"Hey guys. What's up?" Ava said opening the door. "Come in."

We walked into the cluttered mess of weird trinkets, books, and bottles of colorful liquids.

"Do you know the Sun Bird Prophecy?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Look outside and you'll find out."

She looked out her window, and apparently saw it because her jaw dropped in disbelief. "Okay, wow."

"Can you just sum it up?"

"Sure," she said. She sat down on a stool. "Well, it basically says the bird will come. It will try to find the Great One. It will let only the Great One ride it."

"What does 'Great One' mean?" I asked.

"That person is very powerful, probably the most powerful Maori ever."

"Okay, thanks Ava," Jason said.

"Anytime. See you later."

We left the small cabin, but not until after I tripped on some weird wire contraption that was lying on the floor.

As we came outside, the Sun Bird came down from the sky and landed in front of us. "Who do you guys think the Great One is?" Kathleen asked.

"I have no idea. They might not even be at this camp," Jason point out.

"Here let's take it up by the lodge and maybe Samson will know what to do."

We walked up to the lodge, with a large bird following us. The trees along the path were starting to change colors for fall. Red, yellow, and orange. I'm not sure how, but these trees were even more magnificent than the ones on my street.

Our strange group made it up to the lodge. When Samson saw it he literally went insane.

"Is that… No, it can't be. Is it… the Sun Bird?

"It is," I said.

He was now really going crazy. "Alex, get out here! You know the prophecy… Who could it be?"

"We have no idea. But we should find out," Jason said.

Alex walked out and her jaw dropped in disbelief. "The Sun Bird! How did you get it? Geez, Jacklyn, you just got out of the hospital and you're already training birds."

"Let's all go to the arena to try to see about the prophecy."

We all went on a short walk down the path to the arena. As we arrived, word had apparently spread, because quite a crowd was starting to form.

"If you want to try, just step forward," Samson announced.

Lorena was the first to try. It started to rear up like a bronco. She managed to hang on until she was able to make a safe landing. Next were some people I didn't know, and it didn't go well for them either. Then, Ally wanted to try. What four year old wouldn't want to fly on a bird that was four timer her size? She got on carefully. I was about to protest, but the bird didn't do anything at all. It just stood there. Some other people I didn't know got on. Nothing.

Kathleen decided to try too. She cautiously got on the birds back. It just stood there. She got off and came back over.

"Jason you go."

Jason agreed. He stepped on, looking as handsome as ever. It still just stood there. What was up with this bird?

"Your turn," Jason said.

After a few minutes of self-debates, I decided it was my turn.

I took a deep breath and stepped up. I inched over, as slowly as I could, across the dirt to the Sun Bird. It really was beautiful.

I climbed onto the birds back. I was half expecting it to throw me off. At first it stood still.

Then it did the impossible.

It spread its wings, and leaped up as we started to soar into the sky.

This is the end of the second book in the Jacklyn Garner series. I really appreciate all your support on this book and the first one. Don't worry, I plan on a third book. Whatever the case, you will see more of me around the site! Thanks again!