Right Now

by Sarah Harrington

Right now,

I'm bored.

I'm writing this,

to get ideas.

Lucky is,

at the store.

She is getting

laughed at.

This is

the stupidest

poem I've



I'm done.


I'm still boerd.

I didn't spell bored right.

People should be writing!


The Bell!

I'm saved!


I didn't spell

bored right.


I already said that.

A/N: Like I mentioned, this is probably the dumbest poem I've ever written. I wrote it in 6th grade during Writer's Workshop, and as you can see, I was bored. Overall, I really don't like this poem, and I think I could do a whole lot better after almost three more years of writing experience, but I decided to post the stuff from Writer's Workshop on FictionPress unedited, (except with a few spelling corrections...) I purposely didn't correct my spelling of "beord" because even though it was originally a mistake, it was supposed to be spelled that way in the poem. So...yeah. I'm done, now.