The Strangest Encounter?

12:00 a.m. New York City

Lucy Emily Con was walking down the street. She got off work late and was now heading home. She was humming a tune as she walked.

"Come to me children and follow my way. Into the world of darkness and magi. With all my power I'll show you the way. To all your hopes, dreams, and illusion." She stopped though. Someone was standing in her way. "Can I help you?" She couldn't make out his face. She felt around in her pocket for her knife.

"Oh no, just looking for my cat. She ran away a few nights ago. Maybe you can hel me find her?" Lucy was about to respond but stopped after sniffing the air.

"Alcohol..." She quietly pulled out the knife.

"What was that doll face?" She smirked.

"Nothing I have to leave." The guy let out a low growl.

"But Daisy is lost!" He grabbed her by the wrist.

"Let go of me!" She yanked her wrist out of his grasp. He grabbed for Lucy again but missed. He looked at her eyes.

"Your a slippery dame aren't you?" Lucy got really close to him and was fingering one of the buttons on his jacket.

"You have no idea! She pulled the knife out and got him in the stomach.

"You bitch!" She smiled seeing the blood drip.

"You should know I was just recently released form state hospital two weeks ago. Hmm smells yummy! This is fun!" Her eyes got bigger. A very toothy grin grew across her face. A very twisted look for her. She pushed the guy over. He grunted in pain as he hit the ground with a loud thud. She was sitting on his knees. "You know your not that bad looking?" She giggled childishly. She took the knife and cut open his jacket and shirt. "Oh poo! That wasn't deep enough!" The guy panicked and threw her off him. After finally getting over a state of shock!

"You are crazy! What are you playing at?" She stood up, black hair draped over one eye.

"Its not my fault! How about I let you go if you tell me your name?" He raised an eyebrow. His mouth slightly a gape.

"That's it?" She nodded. Her eyes going slightly smaller.


"Fine. Xack. Xack Rile."

"Lucy Con."

"You know for a chick you fight back more than most would." She rolled her eyes.

"For a guy you give up easy. Now tell me what you were drinking and I might forgive your action tonight." He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Soviets peace Vodka."

"Strong? It's excused." She turned and took off. He's cute. Interesting but cute. Weirdest night of my life. With those thoughts her inner self calmed.

Xack was still looking after her with a confused but satisfied look.

"Chicks these days?"