The Truth Is

Chapter 3 Text messages and Email

New Message from Derik;

I miss you and Damien, I want you guys back. Kim and I are completely done. I'm sorry for everything I did. It wasn't worth it, she wasn't worth it. Please forgive me.

The message went something like that, they always did, and to be honest I'm not even sure if those are his exact words.

Message back to Derik;

How do I know you are telling the truth all you do is lie. Leave us alone and don't text me anymore.

That night I went to my best friend Mikey's house, I had found out from Derik that he was with Brandon. I needed to hear it I need to hear him say that he was done with her. I needed to hear it from Brandon, cause for some reason I can believe Brandon more than I can Derik. Brandon has made problems, but he is still a good friend, and like my little brother. But in the end I didn't call right away, no instead I called a few hours later when I was drunk and couldn't deal with it any more, I had to know.

I called Brandon, and he had told me the same thing that Derik had told me, so with that I knew that some part of it was true. I asked to speak to Derik and that's when it all came out the tears and me telling him I can't do this if he is lying. He hung up, or at least I thought he did, as it turned out Brandon's phone dropped the call, to late.

I let Mikey call and tell Derik that I wanted nothing to do with him. That I wanted him to stay away from Damien and Me. That he needed to stop texting me, and not call me from Brandon's phone.

Over the next few months we talked here and there, I couldn't just cut him out of my life. And as time went by it was getting closer to Damien's second birthday, and I wanted Derik there for his son's birthday. So I texted him.

Text message To Derik;

Would you like to come and see your son on his birthday? It's one-thirty to five-thirty. At grandma's house. You can come if you like, only you no one else.

I didn't hear from him for a few days, and then when I did shit had hit the fan. He had agreed to come, but his friend Jack wasn't having it, he was texting me being a big asshole, and trying to cause problems. Jack has never liked me from the start so it was nothing new. But once Derik got him to stop, the messages became civil between me and him.

He agreed to come see his son for his birthday.