A/N: I guess I wrote this when I was twelve, as that seems to be how old I am in the story. Zipa would've been eleven, I guess... Since we are delivering newspapers, this would've taken place in the summer, and her birthday is in October. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned this in the story, but Lucky, Coco, and Nina are dogs. Lucky is a small mixed-breed, Coco is a chocolate lab puppy, and Nina is a beagle puppy. (And "her girl" is referring to me.)

One dark and early morning, Zipa, the grayish-blue magical mouse woke up. She climbed out of her bed, made from fluffy white stuffs and leaped out of her cute little bedroom made from a card, clear plastic drawer. All of these items her girl had created for her and she cherished them.

Zipa clambered off of the small wall that her girl had set up when she was building Lucky, Coco, and Nina (her best friends') bedroom and dived into their water dish for a bath. She swam around the dish for awhile, practicing her swimming skills. Young Zipa floated out, and dropped lightly to the floor, scattering tiny droplets of water onto little Nina's blanket.

Zipa realized that her girl was getting Lucky up, and asked why. Her twelve-year-old responded; "We are delivering papers with Mom. Do you want to come too?"

Zipa decided that that would be fun and replied, "Sure!" Thinking it would be cold, she made the long climb back up to her drawer home to get her bright yellow rain hat and soft, warm, purple scarf from the hook on which the items were hanging.

Her girl was all ready, and so were her mom, brother, sister, and Lucky. They all went out to the car. The group drove for a while and came to a building. It was here, where they stopped, leaped out, and grabbed about ten heavy bundles of newspapers. They sat on the sidewalk and rolled them.

Then they jumped back in the car and drove still more. Zipa's girl and her brother, Josh, leaped back out of the green car and started delivering the heavy Sunday papers to houses. When they had set two hundred something papers down on doorsteps, the exhausted and starving party of beings went to their step-family's house to switch vehicles.

After doing that task, they drove to WinCo and bought a box of a dozen donuts. They drove home, anxiously awaiting the taste of the chocolaty goodness. When they had devoured (the original word was demolished, but after rereading this, I didn't think it fit here,) the donuts, Josh got on the Wii and started playing The Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess. They played around on the Wii and the computer until it was time to go to bed. Who knows? Maybe they would deliver more newspapers next Sunday!

A/N: I don't really like this story, either, but I wrote it in such a way that I cannot really edit it and have it still make sense. So, for the most part, I kept it the way it was originally written. (Another 6th grade Writer's Workshop piece!)