The ruthless, strongest demon of the western lands in feudal Japan, Hosen, knew no one could defeat him. He knew he brought fear to both humans and demons. Even though he was strong he would never cease to gain more power, but something was in his way, or rather someone. The daughter of the great samurai Doji; princess Momoko. Princess Momoko is a priestess with sorcery powers, she is well known for her strong power, and is said to be even more powerful than her father. She lived in a huge castle in one of the more wealthier villages, as she took care of her young daughter and her ill father.

Hosen was going to seek her out. He was unaware if the Princess was going to kill him, or if she was even capable of it. He would get threatened by the ones he slain; they would tell him that he will one day be destroyed by the great Momoko. He didn't believe such things, "Who could possibly defeat me?" he thought grinning.

He lived in a hidden castle in the mountains. "Hebi," he said as a white demon snake appeared beside him. "Princess Momoko will die tonight." he grinned and his snake hissed with pleasure of what his master had just said. In that moment Hosen was gone. Hosen flew through the skies making his way to the village where Momoko resides. He finally arrived, now hovering over the village. He floated with the big, bright full moon behind him. He held out his hand and his naginata formed in his hands.

One of the soldiers of the village just so happen to look up, his eyes in fright as he noticed the demon. Before he could let a scream out, Hosen whipped his blade. Screams was heard from inside the castle where Momoko was watching her daughter sleep. She got up, there was no need to look out the window she knew what was happening. She knew that Hosen would come for her and she quickly prepared herself. As she grabbed a couple of items and sprinkled the floor with sand, she could see flames through her small windows.

Guards stood outside of her room and she could hear them. "You leave the princess alone!" She heard one guard said before he started to scream in fear. "Please no...don't..nooooo!" The sounds from both the guards were now gone. Hosen then sliced the doors, followed by him stepping inside.

He was now inside of the princesses room staring at her and she stood a few feet away from him. He smiled at the fact she was a very attractive young woman. She had thick long black hair that reached her calves, her eyes were deep blue, her eyelids painted with baby blue shadow and her lips painted red.

He lifted his naginata and pointed it to her. "You're going to die tonight princess." He said as he grinned.

The small child laying on the floor could no longer stay sleep because of all the noise. She slowly opened her eyes to see her mother and the demon apart, but face to face. She laid there quiet scared, confused, not knowing what to do. Hosen raised his blade and a black and red small sphere was now at the tip of it. He started to laugh maniacally as the sphere grew and grew.

"Mommy!." her daughter shouted in fright as she quickly sat up. Momoko ignored her, for she had to focus. She had to focus all her strength to defeat the demon. She then quickly pulled something out of her sleeve and pointed it to Hosen. The object was a small golden pentagram. His in confusion to what she was doing.

"SEAL!" She yelled. The pentagram started to glow a purplish color as well as the sand sprinkled around the room. Hosen froze, he felt as if his strength was being sucked away from him. The sphere disappeared and he slowly fell to the ground. He fell on his knees then his stomach, all the while Momoko still pointed the pentagram at him.

Hosen could barely move. He watched as Momoko's daughter ran up to her; she was no older than four. Momoko put away the pentagram as she walked a little closer to Hosen. The room was no longer glowing.

"What did you do to me you stupid wench," he said weakly.

"I sealed your powers away. If I had more strength I would've sealed them away for ever, but sadly I didn't and sadly this seal last only 10-15 years." She then walked to her daughter who stood frightened a few feet behind her. She kneel down to her daughter and gave her a small smile. She felt weak, the spell she had cast took a lot of her power.

"You won't get away with this!" shouted Hosen, as he used his little bit of strength and put it into his blade. He lifted it up and swung the blade in the direction of the child. Momoko's eyes widened in fright as she quickly put up a barrier around her and her daughter. The blade was strong and it took most of her strength to keep the barrier up.

"Mommy!" cried the little girl as she held on to her mothers sleeve. Hosen could no longer hold the blade. It dropped and ceased trying to kill them. Momoko put down the barrier, she panted heavily. Her daughter watched her mother with sad eye.

"You may have weakened me now you filthy wench, but I will be back and I'll kill you and that child."

"You will be stopped, yet again!" She said looking at him then turning her gaze to her daughter. She reached towards and grabbed a black staff. She handed it to her daughter, the child took it while she looked at her mother confused. Momoko unhooked something from around her neck; a black thread necklace with a blue diamond shape crystal hanging from it. Momoko held the stone as she concentrated. The mother said a chant, the child could not make out, and the crystal glowed. Momoko put the remainder of her power into the necklace. She put it around her daughters neck.

Hosen was watching, he wandered what she was doing. He continued to watch and listen as he laid there helpless.

"This is now yours, Misaki. Keep it always and with it I will always be with you." She said smiling sadly at her daughter.

"Mommy?" Misaki whispered with tears building in her eyes. She gripped the staff .

Her mother then touched the staff, looked at it then back at her daughter. "Use this to protect." Momoko's eyes then filled with tears. They ran quickly down her face as she kissed her daughter on the four head. She then collapsed on the ground, eyes closed with tears staining her cheeks.

"Mommy...MOMMY, MOMMY!" Misaki yelled as she shook her dead mother, hoping that she wake up.

Hosen watched he was completely out of power. His body started to fade and he soon was a ball of light. The ball of light flew out of the window into the night sky. The child sat on the floor still shaking her mothers body while tears fell from her eyes.

13 years later

She sat on the back of a moving wagon. It moved slowly towards a village. She was a young. She had long straight black hair; which was pulled down into a thin ponytail and she had a parted bang. Her eyes were dark blue. She wore a two layered kimono. The kimono was red with flowing long sleeves and the skirt part came to her mid thigh. The undergarment part was black; you could see the collar of it and the sleeve of it wrapped around her hand lacing around her middle fingers. She had her staff on her back.

She smiled as she rode the wagon. She was deep in her thoughts...daydreaming. Thinking about her and him.


She sat down on the ground next to a young man. He wore a white male kimono, covered in silver armor. The armor had blue designs on them. His skin was tan and he had a long black hair. His hair was in a long braid. His forehead had a purple star tattoo on it. He was laying down on the ground with his hands behind his head and eyes shut. She looked down at him.

"You can take me now, if you know that right." She said still looking down at him.

His eyes opened and he looked at her. He sat up and got on top of her. They were staring each other in the eyes.

"Not until I make you my wife." He said leaning down to her lips. Their lips locked in a long passionate kiss.

End of Flashback

"Misaki! Misaki!"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a man calling her. She looked to where the sound was coming from and saw her demon friend Kai standing on the side in the grass. He was tall and had purple grayish hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had golden eyes. He wore a traditional black top, with armor on his shoulders and abdomen. He wore gray pants with a sword tied around his waist.

She hopped off of the wagon and walked up to him. He had a light blush on his face.

"Hey, Kai." She said smiling at her friend. He smiled back. "What are you doing around here?"

"I came to see how you were doing. Its been a while." He said.

"It hasn't been that long," she said still smiling.

"I went into the village, you weren't there I was just about to leave."

"Oh I see, sorry. I was just wandering bored."

He nodded, "I see...well Kaede was looking for you. She said if I seen you to tell you that she wants to speak to you."

"Um, ok. Well I guess I'll see you later." She said waving him goodbye as she walked away. She walked into the village greeting people as she passed them. She then walked into a hut. An old woman wearing a white and red kimono and with a patch over one of her eyes turned to the presence. She didn't speak she just sat down. Misaki sat down next to her.

"I heard from Kai that you wanted to speak with me grandmother." Misaki suddenly said after some silence.

"Yes." She said.

"...About what?" Misaki said looking at her grandmother with both worry and confusion in her eyes.

"The seal has been broken." Kaede said now facing her.

Misaki's face became pale. "How do you know?" She said curiously.

Kaede then pulled out a rusted black pentagram from her sleeve. Misaki looked at it; it looked familiar and suddenly she remembered where she had seen it before. It soon crumbled into ashes. Kaede let the ashes fall out of her hand and onto the floor. Misaki eyed the ashes.

"That is how I know." Kaede said.

"I now what?" Misaki asked still staring down at the ashes.

"I would say hide and protect ye self, because the demon would surely go after you. He indeed would you are the daughter of the one who sealed him."

Misaki looked up at her grandmother, something burning in her eyes. She then stood up. "I will not." She said her grandmother head snapped to look at her.

She looked at her grandmother, eyes still burning. "He is the one who caused my mothers death. Like hell I'll run from him, nor will I let him do to this village what he did to the last." She then pulled her staff from her back and held it in front of her. "I will protect the innocent from his murderous hands." She then turned her back to leave, but before she could her grandmother spoke.

"He isn't going to come right away he is still very weak. He may still have you killed; he may get someone to get it done for him."

Misaki then walked out. She walked through the village until she was at the village army's base. She walked up to an old soldier, who rested under a tree. She kneel down. He looked at her and smiled.

"Misaki,...I see it in your face you know about Hosen don't you." he said.

"You know?" She said raising an eyebrow.

He nodded, "Yes me and your grandmother are good friends.

She lowered her gaze. "She said he is weak, and he may send someone after me."

"He might send The Band of Seven."

"Who are they?"

"Ruthless mercenaries. They are very strong and very much feared."

"Mercenaries huh? Well I know mercenaries do just about anything, and if they're ruthless I know they'll have no problem trying to kill me." She said standing up.

He looked up at her. "Why are you here? We haven't been in any battle to need your help."

"I want to train. I need to build up my strength and skill, because I AM going to be prepared for the enemy." With that she walked off to the other soldiers.

7 men stood on a burning battlefield. All around them laid dead, bloody, severed bodies. One of the men was short and stubby; another was very huge in size with green spiky hair. There was one who wore a female kimono and his lips were painted red. One held a small gauge with a blue bandana wrapped around his head, as another was half human half machine. The other had claws as his weapon and black, spiky hair and the one who stood in the middle of them was the youngest. He had a long black braid and held a huge halberd.

"Ah, what a blast." Said the one with the painted lips. His voice was similar to a females. He put his sword over his shoulder.

"Yes, it was what do you think big brother?" The one wearing the bandana said.

"It was indeed," he said smiling. He turned around to the sound of horse steps. He looked up to see the man who was on the horse just a few feet away. He wore a red mask and a hat covering his long black hair.

"What is it?" He asked still looking up.

"Bankotsu, my lord wants to see you and the rest of the band of seven at once."

"Nah" Bankotsu said turning his back to the man. The man became quite irritated.

"This seems to be an urgent mission. He says the price will be more than enough for all of you put together."

The one with the bandana eyes widened to the statement.

"Big brother are you sure?"

Bankotsu raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to do it Renkotsu?"

"'s just, well the pay sounds good."

"You can if you want, why don't you go and see what the mission is all about first."

Renkotsu nodded. He walked over to the masked man on the horse. The man nodded and they walked off.

Renkotsu and the man walked to a huge castle. The masked man greeted guards as they let them pass. The man waited outside of the castle as Renkotsu entered. Renkotsu walked through the halls searching for the lord of the castle. The lord of the castle slid opens the door of the room he was in and poked his head out. Renkotsu noticed and ceased his walking.

"I guess Bankotsu sent you." The lord then put his head back into the room leaving the door open for Renkotsu to enter.

Renkotsu entered, the lords back to him.

"I have received a letter." The lord spoke, slightly turning to Renkotsu. "It was from the great demon Hosen."

"Hosen?" Renkotsu questioned.

"He was a ruthless demon who once spread fear throughout the western lands."

"I see...and what exactly did the letter say."

"The letter was more of a threat. He was once sealed by Princess Momoko; a powerful priestess. She is dead, but her daughter is still alive. He wants her dead. He also wants an item from her; he said it is a black threaded necklace with a blue crystal dangling from it. If this isn't fulfilled he will destroy this whole village, starting with me."

Renkotsu spoke,"How are we supposed to find, or even kill her if we don't know what she looks like or where she is at."

"He also sent a painting of the young female. He has been spying on her for all these years, though I don't know how." The lord walked over to a drawer and pulled out a piece of paper. He walked back over to Renkotsu and handed it to him.

"She has to be at least 17" The lord said after handing him the painting.

Renkotsu looked at the painting. Renkotsu then walked out.

Inside a dark clouded mountain was an invisible house. Hosen stood looking out. His demon snake slithered around his feet. "Still be my eyes and keep watch on her." A small, golden rimmed mirror appeared in front of Hosens face. In the mirror he could see what Hebi seen.

"Go!" he said to his demon snake as it quickly slithered out of the castle.

Renkotsu walked up to his comrades as they sat on piles of dirt and big rocks; except for the big one with green hair and the machine man, who just stood. Bankotsu looked up at him.

"So?" Bankotsu said.

"Whats the mission?" Said the one with the claws.

"Yeah Renkotsu who do we get to kill next?" Said the one with painted lips enthusiastically.

"It is rather easy. I think we should do it big brother for a simple mission the pay is great." Renkotsu said handing him the letter.

Bankotsu read the letter. "So we have to go and kill some girl and steal her necklace."

"What a I was hoping it would be a handsome man." said the one with painted lips.

"Thats too easy." Said the one with the claws and black spiked hair.

A young woman how delightful, thought the shortest member.

"It is rather simple and I'd like to do it...that is if you don't mind big brother." Renkotsu said.

"Alright lets get going then." Bankotsu said standing up. They all stood up and started to walk. Bankotsu walked ahead.

"Hey if we are suppose to be looking this girl shouldn't we know what she look like, Renkotsu." Said Bankotsu.

"Oh yes," then pulled the folded painting out of his shirt. He handed it to the one with painted lips who looked at it with disgust. He then handed it to another member, who handed it to another member, and so forth. Then it was handed to Bankotsu. Bankotsu held it and looked at it. He stopped in his tracks looking at the painting eyes wide.

"No way..this isn't true it can't be true," he silently said to himself gripping the painting. It can't be her.