It was so smooth,
smoother than a banana milkshake left in sunlight.

The glazed ivory coldness that crawled through my skin
yet so gently warmed my heart.

Regardless of the tiny dust balls inhaled
the sweet caressing notes resonated in my ear
and poured over my thoughts.

The grand old piano that warped my fingers
and caused lullabies to be enjoyed by those able to hear

The groove that made my heart sing,
the unturned note that was too far to reach
and the toasted raisin bread scent
which kept circulating in the air
reflected on the first keys ever pressed
by small fingers smeared with butter.

With a baby soft smile
round bright eyes
and contagious laughter,
the music sailed amongst symphonies and orchestras
in the form of simple few notes.

The long wooden bench
two feet high
five feet long
was my high throne
where which I ruled all

A queen of beautiful melodies
of few played songs
of the old faded keys

A pianist's memories of the grand piano.