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Where we left off...

"It's been far to long, Misaki." A man spoke. Misaki snapped her head back around. Her eyes widened. "Grr...You look like your mother.

Misaki turned around to find Hosen. He attempted to attack her, but Bankotsu interfered. Their blades clashed. The two paused for a moment and Bankotsu demanded to know who he was. Hosen was quite entertained that Bankotsu knew nothing of the situation. Hosen told him everything; he told him he was the one who had them go after Misaki, about Momoko, and how he was using Renkotsu. After Hosen tried to attack Misaki, but Bankotsu pushed her hard so that she'd get out of the way.

Misaki watched a fighting Bankotsu and Hosen in fright. Bankostu was putting up a good match. Hosen realised all of his power still hasn't returned. He quickly tried to finish Bankotsu off so he could get to Misaki. Hosen raised his naginata high. Misaki eyes widened. Hosen was going to use a very familiar attack. Misaki recognized the attack and quickly ran in front of Bankotsu.

Hosen was about to strike the two young people. Suddenly Misaki's necklace came from under her kimono and a barrier appeared. Hosen tried to fight his way through the barrier, but it failed. Hosen retreated.

Misaki and Bankotsu found another empty home to stay in. Bankotsu had a scar on his shoulder blade. Misaki attended to it. While in the home Misaki finally tells Bankotsu about her mother and Hosen. Bankotsu asked about the necklace. Misaki was shocked Hosen wanted it but then understood. She told him her mother sealing what was left of her power into the necklace.

Bankotsu tells Misaki that they are very close to the castle where the lord ordered for the band of seven to be killed. He also tells her he will get his revenge and will help her defeat Hosen. The sun begins to set and the two watch through the open door. Misaki becomes tired and lays her head on Bankotsu's shoulder. Bankotsu is taken back a little by her action. They discuss that they are both different; Bankotsu being a leader of murderers. Even though the feelings they had for each other over a year ago are still there and the kiss.

The next morning they wake up. Misaki in Bankotsu's arms. Their clothes scattered on the floor. Bankotsu is the first to get up and get dressed. He tells her he will be back. He goes to the shoguns castle. To the lords surprise Bankotsu is alive. Bankotsu kills the shogun and everyone in the castle. He returns to Misaki.

After a couple of days they are once again attacked by Hosen. This time Hosen regained all of his power. He went back and forth from fighting Bankotsu and Misaki. It was because of Misaki's stubbornness; she wouldn't let Bankotsu fight him alone. Bankostu was caught off guard and Hosen was about to make his move. He swung his blade, but Misaki jumped in the way.

Another barrier appeared. This time Hosen was able to break through it. Once the barrier was down a white light appeared. It blinded Hosen and Bankotsu momentarily. Misaki dissappeared and where she once stood was the figure of another woman. Hosen recognized the woman to be Momoko.

Hosen tried to attack again, but another barrier appeared. Momoko told Hosen she will not allow him to harm her daughter. Hosen was becoming angry and with his blade threw a black sphere. The attack had Momoko and Bankostu flying. Bankotsu was flat on his back. He had a long scar that was from his shoulder to his ribs. He looked around and saw Misaki laying unconcious a few feet away.

Misaki was in an unrecognizable place. Nothing surrounded her but brightness. Brighteness and her mother. Misaki was shocked to see her mother in front of her. Momoko came up to Misaki and placed a kiss on her cheek. Misaki began to cry and held onto her mother.

Momoko told Misaki that she can beat Hosen. Misaki kept repeating that she wasn't strong enough. Momoko then lightly grabbed the blue crystal hanging from Misaki's neck. She told Misaki that no one can use the power in the necklace except for her; that the power only belonged to her. Misaki became confused. Momoko told her though she put what was left of her powers into the jewel she also put Misaki's powers in there. She told Misaki that she was born with sorcery and some spiritual powers.

The reason for Misaki's powers being sealed was the fear of her being harmed at a young age. Momoko sealed Misaki's powers in there when she was a baby. She hoped when Misaki was older she would teach her, but died before Misaki even reached five years old. Momoko apologized for not being able to be there. She then started to disappear.

Misaki soon woke up to and angry Hosen. Hosen was mad that she had survived the blow. Bankotsu was relieved but couldn't move, due to the pain from the wound. Misaki stood up looking angrily at Hosen. Hosen came closer. He jumped up and swung naginata at Misaki. A barrier appeared once again. Hosen flew back a little.

The barrier disappered and the crystal now floated in front of Misaki. It began to glow and then broke. A blue aura came out of it and surrounded Misaki. She began to glow for a moment, her eyes closed. The glow went away and she opened her eyes. She looked up at Hosen who returned the glare.

With out hesitation he threw the dark orb at her. Misaki held up her staff. Her staff was glowing blue. The small dark orb was just inches away when she used her staff to repel it. It came flying back at Hosen. His attack hit him and he was now laying on the ground.

Misaki walked up to him. He was still alive, but severely injured. Next to him laid his naginata. She picked it up.

She stabbed him in the leg and said, "this is for Suikotsu!"

She stabbed him in the stomach, "This is for Kai!"

She stabbed him in the heart, "that is for my mother."

Hosen died and his body started to disappear. Misaki ran up to where Bankotsu was. He was continuously bleeding. He lied on the bloody ground. Misaki started to sob and placed his head on her lap. He assured her he was about to die due to the loss of blood. He smiled at her before his eyes closed. Misaki began to cry harder, leaning her head to his.

A year had past and Misaki's old village was being repaired. Misaki had a new castle build. She didn't want to live in the place her mother died. Once everything was finished she would be the new princess. Kaede came to visit her. Her and Misaki sat on the steps conversing.

"Are you sure you don't want to live here?" Misaki asked her grandmother.

"Yes child. You came back to your home and I will stay at mine."

Misaki smiled and then smiled down at her bundle of joy in her arms.

"Well, you will visit me and Momiji from time to time won't you?" Misaki asked.

"Of course I will visit my grandchild and her child." Kaede said smiling.

It was silent for a while. Kaede broke the silence. "You never told anyone who the father was?"

Misaki looked up at her grandmother. She shook her head, "He's dead and I don't want my daughter to be shunned because her father was a notorious mercenary."

Kaede nodded. The two continue to sit on the steps and talk as the village was being rebuild.