Response 12

Where I was alive, now I'm dead. …. But in a good way.

I completely agree with you. Life is hilarious. The change in the world, the beauty of nature and the jokes jam packed with innuendo.

If I had a heart right now, it would have been just warmed to its depth by your words on how I affected your life.

At least that's one count where you were wrong. I am answering you. Right now.

We both have to admit, you were pretty, for lack of a better word, lazy with taking care of yourself after I died. I'm glad to read that you're doing a better job now.

You and your dad are like polar opposites. You feel a need to stick together, even though you're completely different.

I feel like I need to extend my vocabulary since I'm using the same word as you. It has indeed been an honor to know you as well my friend.

You and I were definitely not like brothers. We were much closer than that.

I'm glad to know that you're taking good care of my mom. She's still depressed after losing me. Thank you so much for everything that you've done. That's definitely going to help your odds when you come up here for judgment.

I'm also really sorry to know that Amy was feeling so bad after….. Well, you know…

High school truly is the bane of any teenager's existence.

You know what else is 'not bad'? I found a girl up here. And the best part? She likes me. I can't wait for you to meet her.

By the way, I gotta say that site, fictionpoop or whatever it's called, sounds like crap.

Also, I think you forgot to put an S at the end of PM.

Lots of people are going through EXACTLY what you went through this very minute. It's just an unfortunate fact of life. People die.

You know that one reader who didn't know this was real, he sounds like an awesome guy. He might really be the most awesome person to ever live (with you being the obvious exception, of course).

No. No it's not. People need to know that the people around them love them.

I'm really proud of you for being so strong, for not ending it, after I died. You truly are my best friend.

Thank you.