Forever you will be my first

Forever you will cause my thirst

I want to move on and forget my past

You block that path with a spell you cast

You make me feel so weak and needy

You make me sound so greedy

I want to talk to you again

You are the one who completes my Zen

You are the black dragon of my heart

You were always my opposite from the start

But now a knight wants to replace your position

He tries to use a potion

But you still hold me captive with you smile

You make me want to fly a thousand miles

I need to flee from you power

The longer I stay will cause me to get devoured

Please dear dragon release my soul

You have already reached the goal

When you first accepted the position as my dragon

You took the time to listen

Please do so again to hear my last request

By doing so I will no longer be a pest

I used to be locked up in my tower

But you were the one to use your power

Now that you have showed me the land

I will do my best to experience things firsthand

Release your hold upon my spirit

Release it please before I reach my limit