*She's His Bromance*


Alley is a 16 year old girl in hiding. On the run. She's staying with her mother for now, and has taken on a new life. New school. New home. New, gender? That's right; she's dressing as a boy. She's now become Alex Feminam, new kid who moved from Dublin (apparently). But in reality, this is all alien to her. She doesn't know how to act as a boy. Live as a boy. Can no one help her feel better? Maybe... Maybe the one boy who she could care about, like a... 'brother?'


New look, she needs to change, needs to look different. She needs to be prepared to go to a new school, and oh- ring her mother to come and pick her up!

Those words were said about half an hour ago, and they were still buzzing around my brain like a pestering fly that won't bugger off. I couldn't believe they were taking it to this extent. Sure, things had gotten bad. Real bad. But... oh bloody hell, I didn't want to change this much. This is by far the worst day that I've ever had.

After just waiting around for something to happen, an investigator had called me over, and then ushered me through to a spacious room. It was clear white, and almost hurt my eyes at how clean it was. There was a single chair positioned in front of a mirror, and a little dressing table. And yet, my eyes were redirected to where another man entered, his left hand poised upwards as if something were holding down his elbow, and beady eyes looking me over, scrutinizing me and seeming to hatch up a look for me.

"You think you can do it?" One of the investigators –named to me earlier as Marcus- asked glancing between me and the rather brightly coloured man. The camp looking man blinked, and then nodded quickly, having a little smile as he looked to Marcus.

"Darling, is the pope catholic?" I would assume that was a yes from mister fashionista... Oh God. Do I have to go through this? This is possibly the worst thing to happen to a girl my age. They want to cut my hair off. My lovely long blonde locks. They want to chop it all off and leave me with a grunger hair cut. Oh my precious hair!

I was taken across to a chair and had an apron lowered over my body. I bit my lip, and let out a wavering sigh. I did not want to look at the man now holding the scissors in one hand, and holding a large chunk of my hair in the other. "Don't you worry you're little tooshie sweetie. It'll all be okay soon." The guy said in a kind tone, smiling at me in the mirror. I just ignored his smiling face rather impolitely, and lowered my eyes to the shiny floor. I didn't want to go through this. Who did? Why do I have to do this? I know why, but I really wish I didn't.


Oh God! There went a whole chunk of my hair! Oh Holy crap, Look at me. I've got a strand that makes me almost look bald! It's just below my ear. Oh holy crap!


There goes another chunk, and it falls to the floor, separating from my head and leaving me with even less hair than before, but prior to when I can even panic about that lock, the scissors absolutely go for it.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snippedy Snip!

Cut-go-lucky up there by no time has gotten the same length all around, and now in very shot layers. The longest strand is barely just scraping my shoulder as I moved my head around. My once long hair that went down to my behind, now only went to my shoulders! Oh, I look horrible. I don't look like the girl I once was... My best friend probably wouldn't even be able to recognise me. Oh this is just hell!

Five minutes later, and the fashion guy has gotten out hair dye. What colour? A coconut brown. Oh for chrissakes. Even my colour is going to change. The colour I loved dearly too. Please, please don't!

Too late...

He began rubbing it on, massaging it and wiping it onto my hair. Soon, the vibrant blonde colouring of my hair had gone. And was replaced, by the brown goo that was soaking into my hair. Oh, this was hell. My whole previous life. Previous look. It was slowly dwindling away into non-existence. I was losing it. Losing it all.

Not long after the goo was taken off, I was whizzed off somewhere else. I'm not quite sure what the rush of it all was. Mum would wait for me outside patiently, and probably be as devastated as I was, but she wouldn't start complaining. She was definitely the patient type. She would also be pretty provoked too though. For god sake, they're turning me into a transvestite! Even if they made me dress as a duck, or made me stay in my home and never leave again, it would be so much better than this!

After being pushed into a changing room, and having a silk red curtain pulled across, I looked around, wondering what they wanted me to do now, before I turned and looked onto a bench. There, laid out neatly was a pair of baggy jeans, an Adidas sports tee, grey no fear hoody, and Nike sneakers. They wanted me to dress differently too? But... what about all my dresses? Would they all be chucked away? Tossed in the trash? God damnit I spent a lot on some of those. So much money, thrown out of the window.

My mum was waiting patiently at the front of the building, talking to the investigator, Marcus, and taking it all in. It was a hard time for both her and me at the moment. I wasn't quite sure how she was taking it, but I'm sure I'd find out at some point.

"Ahem!" The fashion man drew attention to him, and pushed me forwards, almost handing it over to me. Gee, thanks...

"Mum?" I called, as she turned to me with a smile, but letting it fall. Her face said it all. Yeah, I looked that bad. "M-mum... I want to go home..." I mumbled, lowering my head as my new brown hair brushed against the sides of my eyes.

"Oh, oh... Okay. It's okay, um, sweetheart." My mum was obviously just as disappointed as I was. I used to look so much like her. And now... well, just look at me. She wrapped her arms around me warmly, and brought me close into a hug, running her dainty fingers through my new short hair. "Oh Alley, of course we can go home."

"Actually, Mrs. Jerome, she won't be known as Alley anymore." Marcus informed her. I looked up to him, my green eyes beginning to water. "And actually, Mrs. Jerome, it'd be better if you weren't known as Mrs. Jerome anymore also."

My mum looked over to him with a tilted head, half gob smacked, and half maddened. She seemed to get more infuriated by the whole situation, whereas I was just all around upset. I was a boy now! All my girly ways, my girly looks, they were being taken away from me. All my friends, my old school, my old life. Fading away and never coming back. I was losing everything. I would be forced to start life again with a clean slate that I don't want. Tears ran down my now make-up-less cheek, and I sunk into my mum's body again, shrinking away into a hug.

"Molly Jerome, your name shall now be Molly Feminam. And Alley, from now on, you'll be known as Alex Feminam. You'll be starting school on Monday at Thornville Academy. A uniform has been given to your mother, and you'll be monthly updated on what's happening around here. Other than that you may leave now. Have a safe drive, and we'll see you soon."

Yeah, we will. Unfortunately...


'Ello 'Ello :P

Okay, I'm new to this kind of story -and the real plot line will start in chapter one. This was just something I did out of boredom to be honest. It's not often I do a romance, but this idea popped into my head, and I just had to do it! I suck at summaries and it probably didn't get across in the one I wrote, but I basically want to -without giving anything away- want her to fall in love with a dude, who may or may not like her back. AND! I have a big spoiler that I'll put in probably around the middle, so if you want to find out what that is, please give me the will power to write this through and through. Thankies!

Promise! It will get more romancey as it goes on! :D))

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