Bathing in Ecstasy by Justine Jackson


I come to this place to feel relief

From everyday that's full of grief.

The water soothes my very soul,

Numbing the pain beyond my control.

This spring brings hope to my aching heart

That one day from this world I do part,

I will be free eternally.

Resting in love I'll always be.


I come to the Spring to be healed

From the very scars my body's concealed.

A death approaches to strangle my neck,

Reaching for my mind to wreak havoc.

Alone, by myself, I ask It "Why!"

"Why do you wish for me to die?"

Although not a single word it spoke,

It understood my spirit was broke.

Shunned by everyone I loved,

Stuck in a grave my own hands have dug,

I came to the Spring to find relief

From the very trials my soul bares grief.


I come to the Spring to feel a love,

A loved I have only dreamed of.

Although my days are full of pleasure,

None of them could compare to this measure.

My body is an item, whose "goods" are sold.

Many men will pay their wages in gold.

But after my body and their wages are spent,

My master consumes up every cent.

Not once have I ever seen a drop of love,

Amongst the greedy men that I've seen of.

I came to the Spring to soothe my soul,

To find a treasure more valuable than gold.


I come to the Spring so I can be free

From the horrible fate that's doomed to me.

The veil I wear seals the covenant I submit.

An eternal bond, I can't escape it.

"You'll respect your culture and marry this man,"

My parents' words echo their command.

No such thing as love, so they say.

Then why on earth do I feel this way?

I sense the love; I know it's there,

Healing wounds, dissolving fear.

Yet I'm still trapped in this sinking hole,

As the "years of happiness" take their toll.

I came to the Spring to feel much joy,

So I can no longer be a toy.


We come to the Spring to feel that we matter,

In a world where love continues to shatter.

We will find and feel value one day.

That hope keeps our souls from rotting away.