XL: Will to Win

Nicole smiles and nods and Miranda smiles as well and her determination to win even more makes her Silver Star eyes activate as the top card shines a silver light.

"Also, your partner is my daughter," Nicole reveals which shocks everyone except Lexie who rolls her eyes and Klyn who smirks knowingly.

"Let's pick up the pace, I'll attack with myself at Star Leo," Nicole dashes forward and slashes Leo but Miranda smirks more.

"I activate the counter card Star Sign, I add Gemini back to my deck," Miranda says as Leo shatters but returns seconds later as Team Holden's HB goes down to 40.

"I'll end and it stays since it is a double," Nicole smiles as the girls will to win.

"Draw," Miranda draws Data in Space.

"I set a face-down and activate the spell Data in Space," everyone looks surprised, "this lets me and Lexie summon any of our monsters in our discard piles, so STAR Draco returns for me."

"I choose DATS Gamma and Alpha," Lexie says as all monsters appears.

"I then summon Worm Hole Armor and unite it with Draco, Leo and Libra to quad synthesis summon Star Chimera Armor," a LV6 armor with the wings of a dragon, the tail made of the body and head of a snake, a lion's head on the chest and the dragons head on Miranda's arm with all the eyes revealing Miranda's Silver Star eyes with a sword looking like a long chainsaw with 4000 ATK and DEF appears and attaches to Miranda.

"This armor makes me discard my hand and I gain 500 for any monster," Miranda powers up to 4500 since Pisces was sent.

"Now I cannot attack because of Data in Space but I equip myself with Star Space Cannon and end my turn," Miranda says.

"Oh and if Lexie can draw an armor she may summon it or send it to the discard pile but we lose half our HB if she does," Miranda explains.

"Draw," Lexie draws Exceed Armor.

"I discard Exceed Armor but I summon Shade Armor," Lexie decides as the HB becomes 20.

"I then unite Shade Armor with Delta, Alpha and Gamma to quad synthesis summon for Drive Armor," Lexie's main Armor appears and attaches to Lexie, "now I activate Data in Space's final card effect, by removing it and Shade Armor I can choose a monster in Miranda's discard pile and put it into my own, I choose STAR Draco," Draco flies from Miranda's discard pile and enters Lexie's, "I then remove Draco, Gamma and Exceed Armor to Omega synthesis summon Xross Draco Armor," a LV6 black armor with green 1's and 0's over it with large wings and Drive Armor's sword but vastly upgraded with ? ATK and 0 Def appears and attaches to Lexie.

"My attack is the combined ATK of all cards used," Lexie's ATK becomes 5000, "Now I cannot attack due to Data to Space so I will end my turn," Lexie smirks at Miranda's smirk.

"Draw," Klyn draws Gem Star Dragon.

"Since I have 4 "Gem" monsters in my discard pile Gem Star Dragon is summoned," Klyn's second ace comes out with a roar.

"Now I play Gem Striker Armor's last effect, I send my dragon to gain its ATK and DEF," the second ace vanishes as his ATK goes up to 7500 ATK, "since Lexie can prevent damage I'll go after you my daughter," Klyn calls as his orange star eyes appears and he charges forward.

"I activate Star Chimera Armor's main effect, I remove 2 monsters from the game and my ATK doubles," Miranda explains as STAR Pisces and Libra are removed and Miranda powers up to 9000 ATK as she counters her fathers thrust and slashes big time shattering Klyn's armor and throwing him back as Team Champ's HB goes down to 30, but seconds later the armor returns but all his monsters are removed.

"By removing all my monsters I get back my armor but my ATK goes to 0 and my armor changes to defense and I end my turn," Klyn explains as his armor color fades as his ATK hits 0 but changes to protect with 3200 DEF and Miranda's ATK returns to normal.

"Let's pick up the pace, draw," Nicole draws Data Collection.

"I activate Data Collection, this lets me gain 1000 ATK for each Data monster in my discard pile," Nicole powers up to 6600 ATK, "and also I destroy a spell and counter card for each, so Firewall, Star Space Cannon and Miranda's face-down," all 3 shatter, "I will now attack my daughter," Nicole throws her dagger and slashes at Lexie shattering her Armor and bringing there daughters HB down to 4 and Nicole's ATK returns to normal.

"Xross Draco Armor's final effect lets me equip Drive Armor by adding my armor back to the armor word at the cost of half my deck," Lexie explains as she loses half her deck as her main armor attaches to her.

"I end my turn and we take 5 HB for each 1000 points I gained," Team Champ's HB goes down to 15.

"We'll win this, Final Turn," Miranda yells her will to win stronger than ever.

"She has declared Final Turn and… wait this happened in Spirit you better do a disclaimer," Andreanna glares at the author who laughs.

"Draw," Miranda draws Star Saber-Novalian.

"I equip myself with Star Saber-Novalian, this increases my ATK by 800," Miranda powers up to 5300 ATK as a long blue sword with a star on the tip appears in her hands, "I then gain piercing and can attack twice in the same turn, but the damage is halved, I attack my father," Miranda speeds forward, striking Klyn and shattering his armor, knocking there HB down to 4.5, "now I'll attack again," she slashes again but a hole made of data appears and there HB remains the same.

"I play Data Nexus, if I control only data attribute synthesis armor on the field and a direct attack is declared than the damage becomes 0," Nicole explains as Klyn sighs in relief.

"Fine, I guess I was wrong, I end my turn," Miranda says a little disappointed.

"We will win, let's pick up the pace, draw," Lexie draws Xross Dawning.

"I activate the spell Xross Dawning, I send Truth Xross Armor to the discard pile to gain its ATK plus its effect," the armor vanishes as Lexie's ATK goes up to 6800 ATK and her sky eyes activate along with her mothers, "I will attack you mother," Lexie rises to the air and slashes down with her sword and shatters Nicole's armor and destroys it, bringing Miranda's and Lexie's parents HB to 0.

The crowd roars in excitement over a great final duel, Miranda and Lexie give each other a high five and a quick hug. Klyn raises his hand to silence the crowd.

"I am proud of my daughter, I pass the rank of Star Master to her," Klyn says as Miranda appears astonished as the crowd cheers even more.

Miranda looks down at the Star Necklace, at its golden gleam as a she smiles and is slammed by a tight hug from Alexa, family and friends congratulate Miranda's achievement. Nicole and Max hug there daughter as she smiles up at them.

"Well that was defiantly worth coming here," Star says as Cross nods in agreement.

As the crowd begins leaving the hall Alexa and Miranda kiss deeply as does Dagger and Karsey. Klyn looks at Andreanna and they kiss as well.

"What's with all the love fest, sheesh," a voice is heard as they separate and see Dean La-Rang walk up to them with Mina and Carla not too far behind.

"Great job you guys, that was great," Mina says as Carla agrees.

"I agree, that was awesome," is heard as a familiar white haired boy with a white ring on his finger with Hagane and Mizuki following behind them.

"What are you doing here Shiro?" Klyn asks.

"What else, a duel," Shiro says pulling out his deck holder but gets smacked in the back of the head.

"Moron, it is a tag duel, stop forgetting I am here," Kazu says, oh and Kazu is here as well.

Kazu looks at the author with a fanged smirk and the narrator shuts up.

"Don't forget us," Mizuki says as she and Hagane step up, deck holders, ready.

"I guess we'll be in this as well," Max says as his family gets ready.

"I guess," the others say as they separate into different areas and begin there own duels.

"LET'S DUEL," they all yell as Star and Cross look on in amusement, with popcorn and soda floating near them.

"The Will to Win indeed," the both say which a chuckle.

The End

Disclaimer: I don't own Lexie, Nicole or Max, Decode9 does. I don't own Shiro, Kazu, Hagane, Richard Omega does. Both Decode and Richard own Mizuki, i own eveyone else. Oh and Final Turn is from Cardfight Vanguard, it is just fun to say.