I: 15 Years Later

It's been 15 years since the Star Tournament and many things have changed. Klyn and Andreanna Holden had a beautiful baby girl which they named Miranda. As the years went by she grew up to love dueling along with her cousin Dagger Holden. When Miranda turned 10 years old Klyn had given her the STAR deck that he won from Lazarus Sora and never opened so they were still unused and no one had a deck like hers. Sure the cards came out but they never had her skills.

Enough back story for now, lets get this thing stared.

It was a bright sunny morning as feet walked on a blue carpet heading towards brown door with a black knob. A 33 year old male about 5'5" with blue eyes and long black hail tied in a low ponytail opens the door, he listens hearing the beeping sound, sighs and opens his mouth.

"Miranda, it is time for you to get up. You'll be late for school," the blue eyed male's voice calls echoing down the stairs.

A body shifts under a bunch of blankets as a head pops out from under the blankets as the girl yells, "I'll be up in a minute."

The blue eyed male chuckles and closes the door.

A 15 year old 5'1" girl with one eye blue and the other purple gets out of bed and puts on black pants, white t-shirt and black blazer with a golden tie and white and black shoes, the school uniform of Zwei Academy.

"God, these color combinations really suck," Miranda says to herself as she brushes her waist length black hair with orange bangs.

Name: Miranda Holden

Age: 15

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110 LBS

Eye Color: one blue and one violet

Hair Style and Color: Black with Orange bangs, Long, down to waist

Family: Daughter of Klyn and Andreanna, Niece of Mina, Cousin to Dagger

Star Rank: None yet

Miranda grabs her gold bag, her school books and her deck holder and deck box and leaves her room but turns to look and see if she forgot something, noticing the messy bed with its red comforter and white pillow, the alarm was off and it was somewhat clean. She sighs and closes the door, heads up stairs to eat a quick breakfast and goes to leave when her father stops her.

"Miranda, I have something for you," the blue eyed male says.

"Klyn, have you given it to her yet" a woman's voice calls from behind Klyn.

"Hello mom, nope he hasn't yet," Miranda answers as Klyn glares playfully at his violet eyed, orange haired and very beautiful wife.

"No Andreanna, I was but you interrupted," Klyn says groaning.

"Well hurry up. She'll be late," Andreanna answers smiling.

Klyn takes off the Star Master necklace from around his neck and places it on his daughter's neck.

Miranda looks at it and her eyes widen and she asks, "Why?"

Klyn looks into her eyes and answers, "You'll know why soon enough," and pushes his daughter out the door and closes it behind her.

Miranda heads towards Zwei Academy not paying much attention looking at the Star Master necklace when she collides into someone's back and starts to fall but is caught.

"Geez Miranda, you got to watch it or you'll hurt yourself," the someone says as she looks up.

"Hey, Dagger, how are you doing?" she asks the boy.

Dagger just shrugs as they head towards Zwei Academy. Dagger is Miranda's Cousin and they look almost like twins, except for Daggers blue eyes and short cropped black hair and 5'5" build. They look almost similar because Klyn offered his seed to Clara for the artificial insemination so she and Klyn's twin sister Mina didn't have to wait.

Name: Dagger Holden

Age: 15

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 145LBS

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Style and Color: Short cropped black

Family: Son of Clara and Mina, Nephew of Klyn and Cousin to Miranda

Star Rank: none yet

"Hey, it's the Holden Cousin's how are you today?" a cheerful female voice yells from there left.

A 15 year old girl with gold eyes and short cropped red hair with black highlights wearing the female Zwei Academy uniform of the same thing but instead of pants is a black skirt that is just below the knees.

Name: Karsey Dee Shields

Age: 15

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 98 lbs

Eye Color: gold

Hair Style and Color: short cropped red hair with black highlights

Family: Daughter of Ix and Vincent

Star Rank: none yet

"What's up Karsey and we're good, right Dagger," Miranda answers blushing a bit at Karsey's dazzling smile.

Dagger chuckles as they enter the archway of Zwei Academy, it's a big golden archway with a big black Z on it, they head in as more students head towards the school. The grass is green turning brown to the coming of Fall as the tall trees with many colored leaves start to fall and a empty cherry blossom tree stands 20 feet away from the entrance. The academy is big, white and not very interesting looking but in the back are good sized duel fields for test duels, actual duels and where some students can show off there skills.

The 3 enter the building, walk down the hallway and enter the classroom they share with 12 other future champions. Oh yeah, the school has some dueling 101 classes for newbie's but it is still considered a normal school, but I digress.

The 3 take there seats as the door opens again and 2 girls walk in, one has blue eyes and long black hair tied in a upper ponytail, the other is a pretty girl about 5 feet tall with pink eyes and long white hair in a braid tied with a blue ribbon.

"Now students, we have a new student joining us, her name is Alexa Shinzo and she is from the town of Arcane. So be polite," the blue eyed teacher says as Alexa looks around the room and spots Miranda and her cheeks turn red.

"My name is Alexa Shinzo, please take good care of me," she says bowing.

"You can sit next to my niece, raise your hand Miranda," the blue eyed woman says.

Miranda rolls her eyes, raises her hand saying, "Aunt Mina, stop that."

Alexa sits next to Miranda growing redder, she leans over and whispers to Miranda, "You are now my girlfriend."

Miranda looks at the new girl surprised at the statement as Dagger over hears and chuckles and Karsey smiles sneakily eyeing a potential get together.

Name: Alexa Shinzo

Age: 16

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 100 lbs

Eye Color: pink

Hair Style and Color: long, braided, white with blue ribbon

Family: New Student, Declares Miranda her girlfriend.

Star Rank: none yet

The day drags on, but unnoticed to them a great challenge and a potential friend awaits them in the near future.