A report i did for my cousin:

Gladious's fight

Long ago, in acient Rome, there was a man named Gladious. He lived a poor life and could do nothing about it. It's been like this for 100 years. The poor were given no recognition and the rich were allowed to do what ever they wanted. "Why won't anyone do anything?" he asked his brother Tratus. "It's the law. We have to obey the law or be killed." was his brother's reply. "Brother, we are about to be sold as slaves just so Mother, Father, and Erelis can survive. Would you give up your son's?" he snapped. "It is law-" "Forget the law!" "Gladious. Tratus" The two looked at their father with a sorrowful look.

After being sold, Gladious was treated poorly while Tratus, a skilled swordsman and cook,was treated well. Gladious' master would beat him for disobeying, and sent away with no food to eat. "Brother just do what you're told." Tratus said to him one day as he helped Gladious with his wounds from a beating. "Atleast you'll be rewarded with food and one less beating." "And be a puppet? I am not a puppet nor a servant. It is not fair!" Gladious retorted. Tratus frowned at him and left.

Gladious ripped part of his bandages and wrapped it around his hands. I'm alone now. I have lost Tratus, my brother. I have no choise but to do this on my own.' He thought to himself.

The next day, shouting was heard, waking Gladious from a restlesss sleep. "You'll be staying in here!" he heard his master say. His door opened and a man was thrown onto the floor. Gladious jumped up, ready for a fight. "Friend or foe?" the man asked him. "Friend hopefully. If you mean no harm, no harm shall be done unto you." the man sat up. "Then I guess I'm a friend." he said. "What is your name?" "Thesis, and may I ask you the same?" Gladious hesitated before answering. "Gladious. How did you get here?" the man's face fell. "My wife and son. We taken from our home and separated. They told me I'll see them again if I am loyal to my master. But I am noone's pet or puppet. The law should change, for where I lived, the poor were forcefully pulled from their homes by soldiers and were either killed or sold as slaves. I just pray to the gods that nothing happens to my family."

"I understand. My brother and I were sold by our parents. It is only me now for my brother has fallen into the trap of the nobles... Thesis join me as to rebel against this injustice that is not only being done to us but to other slaves and poor families." "I except the request. I want to see my family again as do you. And as for your brother, we may be able to save him but it may seem hopeless." "I have a plan but we have to start an army. A great army that will be great in all of Rome!" "And may victory we win."

As the years went by, Gladious and Thesis recruted all of the slaves there except the ones who declared loyalty to their master. But that didn't stop there. Slaves were being bought and sold. The bought ones agreed to join the fight they named "The Great Rebellion". Sold slaves, spread the word and more people decided to join to stop the unfairness of these laws and to save other families from being killed or sold. It wasn't long before a Noble came to hear about Gladious and Thesis' army.

He ordered that both men be beaten brutally and thrown into the streets of Rome. Other slaves were threatened about standing up to plot against the nobles and the Emperor. His order was carried out and there lay the two, bleeding in the streets of Rome. "Your life could have been spared." Tratus said before Gladious was due to be beaten. But as they lay there, waiting to be taken by Mercury to the underworld when someone came to help them. It was one of the slaves who were sold. They called for help and took care of the two until they were healthy once again.

But it doesn't stop there. Everywhere they went, Gladious and Thesis were being helped by slaves and instead of two travelers it became 10, then 20, then 50. It continued to grow until it was about 567 men who were in their army. They were given weapons and armour from Families who wanted the laws to be changed also. Gladious and Thesis became the first Generals to have an army under secrecy.

Meanwhile Tratus was with his master listening to whats going on. "Tratus." "Yes Master Ratious." He said respectively. "I'm apointing you the leader of an army that is being formed for there is an army of slaves hastily growing and we must attack them before they attack us." Ratious said." I will do all I can, even if it means I have to kill Gladious." Ratious smirked. "That is why you are general. You are not afraid to spill blood onto the battle field, not even your own blood. I almost feel bad for killing your Mother and Father." Tratus tenced then gulped silently. "Yes Master Ratious."

"General Gladious!" a soldier said as he entered Gladious' tent. He and Thesis were going over the plans. "What bothers you my friend?" "We have more recrutes and a woman has come and demands to speak with you!" Gladious sighed. "Did you tell her to go away and that I am busy?" he said not looking up from the map." Yes but she is persistant. She will not leave!" "Let her in then." the soldier left. A few minutes later a woman ran in and hugged Gladious. "Brother I have been searching for you and Tratus ever since you guys left!" she said. Gladious stared at her until realization hit him. "Erelis?"

"I see so mom and dad are dead." " Yes but I escaped! I've traveled here with more slaves including another woman and her son." No sooner had Erelis spoke, and woman walked in and looked around until her eyes fell upon Thesis. Her worried expression became a smile and and tears spilling from her eyes. "Thesis! We've missed you so much!" "Adena!" the two embraced with a little boy in the middle. "Gladious my friend. This is my wife Adena and my son Marlo." "Nice to meet you. Thesis has said many good things about you. Thesis this is my sister Erelis."

The day has come. After 3 months of training, the war was finally upon them. Thesis and Gladious split up into two armies each had about 34,000 men. "If you will not stay, atleast come back home alive Thesis." "I promise I shall return alive. I will never leave you and Marlo."

The battle field.A place where lots of blood is shed and no words are heard. The war went on for three and Gladious protected eachother until the tip of a sword came out of Thesis's chest. "NOO!" Gladious ran to his fallen friend. "Thesis are you alright?... Thesis..." Thesis looked up at Gladious. "Come in Thesis don't die. Your wife and son are waiting for you. You promised you'd come back alive. What am I supposed to tell them?" Thesis chuckled. "Go win this battle. You are the true hero here. I was only here to help you when you need gods have been good to me and you. They want you to finish what you have started. It is my time." Thesis dropped something into Gladious' hand. "You are my friend. Please don't die Thesis. You don't expect me to tell your family do you? We've been through alot. I need you to help me still." "May the gods be with you Mighty Gladious. That is what they'll call you when you set us free, everyone will remember The Great Rebellion and they will remember who won, Mighty ...Gladious." When Thesis's eyes closed , Gladious knew his friend was now taken by Mercury.

Gladious stood up with his hand holding onto his sword tightly. "Goodbye old friend." he said. He turned around to face Tratus. "You killed my friend." "Friends are useless. As you can see." Tratus replied jerking his head in Thesis' direction. "I will never forgive you." Gladious said. "Who said I wanted you to forgive me? I warned you brother. You didn't listen. So now your time ends here!" Metal clanged together as the two fought. Tratus tripped Gladious and brought his sword down but Gladious rolled out of the way and protected himself with the sword.

They continued to fight until they both ran towards eachother, swords at the ready.

Tratus coughed up alittle bit of blood. "I will n-not lose."He rasped. Both men had impaled eachother with their weapons and there they stood bloodying eachothers swords. "I did not wish to fight you brother." Gladious said. "But I guess its too late." "...I suppose ...it is." Tratus fell taking his sword with him. Gladious sighed heavily. He dropped his sword and fell to his knees. "Why did it come to this?" he asked. "It is the way of the gods. They helped you. Yet they have shone no pitty for me." Tratus laughed a bitter laugh but it was stopped by a cough of more blood. "You've won."

Gladious returned to the camp with the survivors of the army. Marlo and Adena ran to him and searched the men for Thesis but did not see him. They looked questioningly at Gladious. He just gave them the object that Thesis gave to him. Adena hugged Gladious and cried. The battle was won but Gladious lost a friend and a brother. The laws were changed and the slaves were set free.

He did it but died a after returning. Just like Thesis had said, everyone remembered Gladious as Mighty Gladious, the slave who won the 'The Great Rebellion'.

The End