Life in Memory

Cold, soft air catches the clouds
I breathe and makes them disappear into the
Quiet air surrounding the world, as a peaceful sunrise
Illuminates the sky.

I wait with patience for the arrival of my sorrows.
Everything past catches the present here and He comes,
Just as He said He would.

We exchange the proper greeting as the rains begin to fall.
How could any of this have been?

The sun rests in its bed and yet I'm still avoiding
My own, it's voice softly calling.
For now, cold air tries taking
The fire that's dancing
And I try catching
The ashes floating
Down to earth where they vanish.

He then leaves me, just as He would.
I don't complain, for I know that it's bound
Those like Him, don't stay long.

My eyes are weary, my Heart more so
As my bed is calling, calling me to Him.