Whitish pink marks

Left on my porcelain skin

Hoping as the blood seeped out,

Happiness would seep in

So many I can't count

Yes I did this to myself

Well did I really or was it you

You know I can't tell which is true

They are reminders of past pain

They never heal so the pain never goes away

This one is from the time you called me fat

Although I lost count how many times you called me that

Still searching for your approval,

Happy now I'm a measly 102 pounds,

A stick made up of pain, hatred and scars

And you still call me round

Reminders of your hatred of me

But it's not that hard to believe

Cause I kinda hate me too

I guess I've spent too much time listening to you

The first time I cut

I think I may have been 12

Remember that day,

You probably don't

Because to you that was all a joke

You cornered me in the hallway

When no teacher was around

You called me fat, ugly, stupid

And all of that

You made me feel like I shouldn't exist

And you almost made me fulfill that wish

I had the pills in my hand,

Ready to go, but I just couldn't go through

So I cut myself instead to cope with the pain

It's the only thing that kept me from blowing my brains

There is only one thing left to say

Before I say goodbye and leave

You caused me to cut myself

Open my arms, and bleed

So feel free to insult me some more

As more crimson droplets hit the floor