A twig snapped a few feet away from me, waking me from my groggy sleep. I looked around me but didn't see anything.

"Blood..." Something whispered in a hiss.

My heart started to race. I got to my feet and looked around. No one was there. Was I imagining things?

"Brooke..." The voice said louder and more audible.

Not being a stupid horror movie person, I only looked around. I didn't call out for help or try to talk to the person.

Someone stepped out from behind a tree, a cute someone. He smiled seductively at me and walked towards me. "You smell... so... good."

Fangs. The second he opened his mouth, I saw them.

I crept around the tree and ran. Stupid me, I didn't know that he could outrun me.

He grabbed me around my waist and yanked me off the ground. He then threw me to the leaves and twigs that were under my feet.

I screamed as my side was poked painfully with a couple of twigs.

He got to his knees and sniffed my neck. "Mm. Perfect."

I grabbed a pointy stick and was just about to ram it into his heart when he bit me. Only bit me. His fangs sunk into me for a few seconds then he pulled back and watched me with an amused expression.

"Now you'll never have to suffer" His voice was like ice, sharp and cold. His eyes were dark, dead, lifeless. He was nothing but a worthless life. He wasn't anything like the vampire Brendan was.

I screamed through the agonizing pain and rammed the stick into his chest. His eyes widened at me and he collapsed backwards.

My arms dropped to the leaves. I was too weak. And I was in so much pain. My eyes were becoming clouded. I couldn't see much of anything.

I gripped for something, anything that would end the pain Suddenly, something took my hand. Someone.

That was the last thing I saw as a human.

Brendan pov

I carried Brooke back to the large mansion, shielding her from the pouring rain. I should have never let her go. I shouldn't have sent her away at all.

This was all my fault.

She looked like she was sleeping but I knew the truth. She wasn't sleeping. She was blocking herself from the world. Vampires could do that easily.

Things were much worse for me. It was killing me. But it was so much worse for Brooke. If I hadn't let her go she wouldn't have been bit. She wouldn't be in a world of pain. She wouldn't hate me.

I hated myself for sending her away. I shouldn't have let that happen. There wasn't any reason for me not to keep her with me. Of course her family misses her but it was her own choice to stay with me. She didn't even want to leave. But I screwed everything up.

Especially my chances with her. We'd never have a chance to be together again.

I walked back inside the warm mansion, the rain only behind us now. The heat wouldn't mean anything to either of us anymore. It was just like air, it was only there. We didn't care about it and it had nothing that we really needed.

I laid her gently on the couch and I could already see her dark hair changing. It was almost a bright blonde and it was growing every second. She was becoming a different person.

I walked into the basement and Richard looked up at me. His eyes were dark, circles around them. He was growing weaker and weaker every minute. His body was already thin.

"Finally killed her?" He asked in a soft voice. Actually, it sounded more like he didn't even have a voice.

I glared as I unlocked the cooler of blood. "Why do you care?"

He laughed painfully. "I don't. I just wanted to see if you finally did something good for once."

"I didn't hurt her." I growled, wanting to strangle him so bad.

"Someone did, huh?" He said, clearly amused.

"Shut the hell up, Richard."

"Or what? You'll kill me? Go ahead." He said lazily.

I relocked the cooler and walked over to him. "Why do you want to die?"

He fidgeted against the chains that pinned him to the wall. "You have no idea how tempting it is. I'm stuck down here every damn day while she's upstairs. Her blood... it's so hard to control myself."

I rolled my eyes. Damn, he was stupid. "You're not the one who screwed up everything and kicked her out. That's why she's up there dying. She's becoming one of us. And it's all my fault. That's more torturing than your stupid little problem." I walked back up the steps and Brooke was still unmoving.

Her hair was now and forever blonde, golden highlights brightening her hair. It flowed around her, ending around her waist. She wasn't small and fragile anymore. She was taller, thinner, and stronger than ever. She wasn't my Brooke anymore. But she was still mine.

Suddenly, she flicked open her eyes, her new, dark eyes, and they met mine. She took a tiny sniff of the air and her eyes locked on the bag of blood in my hand.

I tossed it to her, glad to be rid of it. It was too tempting, even to hold in my hands.

She caught it with one hand before it could hit her and sunk her fangs into the bag, watching me all the while. She lowered the empty bag and sat up, propping herself up with her elbows. "Why am I here?" Her voice was soft, not sounding at all rude. It was more high pitched than when she was human, more seductive.

I didn't let the sadness show as I talked to her. I didn't want her thinking I didn't like her. "I brought you back here."

She stared at me for a second before she sighed, suddenly realizing what had happened. "You were there."

I nodded. I didn't want to admit that her screams had me running. I went to her as soon as I heard her piercing cry. As soon as I realized she was in danger. "You needed me. I couldn't just ignore it."

She got to her feet and walked over to me as if her life hadn't been stolen hours before. She stopped in front of me, unsure of what to do.

I got to my feet and realized that we were almost the same height. Weird. I lifted her chin up and kissed her. Her arms wound around my neck instantly and she didn't hesitate to kiss me back.

"So you don't want me to leave?" She asked softly, eying me closely.

I held her close to me, our bodies pressed together tightly. "Never."