Chapter 1

The news came within the last fifteen minutes of my sophomore year. The news that changed my entire life. It wasn't like the kind of news you might be thinking, with a T.V announcement by news men that thought they knew everything going on in the world. No. It was the kind of news that made you stop what you were doing, and fall speechless.

The kind of news that the people you love, care, and need more than anything, are ... dead.

Sounds sad? Well, it's not just sad, it's the news that I received on the last few minutes of my second year of high school...

Not like you would want this to happen to you, right? If you're thinking this is cool, please, stand up and exit the room, because I really don't think it's a laughing matter. Please and thank you.

So that leaves me standing here, in front of a large-no, make that huge-mansion.

My bags were on the ground next to me, and although living in a mansion is alright, I don't even pay attention. Not like I was paying attention to anything that had been going on in the last month. It was still unbelievable to me. I was numb all over with the feeling.

Mom? Dad? You're not gone, really, are you? You're just off on a business trip without telling me...and you'll be back within the week...right?

I was thinking as I walked up the endless stairs to my new room. It's what I'd been thinking too many times to count ...

"Evy, Do you want anything special for dinner? I bought some chicken, maybe we can find some things in my pantry to make with it or-"

"Penelope," I said calling her by her first name, cutting her off. "I'm not really hungry. Thanks though. I think I'll just unpack." I added. She let out a sigh, and gave me a nod.

"Okay, if you need any help unpacking, just let me know." She smiled at me and I returned a forced one.

"I can do it."

"Are you sure?" She questioned, her dark blue eyes sparkled with sadness. She really wanted to help me. If I were my usual self, I would have felt touched by her kindness...but all I felt...all I had felt for the past month was emptiness. A flesh and bone vessel emptied of everything.

But, I still looked her in the eye, trying to feign a little gratitude as a I replied. "I'm a big girl. I can do it." She still gave me a look of uncertainty, so I added, "It's only a few things I have to unpack, anyways. Just brought a few things, I didn't want to bring a lot ... Everything else was left back at home." I missed I missed...missed ... them.

My aunt finally turned away, but not before patting me on the shoulder. "Fine. I'll leave you be. I'll make you something to eat, just in case you get hungry later on." With that, she walked away.

I sighed and closed the door behind me. I looked at the room I'd be living in for the time being. Well, I guess you couldn't call it living, because I wasn't really doing that. I was just a shell. Devoid of anything except going through the motions. Eat, talk, walk. That was it.

I unzipped my bag, and the first thing I saw was ... a picture of my parents and I. It was taken at our beach house when I was five. We all looked so happy, and carefree. I sighed and grabbed the picture frame. I glanced around the room for a place to put it. I saw a shelf on one wall of the room. I walked over and put it right in the middle.

Miss you both ... forever, I thought as I sat it down on the shelf.

I turned my attention back to my bag and finished unpacking.

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