Title: Dead Zone

Summary: "Let's rock this bitch." Because really, those undead dead guys never really stood a chance.

Breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Don't look back. Don't look back. 'Coz if you do you're dead meat—literally. Right foot, left foot watch out for the cracks. Don't look back. Veronica repeats.

Adrenaline and blood courses through her veins as she hightails it the hell out of there. She pushes her glasses up with her index finger and sees Ray up ahead, laser gun in his right hand, occasionally glancing to his left then right to check if the coast is clear.

She keeps running and finds this whole situation slightly amusing because really—

Who knew zombies could run so fast?

Hollywood really misjudged these guys. Veronica takes a chance and glances back over her shoulder and—shit. There's even more now than there were, like, five minutes ago and they're gaining on them. And seriously, everything she thought she knew about zombies before is a lie because a.) they are so not slow, and b.) they're not as dumb as they look. They were able to make a trap and it actually worked (Ray and Veronica witnessed it themselves...and oh, that poor dog...). She always kinda thought it'd be cool to be in a zombie apocalypse but it most certainly is not, especially when you're the one being chased and literally running for your life.

"Shit, Ray," she calls, "We need a new plan. Running is most definitely not working. They aren't tiring out at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one getting tired here." She sees him nod then wave his hand, signaling her to follow him as he turns into a new street.

They stop in the middle of the road. The neighborhood is completely deserted except for the two of them and the herd of undead dead guys that are beginning to surround them and Veronica half-expects tumbleweed to float across them, like in one of those old western movies.

The two stand back to back watching as the green-skinned zombies close in on them. "You got your gun fired up?" Ray asks her. She holds it up, the tip glowing blue with electromagnetic energy, and nods. "Yup." She looks at them and watches as they get closer, these things, with their hollowed cheeks and soulless yellow eyes, pale green skin, and arms and legs jutting out at angles and moving awkwardly. They disgust her.

"You ready?" she asks him and he smirks.

"I was born ready."

Veronica smiles, hazel eyes looking fierce and determined.

"Let's rock this bitch."