, Adrian and Charlotte. Adrian was sitting in the far back, his dark brown hair tussled wildly, his green eyes shining with amusement; where Charlotte was sitting in the very front, being a teacher's pet, her light redish hair was pulled back into a long braid and her brown eyes were shut tight in laughter.

Neo sighed and shut his eyes tightly, hiding his head in his arms on his table, 'Great…now I got detention and there's a bigger chance that I'll run in to my dad when I go home later to get my stuff for this weekend…'

The bell rang and everyone jumped up to get their things and get out of their daily prison for the long weekend, cheering all the way. Neo sighed and stayed behind last with his 3 best and only friends, packing up slowly.

"Man Neo, staying behind to clean the class…that sucks. Man Erik, can't you keep your mouth shut?" Adrian sneered at the blonde boy.

Erik growled and tackled his best friend, the two of the rolling around on the floor in a fake fight.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and leaned against Neo's desk, smiling at him, "Hey, you want me to wait for you guys…?"

Neo blinked lightly, but shook his head, "No, that's fine…thanks though Charlotte" he smiled at her.

She winked and swept out of the room almost dramatically, Adrian getting up and running after her waving to his two friends.

"Mr Jameson, Mr Star, get to work" Mr Turtle grunted, grabbed his books and went to the door, "I'll be back in one hour, this place better be clean then!" he glared at them for a moment, then left, slamming the door shut behind him.

Neo muttered darkly under his breath as he walked to the black board, grabbing the eraser and starting to erase the math problems that lined nearly every surface of the black board, making it more white than anything.

Erik watched him for a few more seconds, then grabbed the broom and started to sweep.

The two worked in silence for most of the time, both rather enjoying the comfortable silence that hung in the air.

"Hey…Neo…?" Erik asked after about 40 minutes.

By then, the board was wiped clean, the chairs were placed upside down on their desks, the floors were swept and Erik was busy with the mop while Neo washed the windows.

"Hn…?" the boy muttered absently, spraying some cleaner on the window and using the rag to polish it.

"…I'll go with you to get your stuff from your house, if you want me too…" Erik stopped the mop and looked at his friend.

Neo visibly tensed and his hand tightened around the rag, "Um, t-that's fine, Erik. Don't worry about it, I'll just meet up at your house…" he muttered, going back to wiping the windows clean, although Erik could see him shaking lightly.

Erik sighed and continued washing the floor, "I'm still going with you, Neo, don't worry…" he grinned as his friend looked back at him with wide eyes.

"Erik, you-" the brown haired boy was cut off as the classroom door opened and Mr Coldwell, the principal, walked in.

"Alright boy's, be glad, you're off early, nice job, get your things and get out, we all wanna go home!" he grunted.

The two friends looked at each other; they didn't have to be told twice! They quickly put everything away and grabbed their things, running off as Mr Coldwell locked the classroom door, leaving down the other way off the hallway.

"Race ya to your house!" Erik grinned, looking at Neo at his side.

The other boy opened his both to protest, but Erik was already ahead of him. The brown haired boy narrowed his eyes and increased his speed, catching up to his friend easily.

"Erik, seriously, go back home! I'll be quick to get my stuff, then I'll meet up with you!" Neo tried to reason with the stubborn boy whom was 3 months older than himself.

"No way! I know where you live and I'll go there with you!" Erik grinned as they raced out of the school building; he came to a slow stop about two blocks away, Neo stopping in front of him, "…besides…I wouldn't feel right if I let you go there alone…"

Neo frowned deeply, "W-what do you mean…?" he asked softly.

Erik smiled, a soft, reassuring smile, and walked closer to him, placing a hand on the other boys' shoulder, "I know about what your father does to you, Neo…I don't like it…I wanna help, but I can't…only a legal guardian or someone with all the legal papers can take you away from him now…until you're eighteen that is…"

Neo stared at his friend with wide eyes, "H-how did you fine out…?" he whispered.

Erik continued to smile at him, starting to walk again, having to pull Neo first to get the boy to move, "I found out when you came to school with all those bruises awhile ago…you said the bullies did it, but I asked around, no one was beating you up, most likely cause you're friends with Adrian…so I kept an eye on you from then…it was easy to figure out; how you always covered up with lame excuses, how your wounds seem to heel a little, then get worse all of a sudden. Don't worry, I've told no one" he grinned back at the shocked boy who he as still dragging.

"Y-you know…? I-I didn't want anyone to fine out…this is my problem Erik, not yours or anybody's…please, go home. I-I don't want you to get hurt…" Neo all but pleaded, knowing it would fall on deaf ears anyway.

And so it did, because Erik ignored his pleading friend and continued to drag him down the streets. Neo sighed and decided he should save his energy since his stubborn friend wasn't going to be listening to him anytime soon.

The apartment that Neo shared with his father, Kaman, was in a lower part of the city. It started to loom over head some minutes later; it was about 20 floors high, it looked rather beautiful from the outside, but not the same could be said for some of the apartments themselves.

Neo sighed heavily, knowing there was no turning back now…

He pulled his hand out of Erik's and walked out in front of the boy, "Come on…I'll lead the way…it is myplace and I got the keys…" he muttered.

Erik grinned and fell into step next to him, "Glad you're not resisting anymore."

"Yeah, well, I know you, Erik, I had no way out of this" Neo smiled weakly, "Here's what we will do; we go in and I'll pack everything I'll need for this weekend while you keep watch. First, though, I'll go in and make sure it's safe, if it is, you wait outside, alright?"

Erik blinked, but nodded, knowing that Neo wouldn't allow him to go inside.

The two walked into the reception area and to the elevators. The fat man that was sitting at the desk, watching cheap comedy shows and eating burgers didn't even seem to notice them, or he ignored the 2 teenagers.

They waited for the elevator and got in, going up to the fifteenth floor.

"What's your number again?" Erik asked, looking at the numbers on the doors.

"15049" Neo muttered, walking down the hall, not glancing at the doors.

'Oh, duh, he lives here…' Erik mentally smacked himself for his stupidity moment and ran to catch up with his friend who seemed to be in a hurry.

They stopped at the door; to Erik it looked like all the others in the hall, just a different number on the top.

Neo glanced at him as he got his keys out and the older boy nodded. Neo quickly, but silently unlocked the door and slipped in, keeping it open in case he had to make a quick exit.

He walked in, quickly scanning the small living room he stood in, then slipped into the kitchen/dining room right down the hall, both bathrooms, the 2 spare bedrooms and finally his father's room; the room was a mess, beer bottles everywhere as well as half smoken cigarettes, but, luckily, his dad wasn't there.

Neo sighed in relief and quickly checked his room, just to be safe, then called to Erik, "He's not here! I'll pack, you keep watch!"

The younger boy didn't even wait for a reply. He grabbed a big, old duffle bag and stuffed all the clothes he owned (dirty or clean) into it, then he ran to his bathroom, grabbed all his things there and ran back to his room. About ten minutes later, he had everything; he grabbed his school bag and hauled everything out to Erik.

His friend grabbed his school bag as Neo quickly locked the door and then they put their backpacks on their backs, grabbed the duffle bag and stumbled to the elevators. On the way, Erik got his phone out and called his dad, who was, luckily, on his way home too and he had had a meeting in that part of town.

Erik hung up as the elevator 'dinged' and they stepped in, just as the second elevator opened, "My dad is on his way, he'll be here in a few" he grinned at his friend.

Neo smiled, "Good."


Both boys froze at the voice; it was slightly slurred, but dripped with beer and a hint of…hatred? They looked up and saw Kaman standing outside the lift. He was wearing an ordinary green shirt with jeans and shoes; he had a 6-pack in each hand as he stared at his son and Erik with wide, droopy, teary eyes.

"Neo!" Kaman suddenly roared, he placed the beer down and lunged for his son, just as the lift doors closed.

The mad drunk was able to grab hold of his son's arm and pulled him, but Erik grabbed him around the waist.

Kaman roared again and pulled Neo's arm fully out and snapped it. The boy screeched in agony as his father grabbed him by the front and started slamming him against the jammed elevator doors.

Erik watched in horror at this, then he pulled away from his friend, grabbed the knife from his bag and cut open Kaman's wrist, blood spurting everywhere.

The man gave a howl of pain and pulled back, the door finally closing.

Neo collapsed to the floor, tears running down his face as he clutched his arm in pain, the parts around his elbow starting to go an ugly blue/purple colour already.

"Come on, we'll get you home so that mom can have a look at that…" Erik muttered and grabbed the duffle bag as the elevator stopped.

He helped Neo out of the elevator as fast as he could, people gasping and looking their way, but the strangers were ignored as Erik almost carried Neo outside.

The older of the two instantly spotted his father's Jeep and hurried to it.

"Dad, drive!" the boy cried as he got in the back with Neo.

"What happened to him?" his father, Josh, demanded, looking at them with wide e-yes.

"Dad, I'll explain at home! Mom has to look at him first, please!" Erik pleaded his dad.

Josh nodded and started the car, speeding off home.