A/N: This is to my friends from my school play. It's a lot of inside jokes I wrote for them, but you can enjoy.

The lion sleeps tonight,

Riley's monstrous appetite,

Dressing room blackjack,

A knife to the back,

"Bear? Where?"

"What should I do with my hair?"

Riley's wig, a stack of blocks,

Mrs. Hill crying, watching the clock,

Brownies and cake,

Props to take,

Jess's dress,

"Just a ponytail, I guess,"

Tech week,

No sleep,

Turkey bacon,

Costumes taken,

Buttons of Death,

Catch your breath,

"My makeup looks horrible!"

Shane is adorable,

Doing homework's a trick,

Bell kick,

"My butt's on fire!"

"Raise your arms higher!"

Costume party,

Shane's a shortie,

Steven is the bubblegum,

Monsieur Gaston, he's got a gun!

Stage talk,

Don't stalk,

"Really, zat'd be strange,"

"Die center stage!"