You wake up in a cushion of leaves, unsure where you are until you see the neon lights ahead that read simply: Casino.

But that still begs the question: How did you get here?

You get up slowly and walk gingerly towards the building. It's strange. Noone seems to be here apart from you. Not a sound either, despite the fact that the casino is still open. Where is all the laughter and chit chat and applause and cries? You could write a book about everything that was off right, but, for the time being, decide to venture inside.

A red carpet is layed out inside, almost especially for you, since you're the only one here. You should feel flattered, like a celebrity even, but instead feel a knot in your stomach and the heart beating in your chest. Some instinct is telling you to go back. But you think: 'No need to panic. It's just a casino.'. Posters hang on the walls, still in mint condition, as you walk gingerly down the red carpet. Double doors that are wide open wait for you at the end. You expect to see something horrible inside, something that will send you running back down the red carpet. Sighing in relief at the sight of a normal looking casino, you step in and explore some more.

You were about to play with a slot machine when a female voice calls from behind, making you jump.

'Thank goodness! Another human being! Gosh, I was starting to think it was z-day or something!'

You turn your head in its direction and see a caramel skinned woman with frizzy brown hair. She wears a skirt, heels and a fur coat over a pink tank top.

You furrow your brows and ask, 'It was empty when you came here?'

She shakes her head. 'Oh, I didn't come here. I woke up in one of the hotel rooms. Don't know how I got there though. I thought I may have been kidnapped! But yeah, it was empty.'

'That's funny.'


'Because I didn't come here either. I woke up in a pile of leaves outside.'

She takes a step back, her eyes wider and face confused. 'Now that's just plain creepy.'

You take a step forward and say, 'Maybe I got drunk.'

'Oh really?' She says sarcastically.

'Don't start freaking out.'

'I woke up not knowing where I am and still don't know where I am. How can I not freak out?'

'You're in a casino.'

She rolled her eyes. 'I'm outta here.'

As if the casino was listening, the double doors shut as she reaches them. An echoing slam sounds through the large space of the casino. In desperation, she starts to pound a fist against the pieces of wood, cursing all the while. All this did was make you feel like freaking out.

You should've walked away when you had the chance.