Response 11

The second last one

It was very deceiving. You had me worried there for a minute.

Math never was your best subject.

I'm mad that you're mad. You shouldn't be mad.

Yes, I'm ready.

You sir, are my hero. I may be a great guy, but I'll never have the courage that you have.

That sentence. "Anything except sit here and talk to you."

That was the single most stupid thing I've ever said. And I've said some pretty stupid things.

I know that night was tough for you. Hell, I died. I got the easy way out. All of you had to suffer because I died. That is one of the most wrong things to ever exist. Suffering.

I'm glad I could help. You, my best friend, are a truly selfless person.

I feel that that letter should sent straight into the mind of every living being on the planet.

I'm mad too. I'm STILL mad that you're mad.

We (especially you) are definitely awesome.

I love you too, brother.