Sometimes you just need one person.

To tell you you're ok,

To tell you you're doing just fine,

To tell you you're worth something.


Looking towards the sky,

Trying to find out why,

And if that person is coming towards you.


Thinking, "What if they don't exist?"

Or, "What if they're gone?"


You just need need them there.

To comfort you,

Support you,

Convince you you're worth something.



Just one person.

It only takes one.


Someone to rely on,

Someone to depend on,

Someone to tell all you're secrets to,

Some one to truly, truly love you.


Is that so much to ask?


It's just one person.

Only one,

That's all you need.


I need just one.

A "Good job!".

A "That's really good,"

A "Shh, it's ok. I'm here."



I just need one.

Only one,

And that'll be enough.