I hit the pavement,
I ran,
I escaped his enslavement,
It wasn't my plan.

He was the driver,
I was the deer,
There was no reviver,
That was my fear.

He drove fast,
I ran slow,
He could outlast,
Because I was the doe.

He stayed up,
I fell down,
He didn't give up,
I left with a frown.

He was going to hit me,
I was going to die,
He wouldn't hit a tree,
I wouldn't learn to fly.

He came up behind me,
I hadn't jumped out,
He came over easily,
And there was no doubt.

He drove the car,
I was the deer,
We didn't go very far,
He never was sincere.

He drove a car,
I was a girl,
He left a scar,
I left the world.