Remember the day you first saw me?
It was just starting to turn cold,
The sun was about to set,
To illuminate the sky in gold.

Although, you didn't pay attention,
You were completely focused on me,
Not because you cared,
Because you were on a killing spree.

You caught me from behind,
Your hands held a knife,
You wouldn't give up,
Until you ended another life.

You had a hole dug,
I can't call that thing a grave,
Not a marker was in sight,
Just a dog that wouldn't behave.

"What's that?" Someone asks.
You respond, "My dog loves to dig,"
The next day you cover me,
With more brush and twigs.

No one ever noticed,
The shovel covered in mud,
The smell coming up,
Or your shirt drenched in blood.

You left shortly after,
A new family moved here,
One day they found me,
You can imagine their fear.

They alerted the police,
And quickly moved away,
They were my closest thing to friends,
It's a shame they couldn't stay.

The house was shutdown,
Now no one's there,
Not even me,
But no one cares.

They're still looking for you,
And I don't care if you don't agree,
I hope they'll get a clue,
That proves that you killed me.