Dog Trouble

by Tori (Bobert) and Sarah (Sarah)

A/N: This was another assignment from 6th grade. We had to put on silly costumes and come up with some kind of short story. This was a partner-written story, so I am including Tori in the "by Tori and Sarah." She wrote the first paragraph and Bobert's dialogue, and I wrote Sarah's (my) dialogue. And now, Dog Trouble!

It was a beautiful day to walk at the park. The sun was shining down like a piece of sparkling gold. The grass was a lush green and the flowers were decorated with all the colors of the rainbow. The leaves shifted gently as a light breeze flowed by. Some children ran about giggling and playing.

That day, a young girl was walking her dog along the river. As she was walking, she ran into a grown man in a brown suit.

"Oh, hi! Sorry," she said as the leash slipped from her hand.

"Hi, I'm Bob, short for Bobert," the man said.

"Hi, I'm Sarah," she replied. "Have you seen my dog, Lucky?"

"Is that him over there, chasing that squirrel?" Bob inquired.

"No, my dog is a girl, a mixed breed," Sarah explained.

Bob sighed, "Is that her over there chasing that squirrel?" he asked, starting to get annoyed.

"No! I already said NO!" Sarah screamed.

"Oops, by the way, I love cheese!" Bob commented. "Can you see your dog?"

Sarah looked down. "Oh, can you hold my dog? I need to find my dog."

"So, that's your dog, and she's been here the whole time?" Bob exclaimed.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm just very absentminded. By the way, what is your name?"

"Bob!" He said, irritated. "Bye!"

"Thanks, bye!" Sarah called as she accidentally dropped the leash again. "Lucky, come back!" She screamed as she chased after Lucky.

The end!