Slash, incest, rape, dark themes, suicide, murder, death, possible necrophilia...think that's all. Dark story, got it?

I was perfect. I rose above everybody, my frowning upon them justified. They was no match for me. There was no way to rise above those who were already out of sight. I laughed at everybody below me – who was I to meddle with the affairs of mere neophytes? I was meant for more. In two seconds, the Earth could be groveling at my feet, begging for mercy. If I was feeling extra malicious, I could make Earth disappear if I so wished. I could rule a country without having to do much more than blink. The world could become my slave. My powers exceeded those below me; the powers of those above me were a myriad amount more malignant, apocalyptic than mine. I was the Alpha. I leaned against the granite balcony rail, watching the waves disintegrate against the jagged rocks below me in the celestial effulgence of the moonlight. A zephyr blew from the waves, causing my mouse brown hair to fall in my face. Looking to the left, I spotted a figure a few balconies down looking out at the ocean as well. I reached out with my mind, brushing my consciousness with theirs. I recognized the mind as Lithium's. I called out his name, only for it to be swallowed up by the sound of the waves. Scowling, I turned back to face my room. The breeze stirred again, causing the satin curtains separating the balcony and our room to stir enough so I could catch a glimpse into the chamber. There were two beds – mine, and my brother's. We shared a room, which was nice for me, as Neon was one of the few things that kept me sane in this hellhole that they dare call a school. He was family, and the only family I knew still existed. Neon and I hadn't seen our family for years. Part of me wondered if they were even still alive. I shook those thoughts out of my head and looked to Neon. We were opposites, Neon and I. How we had the same parents and were so different was beyond me. I was proper, a real Brit. Neon, however, was carefree and lacked an accent. We were on different ends of the spectrum – I was powerful, he was weak. Everybody adored me because I was the most powerful…People liked (or disliked, depending) Neon for who he was. He was perfect…and I was flawed.

I hated this prison, this secluded island that the inhabitants are forced to occupy. The Elemental Academy for the Higher-ups is what the Headmasters call it. All enrolled call it Hell. It's about the equivalent of it. We in The Ten get extra privileges, like Internet and rooms with balconies. Still, it was no paradise.

Our classes were not of the tedious kind. They included Martial Arts, Assassination, Stealth, Abilities, Maths, and Chemistry. No, I needn't complain at all, but the fact that I was here for all eternity caused reason for my abhorrent attitude towards it. The Elemental Academy was fed off of childhood. It stole young kids from their homes and tucked them away from the rest of the world. Once here, one grew up real fast. Learning about what is trying to kill thousands everyday tends to do that. Even worse, it was the lowers that were always sent out to annihilate the problem. Not once since I had been here was I allowed off this damned island. I turned 24 last year. I retired from the balcony and walked into my room. The day we were brought to The Academy, my brother and I tested for our abilities. With great ease, I earned the title of Number One – which was where I belonged. My brother flashed his abilities, creating a huge riot. He then gratefully and willingly accepted the position of Number Ten. To be thankful for so little was something I had always wished I had as a quality, but I didn't. Instead, I felt I deserved better than everybody else. I was, after all, Number One. As much as it infuriated me, I wasn't perfect thanks to the rules here. The Academy had few – albeit ludicrous – rules. 1) The Ten must talk only amongst themselves, never to The Lowers. 2) The Ten are the perfect image of a protector. Respect them above all others. 3) You are only allowed to like the opposite gender. 4) No lives are to be taken unless it is necessary. 5) You must only use your element names – no original names are allowed. 6) You may use your gifts – but do not harm anybody. 7) Normal world rules apply as well: no thieving, murder, adultery, et cetera. 8) Failure to comply with these rules will lead to strict punishment. On a daily basis, I violated two of these rules. Nobody knew, though. No, I was not going to let anybody think I was weak. I couldn't be – I was perfect. I was Hydrogen; I must be perfect. Perfection was who I was. Inevitably, then, the perfect had fallen.

I was Hydrogen, Number One, and I had a dark secret. ***

If The Ten were a wolf pack, I was the Omega. I was the one constantly picked on - the one who was prey for ridicule. Okay, so I didn't help the issue by acting the way I did - flamboyant, outgoing and careless - but it was no excuse. It did not mean I lacked feelings; it was just the opposite, in fact. Emotions were the core of my being. I often had problems hiding my feelings. Over the years, though, I had grown quite good at it. Ironically, it was for the people who castigated me daily. Like my brother, for instance, when other people were around.

My brother was the Alpha, the one above all others who ruled with his woman-bitch, Helium, at his side. He was the most powerful out of The Ten, the gamut of his powers astounding all, me included. Of course, I loved my brother—he was family—but I loathed him at the same time. People lionized him, following him aimlessly into whatever he wished—without having to use his mind control. The most common question I heard when Hydrogen introduced me was: "How is Neon your brother?" It hurt, yes, but it was true. It's not like I really had a choice in my attitude anyways.
Neon... Aneon whispered, making me shudder. Aneon was anti-Neon. e opposite of me: serious, bloodthirsty, and cruel.
What? I snapped. Let me sleep.
Your brother is watching you again. Let's kill him. Aneon's voice dripped with anticipation. He licked his fangs that protruded from his mouth.
I mentally sighed. No, Aneon. Aneon growled in irritation, crossing his arms in his corner, tucked away in my brain. That is correct—Aneon wasn't a person. He was a malevolent spirit that exists in my mind only. Aneon has always been there, and he was stronger than I was. He knew this; I knew this. He claims that the reason he let's me reign is that the satisfaction will be greater when I fall. Maybe that is part of it, but I also know that he loves me. Aneon had claimed me as his a long time ago, and whatever force outside tried to hurt me would suffer his wrath, or so he said. Thus why I must keep equanimity when being ridiculed. If my emotions get even slightly out of hand, Aneon would get loose, and people would die. I do not wish anybody dead, regardless of how much I abhor him or her.
Well, Neon, since I cannot busy myself with killing, I'll have to preoccupy myself else wise... Aneon's red eyes flashed, him grinning with a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. He ran a hand across his own face and down to his abdomen. I shivered; whatever Aneon did to himself happened to me as well. I felt his cold hands all across my body.
Remember last time, Neon?Aneon cooed, stopping his hands just below his pants hemline.
I shivered. His abuse was constant, as if he was trying to force me to love him. How quixotic that aspiration was.
How could I forget?
Aneon grinned, his eyes widening in malice and amusement. Are you ready...? he asked.
Please, Aneon, don't, I begged.
Aneon unbuttoned his pants. God, you're so sexy when you beg. Makes me want to—

I bolted up, gasping for air, tears streaming down my cheeks. Sleeping was not worth the abuse I got from it.

"Neon?" a voiced asked, concerned. I panicked, fearing Aneon had finally broken my control and manifested outside of my head. "No! Stay away from me!" I screeched.
A hand rested on my shoulder.
I flinched away from the touch, crying, "No, please, I don't want you to -"The hands wrapped themselves around my waist, pulling me closer. "Neon, it's me," the voice whispered in my ear.I finally recognized the voice. "...Hydrogen?" The arms squeezed me in assurance. "Yes, it's me, Neon. Hydrogen." I clung to his shirt. "I'm sorry, brother. It was just a bad dream. It's...nothing." I couldn't tell him. Couldn't. "These have been happening more often, Neo. They aren't just nothing anymore." Hydrogen held me at arm's length, looking me in the eyes."Don't worry about me, brother. I'll be fine," I reassured him. Of course, that was a load of shit. Aneon wouldn't leave me alone.
My double was snickering at this entire escapade, watching through my eyes, but hissing when Hydrogen hugged me. "Dammit, Neon! Why don't you just tell me what's wrong?" Hydrogen was desperate now. I could see it in his eyes."Shut up, Hydro. No Alpha cares for the Omega." I tore out of his grip, turning away from him."Neon, don't even say that," Hydrogen said, his tone wounded. "You know that I love you. You're my brother—I'll always be here for you, regardless of what this hellhole throws at us."
So will I... Aneon's added, a smile thrown in.I almost told him then, I really did, but looking at Hydrogen in all of his perfection, I couldn't. He was Number One—better than everybody else. I was Number Ten—the flamboyant loser with an alter-personality who thirsts for blood and rapes me. No, I was already very flawed. I had barely made The Ten, and if I lost The Ten, I couldn't speak to my brother anymore, and I would loose my friends..."Just...leave me alone," I said after a bout of silence. Hydrogen watched me with sad eyes but eventually sighed and retreated to his bed—the one straight across from mine.I smile crossed me face. "Where's Helium? She's usually with you when you go to bed."

Helium was Hydrogen's turned and glared at me. "Please. Like she'd get my bond.""She's not willing?" I teased. It was, after all, my job to annoy the hell out of my brother. "She's plenty willing. I just have others on my mind," he muttered. "Now leave me alone." "Yeah. You definitely need the beauty sleep." I crawled under my white satin bed brother muttered something in audible, but it sounded like: "You don't."It was odd, our relationship. Unlike most brothers, who would rather beat the shit out of each other, we spent most of the time building each other up. That is, when nobody else was around. When we were alone together, we did tease each other, but we tossed compliments around just as much. I rather liked it; it made me feel all fuzzy inside to get compliments from the most powerful being on this damned island. If I didn't have my brother, I didn't know what I'd do. Hydrogen was the only remaining family I knew of. I would be totally alone—and insane—if not for him. Hydrogen and I depended on each other, told each other everything. Well, almost everything.

I was Neon, Number Ten, and I had a dark secret.

I had never been a child, even though I was twelve now. The Academy barged in my life and rid me of every right. ***

I was nine at the time—naïve, young, and not sure of the world…or so I was supposed to be. It was the first time I had been to a soccer game, and I had on that happy-high someone gets once he experiences something he loved and makes the blood in his veins light on fire. I knew that what I wanted to do when I got older, if I was lucky enough. I never got that chance.

The ring of the doorbell came right after I had crawled into my bed with my Spiderman PJ's on. On a Friday night, a visitor at eight o'clock wasn't that unusual, so I didn't think much of it. The thing that did stick out to me was the fact that my father's voice was raising. He sounded angry, and although I couldn't hear what he was yelling about, I knew I was in trouble. It was my fault, whatever it was. I remember staring up at the ceiling, watching my fan go around in circles, and frowning, wondering who had come to the door.

When a shot rang out, I sat up, alarmed. It was the police, I was sure, but that didn't make any sense—I had been very careful to hide the bodies and then frame others. Those who were framed had gone to jail, as I was skilled, and besides, nobody ever suspects a child, correct?

Looking back, using my abilities to get away—or even show that I had some at all—probably was a bad idea. I may not have been here…Granted, I was going to prison either way.

My room was barged into, three policemen standing in the doorway. "Benjamin [censored], you are under arrest for the murder of Mr. Thomas [censored]," the one holding a gun said.

I put on an innocent face. "What? What's going on? Father, what is happening? Why would anybody murder?"

"You tell us," the policeman replied, his face blank.

"I don't understand. I'm just a kid, so why –" "We found your DNA on them."

"No, that's not possible, because I saw him lick it up." I glared at the policemen, watching their faces turn a shade greener. Ahaha—so they did know what I did before I killed him. "In any case, I probably should have planned that out a little more. A game can only go on so long. Well, now that I've accidentally confessed to murder, I'm going to leave. Man out!" I held up a peace sign, and then disappeared.

No, not technically disappeared. See, I can bend the elements—earth, fire, water, air, metal and electricity—so what I did was simple; I headed underground. The earth came up, crashing through layers of my old house and swallowed me. I then moved my hands in a parting motion to go deeper into the earth. Once I felt I was down far enough, I stopped and created a small space for me to hide out in. It was just like a den. It was good thing I wasn't claustrophobic, as otherwise I would have been freaking out. There is not a whole lot of room under the ground.

From in my temporary haven, I heard the police rushing out of the house. I bet myself they were confused. I wasn't worried, though. All those who tried to catch me ended up as all of my victims did: dead and assaulted. I wasn't too picky.

Sirens wailed high above while I sat under the layers of the earth, creating clay sculptures of my past victims. They cooperated until I tried to kill them; imagine that! They give me what they want no problem, but as soon as I say 'murder'? Forget it. That wasn't any fair—I needed something out of the bargain too. Life wasn't fair.

I was sure the police would leave, and that they did after they weren't successful in finding me. That did not mean they gave up, because shortly after the sirens faded, I felt a slight tremor shake the ground. I narrowed my eyes in the direction of the tremor. That almost felt like…

Another tremor shook, but this time it was closer. My eyes widened in realization.

"Bombs," I whispered. Was I really that important? I had only killed, like, thirty or so men. Jeez.

I quickly set to work digging deeper. If I could get deep enough, the bombs shouldn't hit me… But yeah, that didn't work.

My vision was rattled and a loud explosion filled my ears. Rock and earth flew everywhere, as well as myself. Fire encased my body, burning me and causing me to scream. I felt the flames dance up my arms, to my hair, my face. Oh, it hurt. I was thrown against a rock, stilling me for but a second.

God…Mother fuck…

My head felt as if it was made of lead. The immense pain tempted me to sleep, but I knew better. If I fell asleep in this condition, I wouldn't wake up. Raising a hand, I placed it on the side of my head—my ringing left ear, to be exact. A second later, my hand grew warm and green light emanated from it. Seconds later, the ringing in my ear stopped. I switched to the other ear, then the burns. My broken ribs took a bit longer, but it didn't slow me down much. I was fully healed in less than three minutes. Healing was a very handy ability indeed.

"Did we get him?" a voice asked outside the hole that the bomb had blown into the earth. His voice echoed down to me, as I was at the very bottom of the hole. "Yea. I saw him fly when the debris went everywhere," voice number two responded.

Time for some fun. I let out a low, slow chuckle and then made fire erupt from around me, making it seem as if I was in flames. Standing up jerkily, I caused my laughter to grow with each limb I moved.

"What the fuck is he?" voice number two asked, backing away from me, the apparently chthonic boy. "Me? I'm just a normal nine year old," I replied innocently to his rhetorical question. "Run!" voice number one yelled, turning and sprinting back to his vehicle.

"Run if you want! You'll be back." My tone then dropped a few octaves. "They all do. I've got money on you, blondie." I hummed to myself, watching the police flee from me. Call me sadistic (and I was—that's why sex and murder were a perfect match for me), but I loved having power. The police were supposed to be able to take down anything, but they ran from me. I laughed. I was very powerful. Nothing could stop me.

And then I found out about the invention of tranquilizer darts. A sharp pain soared up my side, and I looked to see a white dart with green feathers. Following the invisible path of the dart with my eyes, I saw somebody emerge from the bushes behind my house yelling something like 'I GOT HIM!'

"Aw, shit," I muttered then blacked out.

That's how I ended up here, the more preferable prison. I do miss my old pastime a bit—that is, serial killing—but this place is a nice start. Plus, I have found somebody who genuinely cares for me, and I have adopted him as my older brother. He doesn't know about what I have done, though. I don't want anybody to know. Ever.

I was Beryllium, Number Four, and I had a dark secret. ***

White. Such a pure, beautiful color. Ever since I was little, I found myself enamored with it. Looking up at the moon, I wondered how it could stay so luminous with such a thick darkness hovering about. Every night, every moment, it shined brightly against the shroud. I wished to be like the moon.

My eyes strayed from the glass doors to the dim room and faintly passed over the sleeping form of Oxygen, Number Six in this academy. I disliked her. She was too quiet, too much of a coward, too weak. That's why she wasn't worth anymore than a mere glance. People who were weak didn't deserve any better.

Manicured nails brushed through my red-orange locks and I removed my tank top in favor of an old t-shirt. It was far too large on the shoulders and fell past my hips, but it smelled distinctly like him.

Hydrogen was the only one I respected in this damned place. He was Number One, the best, even better than me. To be bested… Well, I wouldn't take it from anyone but him. That man, he made my heart warm and my eyes shine. Without him, I doubted I could have survived at The Elemental Academy for the Higher-ups.

Our relationship was oddly perfect. Together, we ruled over the school as the top two; he, the alpha, and myself as the beta. I've never been happier than when I was with him. Sometimes I was even able to forget the past. However, that annoying little brat always seemed to get in the way.

Neon was Hydrogen's little brother, and wherever Hydrogen could be found, Neon was there too.

It frustrated me to no ends (especially when I wanted some 'alone' time with Hydro), but unfortunately I had to put up with the child. Didn't mean I was happy about it. In fact, it rather perturbed me to be around someone of his stature, but what was I to do?

Pulling back the sheets to the bed, I slid myself between the covers. My toes curled against the soft cotton and I buried my face in the comfortable pillow. Perhaps tonight I would be able to rest peacefully. I closed my eyes.

Cold breath blew against my neck.

I shot up in bed wide awake, eyes frantically looking around. Then I noticed the open window near Oxygen's bed.

"It's just the wind," I spoke softly to no one. Then, more irritated, "Honestly, Oxygen. Who the hell leaves a window open in the winter?"

Quietly, I strode over to the window and shut it. Then I returned to my bed.

There's no one here. Nothing can hurt you now. You're safe. Those words echoed in my head as I sat on top of the sheets. However, they offered no consolation.

Shaking, I buried my face in my knees and drew in harsh breaths.

I wish to be like the moon. Perhaps then I would be able to sleep easily without the scars of my past haunting me.

I was Helium, Number Two, and I had a dark secret. ***

I pursed my lips at the slight wind. Why I had chosen to stand outside on this cold balcony escapes me but its well worth it just to stare up in the night sky. With shining stars and clear moon, the night is truly beautiful. Standing in this cover, I felt like I could actually relax for once and let my thoughts run freely.

Many people disliked this academy. I had mixed feelings about it. The fact that we in the Ten weren't allowed to converse with anyone 'below' us was pure bullshit. Discrimination against others just because they weren't as strong as us was a ludicrous proposal. Unfortunately, it was a strict rule that we Ten must obey above all others. The other common complaint was that there were only heterosexual relations allowed here. Not that people usually voiced their disapproval of this rule, but it was clear sometimes. Especially to one like me where there were no secrets.

I paused in my musings when I felt a faint presence brush against mine. Immediately, I realized it as Hydrogen and relaxed. He was one of the few people I could truly trust here so there was no need to be concerned. We were good friends—great friends, really. If I was feeling really daring, I might even say he was my best friend.

It was hard to be around other people. Not only because I could feel their stares, but because I had to be constantly cautious. Like Hydrogen, I too was psychic. However, while Hydrogen only had to glance in someone's direction to discover what was on their mind, I actually had to make physical contact. That being said, if I made contact with anyone, I wouldn't just be able to read their thoughts; I would get everything. Every little memory, every experience and every guarded secret would be known to me.

I was never sure why my power worked like that. The fact that after I got their memories I was able to control them whenever I wanted was even odder. Maybe it was because I understood them? Or maybe…

I shook that thought away before it could start to accumulate in my brain.

Nervously, I found myself playing with the necklace around my throat as I always did when that thought appeared. The familiar shape relaxed me and I took one last look at the moon before turning back to my bedroom.

Instantly, my eyes saw the small form of a child lying in his bed. It was my roommate. Though he was only twelve, he was certainly an interesting kid. Extremely clever and brilliant for his age, he's managed to make it to the Ten and succeed in his studies here at The Academy.

"Beryllium, I know you're not asleep so you can quit feigning," I called out casually as I close the glass doors to the balcony.

There was no answer.

A small smile crosses my face. "Alright, I'll let you think you won this time—though I know definitely you're awake." The miniscule tensing of shoulders proved me right and my smile widened. "Goodnight, Beryllium."

If my roommate wanted me to think he was asleep, who was I to disturb him? Besides, he was so childishly stubborn I wouldn't have gotten an actual response anyway.

Carefully, I removed the dark gloves—precautions against contact with another being—from my hands and lay them on the bedside table. Flexing the appendages for a moment, I glanced at a mirror and paused.

A pale visage with light violet eyes stared back at me. An odd shade of grey hair framed the masculine features. The figure just stood there, as still as I was standing.

A few moments passed.

Then, I slowly raised my hand to my throat and played with the necklace again, scrutinizing the mirror image doing the same. As I did, the image turned the small charm of a 3 hanging off of it and played with it between its thumb and forefinger gently.

That's right. The man in the reflection was Number Three. I was Number Three.

My name was Lithium. I was ranked Number Three here in this academy. If by chance I did not have a secret of my own, I knew of many others—dark secrets that if revealed, could tear apart the carefully structured symbiosis' in our little ecosystem. However, those in themselves were secrets that I must bare for the sake of those I have come to care about.

I sat curled up on the chaise in my room, darkness surrounding me. A blanket was draped across me and I glared out the window where I had noted it had started to snow. Faintly, but it was there.

I hated the winter; snow in particular. It was so cold, and wet, and annoying, and it just sucked in general. I disliked it especially during the day when the sun reflected off of it and blinded me. Therefore, I sat alone in my room, with a blanket draped across me, hiding from the chill like a cold blooded serpent.

Casually, I glanced around my darkened room. It was rare that somebody had a room all to themselves, but I was one of the exceptions. Females and males are not allowed to share a room, and with Oxygen and Helium bunking together, that left me alone. Not that I minded this solitude, but I wish she could be here.

My dear, beloved cousin was ranked Thirty Three, which meant I wasn't allowed to acknowledge her existence. How dare this academy not even allow me to talk to my own kin? If I could, I'd hang them by their innards while I―

Let's not get carried away. If I did that I'd never be able to see Arsenic anyway.

Carefully, I pushed a black chess piece across my board with my index finger. Then I slid a white knight forward. The black pawn devoured the white knight.

"Yum," I droned out as the knight falls off the table. Then I eyed the king.

Not only did I dislike this academy, but there was also Hydrogen. Not that I truly hated him, but I did loathe him at the same time. Why was it that he got to see his brother everyday when my sweet, dear cousin was kept so away from me? It wasn't fair, and I didn't like it when people had advantages over me. Of all people, he should have understood. But he didn't, or at least he didn't try to. Stuck up, little prince, he is…

I moved the black pawn forward again but it was intercepted by a white bishop. I sneered at it and slid a castle down the black and white row. Effectively, the bishop was thrust away.

"Bang," I murmured as it crashed to the carpet.

A couple moves passed before a tapping interrupted my thoughts. Carefully, I got up and walked to my window sill. Pushing it open with a little force, frosty wind blew in my face and I grimaced. Then I noticed the raven sitting on the sill. I stared at it for a moment.

"Arsenic," I acknowledged.

The bird squawked and handed me off a letter in its beak.

Carefully, I sliced the letter open and read its contents. An intrigued eyebrow rose and I slid the letter away for later reference.

Just like me, Arsenic was a shape shifter. It made sense since we had the same blood. Then again, Hydrogen's and Neon's powers were nothing alike…

Many people thought that shape shifting was just simply imagining a form and become it; they had no concept of how much studying is put into it. Personally, I found it one of the most difficult abilities. To shape shift, you had to know the complete anatomy of the animal or form you wanted to change into, not to mention their comportment if you planned to stay in that shape for a period of time.

My favorite animals were snakes. Lots of people thought I looked like a snake even, what with my narrow eyes and knowing smile. Just like the pitch black mouth of a black mamba, my hair was the color of charcoal and cut with straight bangs. I dressed up like the Grudge for Halloween one year but got detention. Apparently using my abilities to look like a corpse and hiding in people's closets (courtesy of Nitrogen) to scare them was not an acceptable use of them. I just figured the director had a stick shoved up his―

A spider crossed on my window sill. Slowly, I pressed my solid nail down on one of its thin legs. It cut off.

"Oops," I commented while observing its frantic, broken pattern it made while trying to escape. I wondered how it would survive like that. Pursing my lips, I let it run off and returned back to my chaise.

However, when I got there:

"How?" I gasped and fell down, staring at the chess set.

Sitting casually on its white square was the white king. Behind it were the second white knight and his queen.

"How is it possible I lost when I was the only one who was playing?" I stared at the chess set for a while as the snow fell more and more outside. Sullenly, I reached out and clutched the black pawn in my hand.

Just like the black element, I was Carbon, Number Six. Just like the dark pawn, I had a dark secret.