Chapter 14

"They're staying at this hotel?" the woman asked, frowning deeply and looking up at the tall building.

"That's what the scans say" her partner nodded, "And, unlike others, Silvester's magic isn't exactly easy to mistake with someone else's" he explained, pushing his glasses up on his nose and looking down at the piece of technology in his hands, better known as an iPad or something like that in the human world.

"Well, shall we go in and say hi to our old friends?" she smirked.

"No, we were told to only find out where they are staying and whom they are with, that is all" her partner snapped, narrowing his glowing orange eyes, "And we found that out, so we should get back to the palace and report this. Our info says that it's Dixon, Silvester, Silvester's son, and three children" he explained, pressing some buttons on the touch-screen pad.

The woman sighed heavily, flipping her neon pink hair over her shoulder, "This sucks! We can't do anything anymore!" she complained, "Come on, let's get going already!"

Her companion rolled his eyes and shook his head, his navy blue hair flying in all directions, but he followed his partner as she walked down the sidewalk.


"Alright, you won't be sleeping tonight" Silvester informed just as his son fell heavily onto his bed.

"What?! Oh come on Silvester! I'm dead tired!" the boy whined.

His father rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers; gold dust spread from his finger tips and swirled straight into Neo's eyes.

The boy let out a quiet scream, "W-what is this?! What are you doing?!" he demanded, trying to back away from the mysterious dust.

"Oh, keep calm and take it" Silvester rolled his eyes again; Neo bit his lip, but forced himself to sit still as the dust seemed to seep into his eyes and he blinked as his sleepiness seemed to vanish instantly, "Feel better kid?"

"Y-yeah…how did you do that?" Neo blinked, rubbing his eyes slightly.

The man shrugged, "It's a simple spell; now, I need to start training you tonight, before we go and get your…aliis…you need to know a few, basic spells" Silvester explained (I usually do my spells in Latin, but, I'm gonna make this one different and change my spell type's and the language to Spanish ^^).

"Um…alright? By 'basic spells', do you mean like element spells? (I have a thing for those, in this story they fall under 'basic spells' but in my other book they fall under plain 'magical powers' since each one has a special element XD)" Neo asked.

"Yes, them too, but, in my opinion, most of the spells are lame" Silvester shrugged, "They fall into 'Level of Spells', the new guys start with 'Basic Level', which are named like 'Basic Fire' and 'Basic Light' and all that stuff, next is staff magic, then you say stuff like 'Staff mind-control' and 'Staff body control' and that sort of stuff, but the mage's of Old are all lame with names, so we didn't expect them to be awesome stuff" Silvester smirked, then shook his head, "Anyway, once you've mastered staff magic, then you can do wordless, staff-less magic – like I just did – then you can word your own spells, but, if you still want to have powerful spells, I say continue to use your staff, but use wordless magic along with it, I do since its something I discovered."

"So…basically I have to learn the basic, lame-named spells tonight?" Neo stated flatly.

Silvester chuckled lightly, "I do not expect you do learn it tonight alone, my son! We shall merely start tonight, that is all. Now, since you'll be practising only tonight, I want you to stand in the pentagram again, it'll amplify your power."

"When are we going to get that guy who is my aliis…?" Neo dared ask as the pentagram started to glow a soft green as he stepped in.

"…do not worry about that, I sent Dixon to…talk to him, so he'll tell me tomorrow most likely and I'll maybe then tell you" Silvester replied, snapping his fingers and a large book appeared on a stand in front of him.

"What do you mean maybe? He's my aliis, so I should know what he says!" Neo frowned.

His father ignored him this time and tapped the book with his finer a few times as a much smaller, thinner edition shot out of the leather cover, "Alright, this'll be your beginner's guide; so, let us begin."

He threw the book to Neo, who caught it and opened it to read through it quickly, "…but, it says here that I'll need a…um, cucu-"

"A cucurbita(cucurbita – The Latin word for 'Pumpkin', it has as 2 nouns), an odd translation, it means 'Pumpkin'. Luckily, I have one here for you" Silvester grinned and held up a mini pumpkin, a little smaller that Neo's hand, "The spell to activate it is on the first page, you have to substitute the actual word 'name' in it with its chosen name, which you are allowed to choose yourself."

"Hmm…I'll make it a girl and I'll name her Rhea, its means 'earth'!" Neo grinned brightly.

"A good choice my boy, now, here, hold Rhea and say the spell" Silvester said and handed the small pumpkin to the boy.

"Um, alright, let's see…" he mumbled, holding the mini pumpkin in one hand and the small book in the other, "Dico vobis quia unum vocavi Rheam. Meae vocem meam audiunt et cucurbita, cum factus sum qui invocavero egere potentia. Nunc mihi auxilium desiderarit, dum aliis cognoscere, respondeo vobis in unum!" he called out (Translation: Called out in Latin, English: I call to you, the one I called Rhea. Hear my call and become my cucurbita, become the one that I shall call upon when I am in need of power. I am in need of your assistance at this moment, until I find my aliis; you shall be the one I reply on! ^^).

The pumpkin in his hand started to shake and crack and the top popped off, a small skeleton crawled out with spidery fairy-like wings that stuck from its back and it wore a patched dress that hung down to its upper thighs; her face had a mouth that looked like it stitched into the bone and her eyes were wide, giant, black holes.

"Hello, I'm the cucurbita that you called upon!" she grinned brightly, her voice so spooky that it would make the grave shudder and that's just what Neo did.

"A-a skeleton?" the boy blinked.

"Ah, I'm the Pumpkin Princess!" she grinned again and flapped her spidery wings, taking into the air.

"Ah, I see…" Silvester nodded, "How wonderful, you got the King of Halloween's own daughter…" (This idea does not belong to me, I always just thought that Sally and Jack would have a little girl like this, she would look like her father, but have her mother's sewing skills! XD the wings are just something else I wanted to add, tell me with you lot don't like her, I'll change her, if I don't get anything, I'll assume that she's liked XD).

"W-what?" Neo's eyes widened, "The King of Halloween's daughter?!"

"Yes, all them – the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and even Halloween Town, they're real – the King of Halloween is her father, the Pumpkin King" his father nodded.

"Okay…if they're real, you gotta take me there one time!" Neo grinned brightly.

"Maybe for your next birthday, young one. Now, into the pentagram, keep little Rhea with you at all times – on your shoulder, head, palm, anywhere as long as she's physically touching you, you'll only be in need of her until we…find and get our hands on your aliis – she'll help you get a better control on your powers too" Silvester explained.

Neo nodded and quickly stepped into the sign on the floor, Rhea flew with him and went to sit on his left shoulder, sitting with her ankles crossed and humming a slow, deep tune.

"Um, alright…what now?" Neo asked.

"We'll start with some basic element spells, I have one of each element here" Silvester said and motioned to the drawers behind him where there were four bowls sitting there, "We will start with the easiest and most well known Alchemy Elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air; it'll be quite easy to learn that, you just need to know the Spanish names for them, then you'll be able to use the correctly, then we can move on because there are over 370 different elements."

"What?! I'll never be able to learn all those!" Neo gaped, his eyes widening.

"Well, I did and you're my son, so you will. And you must learn those, they all fall under 'basic', so you can't continue without learning them!" Silvester sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "Now, choose one of the elements and we'll move on from there."

"Um…I'll take Earth" Neo nodded.

"Very well, the correct term, thus the Spanish term, for Earth is Tierra" Silvester said and grabbed the bowl on the middle left and handed it to Neo, "Hold a handful of that, yes like that, and first I'll teach you how to use them to…ah! I'll teach you how to make weapons!" the man grinned.

"Weapons?" Neo blinked and grabbed a handful of the sand, holding it in his right hand as he held his left underneath to keep the few grains that escaped from falling to the carpeted ground.

"Yes, weapons, you'll be using them a lot these days to protect yourself and those that you love" Silvester nodded, "Now, first I'll teach you how to make a sword, then I'll show you how to use them. I'll also use Earth too, which will be a little bit harder because I suck at Earth and Fire is more my thing, but it'll be fun" the man grinned, "Now, I want you to say 'Espada de la Tierra se materializan', it means 'earth sword materialize', alright? And, I know this sounds cliché, but you need to believe, or it won't work, also you need to visualize a long sword appearing in your hand, alright?"

"Um, alright…" Neo mumbled and looked down at the sand in his hand; he took a deep breath and let it go, "Espada de la Tierra se materializan…" he said softly, picturing the sword appearing in his hand as a small dagger, but then growing longer into a sword.

"Ah, you did it, wonderful Neon, wonderful!" Silvester grinned.

The boy opened his eyes and blinked, looking down and gasping as he saw the long, light brown sword with a dark, almost hilt in his hand, "Awesome! This is so cool!" he grinned brightly.

"Yes, yes, calm down, you don't want to wake up your little friends" Silvester rolled his eyes, smiling softly, "Now, come on, let's get to the next stage, fighting!"


Dixon growled lightly under his breath, walking through the busy streets of the city, he had changed his usually light and loving appearance and looks to a darker one – he now wore dark jeans and a chest-tight shirt that showed of his few yet still very attractive torso to everyone that was looking – he wore a hat with some or other popular baseball team on it so that people still wouldn't pay to much attention to him, most of his hair stuffed under the hat, a few strands that just wouldn't fit falling out.

"Can't believe I got talked into doing Sil's dirty work…going to Knight's place is going to be hard…" he mumbled, looking up at the sky, taking his ranting into the privacy of his mind, 'I might have to search the few area's around his house mentally, just in case he's not home and I risk getting caught by his damn father…' he thought, quickly slipping into the alleyway without even being noticed by the other's on the street.

He snapped his fingers and a small piece of purple chalk appeared in his left hand; he drew a large symbol on the wall, a large circle resembling a full moon and two fingernail moons on either side, he placed his hand in the dead-centre and muttered under his breath a few chants, closing his eyes. The outlines of the symbol started to glow lightly and Dixon's white eyes opened again and he stared into the circles of the symbol; it revealed a boy that was busy fighting with five others that were twice his size, they were beating him up pretty badly, but he could land a few punches.

'If this keeps up, he's gonna be killed! All my work is not going to be in vain!' he growled and waved his hand, the symbol started to vanish and Dixon found himself being sucked into it, the world around him shimmered and he found himself standing in a park, Evan Knight was just a few meters away, still trying to go strong, but the larger men were giving him a good beating.

Dixon stalked closer; shedding the denim jacket he was wearing and grabbed the back of the one man's shirt, easily tossing him over his shoulder and into a nearby tree.

"What the Hell?!" the obvious leader shouted, turning to look at Dixon, Evan glancing up at the man from where he was lying on the ground, his left eye swollen and his lip busted.

"Leave, or I'll have to hurt you…" Dixon said easily, pulling the hat from his head, his waist length hair falling and breezing in the wind lightly.

"Really, you pretty boy?" the leader smirked, "Soo scary, right guys?"

The other guys laughed loudly, a little forced after what they had seen what he did with their one friend.

"I said to get away" the man said again, his white eyes glowing slightly.

"I don't need your help!" Evan shouted.

"You shut it, kid!" the leader growled and aimed to kick the boy in the face.

Evan cringed away and waited, but he cracked his good eye open slightly when nothing happened and his eyes widened slightly at what he saw; Dixon was standing above him, his hand holding the leader's neck tightly and his feet hanging a few millimetres off the ground, sputtering for air.

"I said to get away…leave the boy to me, I have business with him" Dixon said slowly and dropped the man to the ground.

He slipped to his feet and ran away, literally screaming for his goons to grab their friend and follow.

"…I said I don't need your help, dude…" Evan mumbled and sat up, his pale skin and white hair covered in blood and mud and grass stains.

"I do believe that you can, Evan, but I couldn't risk you getting yourself killed" Dixon informed him and knelt down next to the boy.

Evan's eyes widened again and he moved away, "How do you know my name…?"

"Easy, my name is Dixon, and you are known as Evan Knight, son of Kendrick Knight, the leader of Mortem, correct?" Dixon asked, sitting down with a heavy sigh and a mutter of 'I'm getting too old for this' and crossed his legs.

"I'm guessing you're another enemy of my bastard of a father" Evan mumbled, "Well, if you wanna know a good way to get into my house to kill him, then I'll tell you."

Dixon raised his eyebrow slightly, "You don't really care for your father, do you?"

"He killed my mom, obviously I'll hate him!" Evan growled, "Now, if you don't want the bastard dead, then what do you want?"

"Easy, I want you" the man said simply, handing the boy a napkin to wipe the blood and other stains from his face.

"Well, that doesn't sound perverted at all!" the boy rolled his eyes, but grabbed the napkin and gently wiped his face, so as to not try and hurt himself anymore.

"You're a typical teenager, aren't you?" Dixon smirked and shook his head, "Anyway, you might hate your dad, but you should know about his 'line of business', right?"

"You mean you guys are the ones that he wants dead, with the kid?"

"Yes, Silvester's son, your father wants him either to convert to his side to become evil and thus Kendrick will be able to do whatever he wants with the boy and his powers, which surpasses even his father's…and if the boy doesn't want too, your father will kill him" Dixon explained, making sure as not to mention Neon's name just yet.

"And you're telling me this, why?" the boy demanded, "You know I can turn on you anytime and tell my dad everything."

"You won't, we do have people on the inside of Mortem, as few as they are, there are still some…you might know Cruz and Enrique?"

"Yeah, I know them; Enrique was sometimes forced to look after me at times when my father had to 'interrogate' Cruz…which means he tortured him…"

"Yes well, Enrique is staying with us for the time being, Silvester sent Cruz in to ask your father what he wants with the boy…but, I can just ask you now, I believe you'll do something for the kid…" Dixon mumbled.

"How old is this kid anyway? You talk about him like he's some 5 year old" Evan scoffed, snapping his finger's as most of the bruising and swelling went down quite a bit.

"You can do magic?" Dixon asked suddenly, frowning deeply; the main reason why Kendrick wanted Silvester and himself dead was because he hated magic-users…

"…yeah, my mom was a mage too…my dad tried to get her knocked up and see if I was powerful enough, but I wasn't…that's why he killed her and hates me…" Evan sighed and leaned back on the grass, "Now tell me the kids' age."

"He's 16 now" Dixon replied, looking away.

"And, why do you think I would help, just because of this kid?" Evan asked, stretching out on his back.

"Easy, Neon, he…" Dixon trailed off as he looked at Evan, the boy twitching lightly at the name, 'Good…his subconscious recognises the name of his aliis…' Dixon thought, then went on, "You know him…"

"…no, who is he?" the boy asked, not looking at him.

"…he's your aliis, duh, so, the moment you meet him, you'll feel obliged to do everything and anything he wants…" Dixon said softly.

The boy shot up and looked at the calm man with wide, surprised eyes, "That's a lie! I don't have an aliis! Because my mother left her race to marry my father, I was cursed!"

"What do you believe?" Dixon asked him, looking straight at him, "Do you believe that he's your aliis?"

"…I should know when I meet him, won't I?" Evan asked slowly.

"So, do you want too? Meet him and make sure…"


"Okay…so, let me get this straight…Kaman isn't your real dad, this guy is?" Erik asked, pointing to Silvester.

"Pretty much" said man nodded tightly.

Neo had wanted to tell his friends that Silvester was his father; he knew that he wasn't allowed to tell them anything – unless they were to find out on their own, like his dad had told him – but he had at least asked the man if he was allowed to tell them about Silvester and the man, somewhat reluctant, had agreed.

"A-and…and you never even knew?" Charlotte asked, her eyes wide as she looked between Neo and Silvester – she could see, after looking at them very closely, the similarities, not just the eyes, but their attitudes and characteristics; everytime Neo looked happy, Silvester seemed to radiate pride and love for the boy…

"No offence…but I still find it hard to believe…" Erik muttered, frowning, "I mean…sure, you two look alike, but that doesn't mean anything! Are you sure this guy isn't messing around with you?"

"Well, that hurts…" Silvester mumbled and was about to go on, but a loud scream from the room where Enrique was startled them all, "Enrique!" the man shouted and jumped over the couch, running to the room.

Neo bit his lip and followed his father, Matthew, Adrian, Charlotte and Erik also following.

Enrique, who had just gotten out of the shower, was lying on the carpet of his room, curled into a ball and clutching his chest tightly; he wore only a white towel around his waist as he panted roughly, tears streaking his pain filled face.

"Hey, kid! Kid, come on…" Silvester said quickly and knelt down next to him, he gently grasped the boy's shoulders and helped him sit up slowly, Enrique let out a whimpered, his hands tightening on his chest even more, his nails digging into his flesh and drawing blood, "Hey, stop that! What's wrong, Enrique?"

"C-C-Cruz…h-he's dy-d-dying!" the boy screamed, a fresh set of tears escaping his eyes.

"Come on; hold onto me, kid…" Silvester sighed and, with some difficulty, pulled the boy's hands from his chest so that he could hold onto Silvester's shirt tightly.

"I-is Cruz that other man that was with him yesterday…?" Charlotte asked softly, "S-should we go and call an ambulance…?"

"Neon, get them out of here…this'll hurt bad enough, Enrique doesn't need an audience to top that…" Silvester said to his son, "Go and take Matthew home and take your friends with, be careful though, alright…?"

"Yeah, sure…w-will he be alright though…?" Neo asked.

"He'll be-" Silvester was cut off as Enrique let out another scream of pain, his fingers turning white as he continued to clutch the man's shirt, "-fine, don't worry, I've got him…"

Neo bit his lip, but nodded and turned to his friends, "Alright, you heard my dad! Get out!" he said and waved his hands.

"And if we don't want to leave?" Adrian countered.

"Then I'll make you" Dixon said seriously, appearing in the door.

"Dixon, get them out of here, dammit!" Silvester snapped.

"Fine, fine…you go to that room and don't you dare peek!" Dixon ordered and someone breezed by the door, no one getting a good look at the person, "Now, the rest of you, get out of here!"

He reached out and lightly grabbed Adrian, Charlotte and Matthew's arms to pull them out of the room.

"You too, Neon, come on!" the man called over the protests of the other kids.

Neo looked back at Silvester and Enrique, then nodded to his father and hurried out too, outside in the hall, Dixon was ushering the other three into the elevator.

"What the Hell is wrong with that boy?! Why is he in so much pain?!" Adrian demanded.

"None of your business kids! Now come on, hurry up, we need to leave the room…" Dixon said sweetly, "Come on Neon, we should hurry!"

The boy nodded and ran after them.

"What's going on, you guys?!" Charlotte demanded angrily, "You should really get him to a hospital or something!"

"Guys, calm down! I know Silvester knows what he's doing" Neo said as Dixon pressed the 'down' button of the elevator.

"Well, you might trust him, but we sure as hell don't trust him alone with that kid!" Adrian snapped angrily.

"Alright…this is getting irritating…" Dixon growled and snapped his fingers.

Adrian, Erik, Charlotte and Matthew gasped as their minds felt a tickling sensation and then they all collapsed to the floor of the elevator as it continued to move steadily down.

"W-what did you do to them?!" Neo's eyes widened as he looked between his friends.

"Do not worry, young Neon" Dixon smiled, "They were asking to much questions…they will remember nothing of what they saw from the time of Enrique's first shout…I will magically transport Matthew back to his house and rewrite time as if he never left; Erik, Adrian and Charlotte will also appear in their beds, thinking nothing of this but a dream…" the man explained.

"…t-this won't hurt them, will it?" Neo asked, biting his lip.

"No, they will only feel prickly for a few hours" Dixon smiled and waved his hand over the children as they quickly vanished, "Oh my! We need to go back up too! I left that boy in my room, come!"

Neo squeaked as Dixon grabbed him around the body and they appeared back in the apartment, the only sounds that were heard were Enrique's soft cries from his room.

Neo was about to run over and see how he was, but Dixon grabbed his arm and lightly shook his head, "No…leave him be for now…come on, I wanna show you something…" he said and walked in the opposite direction towards his room.

Neo looked back at the now-closed door, he wanted to see if Enrique was alright, but he knew better than to argue with Dixon…

"W-what do you want to show me?" he asked, looking up at Dixon.

The white eyed man grinned at him, then stopped in front of his own closed door, knocking lightly, "Evan, open the door…"

Neo frowned as Dixon pushed him behind him so that the one on the other side of the door couldn't see him, he was about to argue, but Dixon just winked and held a finger to his lips as the door opened.

"What is it? Where's this kid you talked about?" the person asked.

Neo's eyes widened as he heard the voice…d-did he know this boy who was talking…? He didn't know the voice, but…he did know him…

"Here he is! Neon this is Evan, Evan, you know Neon already" Dixon smiled and stepped aside.

Neo's eyes widened as he stared at the boy in front of him, now he remembered him! It was the white haired boy that Silvester had said was his aliis! He was a few inches taller than the boy and was blinking at Neo, just as Neo was blinking at him.

"Hmm…you're the kid that this old man keeps talking about?" Evan asked, tilting his head.

"Um…I guess…y-you're the boy that I saw in hat bowl of water last time…" Neo said back, "Um…Silvester said that the boy I saw in the bowl was my aliis…a-are you?"

"Hmm, I guess…" Evan nodded and leaned down, grinning, "Shall we see?"

"What the…?" Neo's eyes widened as Evan leaned closer, gently placing his extremely pale hand over the boy's eyes.

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