This is a yaoi story I thought about If everyone stayed the same but If I was older and a different gender. Both of my other selves are in here. I'm a guy, Moimoi is still a guy, and Shawny is still a girl. There is a lemon in here and most of my friends don't know I have an account so I'm safe for now. Courtney is a guy in real life. So to the story.(P.S. I only know 2 high school teacher's names so some are made up and the teachers are in differents grades so in here they're in the same grade. The teachers are Ms. Bowe and Ms. Sierra.)

"Yo Apple, did you do Ms. Bowe's homework?" "Of course. Here just copy it." Moimoi smiled at Apple. "Thanks man." "What ever. You were gonna ask anyway." Apple looked around. "Where's Nia, Wendy, and Shawny?" Moimoi looked around also. "I don't know but we better hurry up before the bell rings!" The two ran to their first period class english with Ms. Bowe.

As much as Apple loved english, he wasn't paying attention to what Ms. Bowe was saying. There was this boy who sat in the front of class named Courtney Stewart, that he had a crush on. A piece of paper fell onto his desk, breaking him from his trance.

Don't tell me you're looking at him AGAIN!

Apple scribbled something onto the paper and threw it back to Moimoi. It said:

No I'm not and passing notes is for girls.

The paper came back hitting him in the back of the head.

Yes you are and passing notes is for guys also.

No I'm not!

Yeah you are!

Lets drop this ok?

I will when you quit looking at him!

You're jealous.

What jealous?


The hell I ain't jealous!

It's "I'm not" an yeah you are.

No I'm not! I need you to write down the notes for me!

Why don't you write them yourself?

To much work.


A new piece of paper flew over to Apples desk.

So please pay attention and write down the notes? Also can I come over?

You know you can.

"I'll see you at lunch." Moimoi said as he ran down the hall to his math class. "Hey Apple!" a girl said hugging him from behind almost making him fall. "Hey Shawny." Everyday was like this. Moimoi would go to math, Shawny and Apple would have two periods together, then all of them would have class, then lunch. " Well are you ready for science?" "Yup."

"Open your books to page 167. Read pages 167 to 172 and do questions 3-8." Apple pulled out his science book and began to read like the teacher said. Apple hated having 2 period science, because he had to sit next to Courtney while Shawny sat with her friends Nia and Wendy(let alone he has every class with him).

He quickly read the pages and answered the questions first, as usual. Apple sat there bored out of his wits. "Apple is it?" Apple heard his name next to him. He slowly turned his head to Courtney. "Yeah?" "May I please borrow a pencil?" he asked. "I only have pens but you can use one." Apple rummaged through his backpack and gave the requested item to Courtney. "Thanks." Apple just nodded his head and rested it onto the table.

"Here's your pen back." "You can keep it." "Thanks." Apple was yanked backwards and pulled down the hall to math. "Come on!" Shawny said. "Ok class today you are having free time because I have a meeting to go to and their is noone to watch you." as soon as Mr. Chansire left, almost everyone took out their phones and laptop, some people sat ontop of their desk, girls sat on the guys laps while others drew on the white board.

"So what are we gonna do today?" Shawny asked. "I'm just gonna sit here and put my head down while you either talk to Wendy and Nia or flirt?" "Sounds like a great idea. I'll text you after school." after Shawny left, Apple took out his math book and starting from the beginning, began to do the math problems.

At the end of class he finished the whole book and left the papers on the teacher's desk. "Yo Apple hurry up!" Apple brightened at the sound of Moimoi's voice. "You alright man?" "Yeah I'm just tired." Moimoi looked at him doubtfully but then smiled. Can't wait til I get to your house man. Mondern warfare is all we're gonna play today." "Thats all we ever play." Apple replied rolling his eyes.

During last period, Apple again stared at Courtney. But then he fell out of his chair with a sharp pain on his head. "The hell?" "You said books are useful and I took advantage of that usefullness. Quit staring at him. If you like the guy just ask him out!" Apple blushed alittle. "He's straight." "Then to bad now pay attention. It could have been Ms. Dandy hitting you."

At Apples house, Apple and Moimoi played MW2. "Don't think I can't find you!" "You can't." "...Shut up. I don't want to play anymore." Moimoi said. "Wanna watch a movie then?" "Sure. Do you have Drive Angry?" Apple looked. "Yeah but it's my moms." he looked some more. "You know I only have scary movies right?" Moimoi shrugged. They ended up watching SAW III.

After the movie,Apple layed down on his bed reading a book while Moimoi sat next to him watching another movie. Moimoi glanced at Apple from the corner of his eye and sighed. 'So cute.' He thought but then he frowned. 'Why does he like HIM?' he wondered.

"Um Moimoi?" "Hm?" Moimoi looked at him. "Nevermind." "Ok." What was Apple going to say? Moimoi sighed and turned back to the TV. Yet he couldn't take his mind off of the smaller male. Next thing he knows, Moimoi is kissing a surprised Apple. He quickly broke the kiss and sat up. "Moimoi?" "I'm sorry, I didn't - I - I gotta go. I'll see you at school." He said grabbing his back and running out of the house.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!' Moimoi thought as he ran home. He opened his door and slammed it shut. "Moimoi are you ok?" His sister asked. He just slid down the door and brought his knees up to his chest. 'Why did I do that? Oh god.' Moimoi's sister sat down and hugged her brother. "It's ok. Stay home for a few days ok? I'll get your work for you."

"Hey Elijah have you seen Moimoi?"

"Nope sorry."

"Hey Janitza have you seen Moimoi?"

" No I'll let you know when I do."

Apple ran around the school looking for his friend. Yet he was nowhere to be found. After what happened yesterday, Apple texted and called him but he didn't answer or reply. It was weird not hearing his friend's laughter or the teacher yelling at him for playing around in class. He couldn't even eat lunch. "Apple the fuck is wrong with you?" Shawny asked. "Moimoi didn't come to school today. He hasn't returned my calls or text. I'm worried." "Calm down you sound like you're dating the guy."

'Maybe I'll visit him after school.' Apple thought in last period. He hasn't even looked at courtney all day and just took notes. "Mr. Turner is everything ok?" "Yes Ms. Prudinse." Apple stared at the clock begging it to hurry up and go up 5 minutes. His prayers were answered when the bell rang early.

Apple dashed all the way to Moimoi's house and rang the doorbell. "Yes?" He sighed. "Is Moimoi here? He didn't come to school today." "I'm sorry he's not feeling well." Apple looked at the ground. "Oh... Ok. Let him know I came by please."

Moimoi stared at his phone as it vibrated, letting him know that he got another text from Apple. He didn't know how to face Apple. He took his first kiss even though he knew that Apple liked Courtney. Moimoi's cell rang again alerting him that Apple was now calling him. 'I want to talk to you so bad. To talk to you like old times but I don't know if life will be the same if you start to figure out that I love you.'

Moimoi grabbed his cellphone and turned it of. After doing that he turned around in his bed and went to sleep.

So how did you like it? Everyone except moimoi, Shawny and the teachers (except the two teachers in the beginning) are real. I really hope courtney doesn't read this oh well.