A space craft landed from the sky, its occupant alien from my mind and sight, creature gazing upon me looked with such genuine intent and prowess. He besieged my soul. Still i opened the door, and let him trespass with my yearnful longing. Oh, beauteous creature, I have not seen such eyes, green as the emerald stones only to adorn king's thrones, and skin of finest silk which no hands like mine have caressed, still. He who is my visitor, have made me his own, and his temperaments I assured not to be trampled upon. My will be yours and yours alone, and these I'd suffer not for all the world to possess. Have you poisoned my wells with your heart's desires? I have accommodated none, and yet with you I have done fully. It must be your unscathed beauty, that have captivated my head, and have blinded my sight of the world. My possessions I do not care about, when I'm at your midst. Lest you must go, I'd be left here with none. None at all that will suffice this yearning in my heart which you have filled effortlessly with your stay. Why, o why does this heart yearn for a creature I have no connections with, no purpose for. Him consummating my energy for none in return, and yet his heart cannot understand the words I speak, the causation for my actions. Has my eyes deceived my heart's desires, or my heart deceived my mind's? His was my heart's desires, and mine to his blithe expenditures. My resources compared to his, the least, and his to mine be of no comparison, for I have only few and yet I offer all. O little one, where do you live? What such place, such wealth from which can be derived that mine compared to yours cannot suffice? And with such gifts, my heart to you I offer without exchange. What Celestial place is this, from which you come from and derive such heavenly bliss? What treasures it possess to have comforts that keep you there contented from mine? The day you depart will I cease to live, and so do not speak of it till it comes. For I fear it will hearken a pain my heart cannot bear. O blissful days of your company, which I have prayed will never end, bind my heart not to see, when you must soon leave my sight. Or at the least, convince my mind never again to ponder on things that have already come to pass.