She had done a very bad thing. At least, that's what the court said. She stabbed them in the throat.. She saw the blood leaving their bodies. They annoyed her. Wouldn't stop talking about how happy they were, how in love they were. So she made them. Both of them. They screamed for mercy. If they hadn't screamed, maybe she would have given them a quicker death .But the noise was loud. No throats, no sound .The cops came. Saw the carnage. Took her to the nice little hospital with the white walls. They showed her the photos of the bodies. Tried to get a response out of her. She looked at them for a bit. Went back and forth from one photo to the next. The doctor looked at her. Asked her too many questions like:

"How do you feel?"

"Did they deserve this?"

It annoyed her. She looked at him with a vacant expression. Tried to look hurt at the photos. But she couldn't keep a straight face. She smiled. Not a "look at the puppies smile", a "you don't know you're gonna die smile". She laughed. And laughed. And laughed. The doctor looked alarmed and tried to reach for the phone. With this, she pulled her freed hands from behind her back and twirled the sharpened tooth brush and replied:

"They deserved it. And so do you, Mr. Doctor."

She lunged for his throat.