Chapter 02

~Dusk City, New York: Year 2011

One of the benefits of being a vampire is that I don't need sleep anymore. I can sleep if I want to, but it's more of a luxury than a necessity. Because of this, I spend most of my time at night hunting. A girl's still gotta eat after all, and because of what happened to me I have to work a little bit for my food.

That's why I made her...

As I said before, this town takes a serious turn for the worst at night. Most places in New York are bad, but Dusk City is hell on Earth.

Heh, hell on Earth. That's funny, right? Cause I'm a vampire, a demon basically, and I said... never mind. Just trying to liven the mood a bit.

Anyway, the main targets at night are women. Sadly I had to choose the most chauvinistic part of New York to live in, and at night it showed. The police, surprisingly enough, are actually good. They just can't handle everything at once.

And that's where I come in.

No, I can't transform magical girl style (but if I could that would be fun), no I don't wear my costume under my normal clothing, and before you ask, NO I don't have a secret cave underneath my living quarters where I keep a kick ass car and other gadgets along side a giant computer that hacks into every single camera in the city so I can view everything that happens. This ISN'T that kind of story. I'm a simple girl living in New York, who can barely keep a job, and lives in a small three room apartment. That's where my transformation happens, and it's a process.

First step to the transformation is always a shower. I don't know why, but I always feel like I need to wash off "Cecil" before I go hunting. I usually spend maybe about ten minutes in the shower, just relaxing and enjoying the water run over my body.

After getting my nightly shower in, I blow dry my hair and let myself air dry. It feels more natural than having a rough towel rub on my body. As by body is drying my next step is to apply the make-up. Most women put their clothes on first and then apply their make-up, at least they put their lingerie on (That is if they wear undies. Honestly, how can a woman NOT wear underwear?). Me, I prefer to put my clothes on last. I don't like to see "Cecil" wear anything that "she" wears. It helps me separate the two lives better. For make-up I put on mascara, purple eye shadow, and dark red lipstick, the same color as blood. It adds fear to the victim, as I'm so neat these days, that no one can tell if it's lipstick on my lips, or blood from my last victim.

Believe it or not, now's the time when I close my eyes and release the magic that hides my form, and take on my true appearance. It's now that my long white hair turns dull grey, my blue eyes turn demonic red, and my canines grow into razor sharp fangs. I don't look in the mirror yet. I NEVER look in the mirror yet. I don't want to see myself pre-transformed.

In a way, it's too painful for me.

I open my closet and view the two things hanging against the door that make up the complete outfit. The first thing being the special lingerie I only wear for this occasion. It's a black Victoria's Secret bra and pantie set complete with matching garter belt and fishnet stockings. The second thing is a black and red silk Victorian Style dress that's cut really low in the front to show of A LOT of cleavage, and the long dress part actually comes up really high in the front to show off my legs. Although in this century the dress is very classy sexy, back in the day this would be considered prostitute wear. Both the back straps of the bra and the back of the of the dress had really small slits on them (I'll explain what those are for in a bit).

First I meticulously put on the lingerie set, taking the time to feel the pieces of fabric hug my body. This lingerie makes me feel so sexy. After that's done, I take the dress and raise it up around my legs all the way up to my chest area. After putting my arms through the sleeves I slowly raise the back zipper up to secure the dress. I pull the black stilettos out of the closet and put them on, and to finish up, I pull the red amulet my dearest friend gave me and put it around my neck, the red jewel resting close to the mid section of my breasts. Transformation complete, I finally go over to the mirror and look at myself.

On the inside there's sadness for what I have become, but that doesn't show on the outside. The woman staring back at me, with her long grey hair, and sexy appearance that was gothic yet seductive, she displayed nothing but confidence and sex appeal. She was more than just an alter ego. She was what I truly was. She was the demon I had been turned into against my will. But she didn't feel sadness for her former life like I did. She relished in what she had become. She used her powers for the right reasons, and made herself the sword and shield for the women of Dusk City who no one else fought for.

She was the other side of my coin. The night to my day, the black to my white.

She was the Black Widow.

"Well then," I said, my voice now deep and sultry (this is how I really sound), "It's show time."

I went over to the window next to my bed, opened it, and stepped out onto the metal deck outside. From here I jumped off and called on my black angel wings (hence the slits in the back) and flew off to the heart of the city for a late night meal before my real work began.

There was always trouble in the city, whether it was some guy who had the balls to try to rape a young woman, or a group of guys robbing a bank. I never understood why men still tried to rape women knowing who was there watching them, but then again I couldn't be everywhere at once. There were probably a few times I missed a guy or two.

Personally, attacking rapists are more fun.

I flew high up in the sky, looking for my prey for the night. I wasn't in the mood for a full on hunt (on those nights I usually went for multiple men at once). Tonight I just wanted a small snack to last me for my search for the missing women.

On the streets below me I saw a young woman with brown hair tied in a ponytail walking down the street. Looking at the high heels she was wearing, the glossy leggings on her feet, the long trench coat, and the amount of make up she was wearing, she had to be a dancer. I guess she was just coming back from work. She walked into an alleyway (why, I don't know), completely unaware of the man that was following her.

At least I saw.

He closed in on the woman, and grabbed her. She screamed as the man pulled open her coat and began ripping the skimpy top she had on. Holding her against the wall, he then began licking her breasts as she wimpered in fear. I stood on a building to see if she would try and fight back, but the way he was holding her she didn't even have a good shot at his nuts. Yep, I was going to have to step in.

I first flew over him, letting the black feathers from my wings fall around him. That was my staple to let them know I was nearby. When he realized that those were my feathers, he stopped and turned around. I had landed and retracted my wings, and was now sauntering over to him.

"What sloppy technique," I said to him, "You didn't even try to add any finess to it. Either you're horny as fuck, or you're just a little boy in a man'd body," I looked down and saw that his pants were open, "Looking at that, it's the latter."

He then did the smart thing, and ran. Most men tried to fight me, but he was smart. I could have chased after him, but he didn't seem professional. Besides, I could find him easily. I walked over to the woman, who was breathing out in relief.

"Thank you, Black Widow," she said to me.

"You should stay out of alleyways," I told her, "That's just asking for trouble. If you can, find another way home."

The woman nodded, and I walked off. Now I had to find someone else to feed off of. God, this was going to be a long night.

"Um, wait!" the woman called out. I stopped and turned to her.


"I know this is weird, but I wanted to ask you to find someone for me."

This was weird, but not unheard of. I had conversations with the women I saved before. Most of the women really liked me, and some of them were part time allies of mine, consultants even. I actually had a really good relationship with the women of the Red District.

"Is this pertaining to the missing women?" I asked her. The way she perked up answered the question for her.

"My sister, Regina, was one of them. She's only eighteen, and my parents are worried about her."

"Do you know what club she danced in?"

The way she looked at me suggested that I said something shocking, "Regina wasn't a dancer. She was a freshman in college."

College was a brutal year for young women, especially living here. This Regina either A) had to be dancing secretly to support herself, or B) she wasn't one of the missing girls. Still, I didn't have the heart to tell her that, so I sighed and turned around to face the brunette standing behind me.

"What's your name?"

"Darcy. Darcy Robinson."

"Okay Darcy, if you have a picture of your sister, I'll need it."

You should have seen how Darcy lit up. I clearly made her day. She reached into her jacket and pulled out her wallet. Out of her wallet she handed me a picture of her with another brunette girl, but she had longer hair. Also, Regina had a larger bust, making me think this girl HAD to be a dancer. She had the body for it. Then again, I had large tits too, and I wasn't a dancer.

Okay, not yet at least. I hate it when I fall into stereotypes.

"Thank you so much Black Widow," Darcy said happily, "Can I tell my parents that you'll search for her?"

"I don't see why not," I said with a shrug, "Are you a dancer? If so, could you tell me what club you dance in? It'll make it easier to find you."

"Midnight Heaven," Darcy said, "That's where Eve disappeared from."

Damn it, that meant she could have been next. I nodded to her and turned around, "Stay on the lit streets, and I don't care what they're offering, stay away from black cars," I then spread my wings and flew off. As I flew I looked at Regina. This was getting rediculous now. I had to find out something, and fast. I decided to later on check out Midnight Heaven. Maybe I could learn a thing or two about what happened to Eve.

A scream caught my attention. I put the picture in my bra and flew off in the direction of the scream. It came from the downtown area of Dusk City. There I saw three men standing around a blond woman on the ground, two of the men were holding her down, and the last man was undoing his pants. The streets were deserted, so no one was there, and these guy was clearly professionals.

Now that's what I'm talkin about. Yeah, do it right. Make sure they can't fight back. These guys must have done this a lot, judging from how fast he was trying to undo his pants.

Once his dick was free (pretty nice size actually) he proceeded to pull down her panties and was about to get to work. I let a few feathers fall down to gauge their reaction. The two guys holding the woman down stopped and looked scared, but the leader was too focused on his mission.

"Um, Danny," the guy on the right said, "Those feathers..."

"Probably some bird, Joe," Danny said.

"I don't know," the other guy said, "That's a really big feather."

"If she shows up, we got her number," Danny stated now holding the woman down by the shoulders to stop her from squirming, "We got the knives from the boss, remember? I ain't afraid of no skirt, whether or not she has fangs."

"Mmm, I'm a skirt now?" I said sitting on a car looking at them seductively, "I don't know if I should be offended, or if I should commend you for your bravery. It's not everyday that a man is actually brave enough to challenge me."

Danny didn't even get up, and the poor woman was frantically trying to move. That made me annoyed. He did NOT plan on raping her with me watching.

"Boys, I can take it from here. I'm just going to break her in before the boss gets her."

His two cronies looked at each other fearfully, but then got up. Yep, he WAS going to rape her with me watching. This guy must have been insane. At least that's what I thought until I saw what the two men were packing. They pulled out small knives that although to a normal person were kind of pathetic, to me, I looked at the glowing metal and felt my heart leap.

Those knives... were silver...

"Oooh, I actually have to work," I said stretching a bit before getting in a fighting stance, "Hey, stay strong over there," I called out to the woman being raped, "I'll save you soon."

Apparently she heard me, because her whimpering eased up a bit. The two men charged at me with the knives. I flipped off the car, but Joe rolled on top of the car and swiped with the knife, just barely missing me. I spun around behind Joe and kicked the other guy in the face, knocking him down. Joe then reached for me again, but I grabbed his arm and flipped him over my shoulder and onto the ground. When he fell down, he dropped his knife, so it was safe to get close to him. I got on top of him, almost straddling him, and leaned in real close pressing my breasts against his back so I could speak into his ear.

"Sorry honey," I cooed, "But I'm afraid that by accessory, you're involved. I promise you that this won't hurt though."

I then slowly bit into his neck, and began drinking his blood. As the warm liquid entered my system, all of my senses became more acute. The night seemed brighter, the air seemed cooler, and I felt stronger. Apparently I was more hungry than I thought.

I also felt his partner creep up behind me, and I felt the heat of the knife in his hand. I silently released him, and then licked my lips to clean off any access blood, and then quickly turned to his partner and hissed loudly. The poor man screamed loudly and fell back down, wetting his pants. He dropped the knife and then backed away from me. A second later he was back on his feet and running far away.

Realizing his men were no longer an issue, I turned back to Danny, who had gotten up and was now holding the woman in front of him. From here I got a better look at her. Her blond hair was really long and wavy, she had a really pretty face, big blue eyes, her figure, while not as full as mine, was actually still really nice, and her dress (or what was left of it) was all white and sort of old fashioned. She was stunning, and for a second I was struck looking at her, but that just made me hate Danny even more. Something in my was enraged, and I didn't know why, but I knew...

I HAD to save this woman.

"If I were you," I said to Danny, "I'd release the woman now."

"Well you aren't me," Danny said holding the knife up to the woman, "The boss wants this one personally, so I can't give her up."

"So that means you're involved in the missing women?"

"That ain't any of your business. Now, I'm going to get in my car, and you are going to stay put."

"Very well," I said calmly. The woman looked shocked, but I gave her a slight look and led eyes to the small feather in my hand. She calmed down instantly.

I love it when the women are smart.

Danny slowly began edging to his car, leading the poor woman to it. Right when he was next to his car, I flicked the feather right at his hand. He dropped the knife, the woman stomped on his foot instantly and ran over to where I was standing, but right when Danny looked up, he saw me standing right where I was, but my wings were spread out, and the woman was behind me.

"Now, you're going to get in your car, and I'm going to stay put, how's that sound?" I said evilly. Danny looked really angry, but he apparently realized that he lost that fight, because he did get back in the car, and drove off. I turned to the woman, who fell down relieved.

I knelt down next to her, "Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Thank you," she said, her voice sounding foreign, European I think, "You saved my life."

"I'm just sorry you had to wait so long," I said getting up and offering my hand, "Is your house close?"

"Yes, very close. Right down the street."

I wrapped my wings around her to cover her, and began escorting her to her place. The walk wasn't very long, but the place I went to was weird. It looked like an old church.

Poor thing lived here? How could anyone live here? Also, she was a church goer, which made what I did feel even better, but made me really hate that guy who tried to hurt her. God and I may not get along, but I still respected him and anyone who followed him.

"Why do you live in a church?" I asked her.

"The priest who used to run it was a dear friend. He let me keep the place. Most of the church is run down, but the living quarters are pretty nice," she looked at me with a worried expression, "You don't hate me now, do you?"

I laughed a bit, "No, and before you say anything no I don't hate God either. God and I just don't agree on a few things," like how I should be condemned to hell for something I didn't even have control over, "I think if you have a chance to get to a better place, and he'll accept you, then more power to you."

The woman smiled, "You're different than most vampires," she said, shocking me a little. Did she meet other vampires? The existence of vampires was well known, but they generally still stayed hidden. How did this woman...

"Good thing you realize that. Last thing you need to do is start befriending other vampires."

I turned and walked off, but she took my hand stopping me, "I'll never forget this. One day I will return the favor."

"All you need to do is stay out of trouble, and we're good," I said pulling my hand away, "Take care."

I then flew off back to my apartment. There were still a few hours before I had to get up and face my new job, so I wanted to get some rest before then. As I flew into my bedroom, I undressed and made my way to the bathroom, hanging my gown and lingerie up on the way. I then washed off the make up and took on my human form again. As I looked in the mirror at myself, I thought about the woman I saved. Seeing her go into that church reminded me of who I used to be before this. To think that at one point, I was her...

~London, England: Year 1571

Cecilia, like all Sundays, spent extra time in the sanctuary. She knelt down at her pew and prayed earnestly. She always prayed for the same things: another war free year, the happiness of her dear mother, the safety of her family and friends, and of course, for her to find her true love.

"Cecilia!" her friend Renee called out from the entrance. Cecilia didn't immediately move, but she did wrap things up before she elegantly got up.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she said shaking her head.

"Honestly Cecilia, if you could, you'd live in the church, wouldn't you?" Renee asked as they walked out.

"Oh stop," Cecilia said, "I'm not that bad. Excuse me for having a good relationship with God."

"Well, you do have a lot to be thankful for. Wealth, happiness, beauty, honestly, I don't know why you're still single."

"I'm waiting for God to grant me my one true love," Cecilia said confidently, "He said that all I had to do was be patient."

"How on earth do you know that?"

"If you're spiritual enough and you know how to listen, you can hear God's voice. I listen for it every night before I go to bed."

"Uh huh, you my friend, are obsessed."

"Well we'll see who's living the life in heaven and who's burning in hell."

The two friends laughed happily as they made their way back to town. Once they were close to Cecilia's mansion, Cecilia stopped and tapped Renee's arm.

"What?" Renee asked.

"There he is! Cornelius Augustine!" Cecilia said excitedly. She had always had a monster crush on him, but never had the courage to talk to him.

"Well, go on then," Renee said.

"You can't be serious. I can't!"

"Yes you can. Come on, every man in town wants you. I'm sure once he sees you he'll be no exception. Besides, he might be your true love."

"Now I know you aren't serious," Cecilia said walking up to her mansion, "He's desired by just as many women after all. I bet he's not even single."

"If you keep playing around he won't be," Renee said walking after her friend.

Unknown to either of them, Cornelius was watching them. At least, he was watching one of them in particular. He got hot just thinking about her. He wanted to claim her, to own her, mind, body, and soul.

Cecilia Baker... would be his...