Sara and Robert:

Where There is A Flame, Someone's Bound to Get Burned

Robert walked through the school like a man on fire. He felt his ankles begin to burn as he tried to suppress his urge to run. There was no way he was going to burst into a room like a bat out of hell. That would just be totally uncool. Besides, he would feel like an idiot if there was no one in the band room.

He tried to ignore the clenching of his stomach as that thought passed through his head. There were two possibilities of what was about to happen: one being Sara wasn't in the band room; and two being that Sara had stayed and they would talk about "things." Robert swallowed hard. They were more than likely going to talk about the kiss from that morning. It had all happened so fast; one school day was not nearly enough time to think about how he felt. He was pretty sure he knew what he was going to say to her, but he couldn't help but to be nervous. How exactly was he going to say what he wanted to say?

He slowly pushed open the double doors that served as entrance to the music department hallway. Well, he thought, here goes nothing. His fingers curled around the cool metal handle and took a deep breath. The door groaned loudly as he pulled it open. He was greeted by silence when he stepped in to the room. He felt his stomach drop and was slightly surprised at his disappointment. Had he really been expecting her to stay?

Robert let his head fall as he walked to the locker room. When he drove his motorcycle, he kept his helmet, riding jacket, and sometimes pants in his band locker. He looked up when he reached the doors. Frozen in his spot, he couldn't help but to gape at the bundle just to the right of the doors. Sara was lying on her side with her headphones in and her eyes shut. Her lips were parted and soft, gentle breaths were escaping.

He bent over and squatted down in front of where she was laying. He tilted his head slightly and quirked his lips up. She must have shut her eyes for only a moment and then accidentally fallen asleep. There were various things scattered around her: a notebook, her calculus book, her iPad, and a reading book. She must have finished her math and was going to start reading when she fell asleep. Robert reached forward and pushed a piece of hair from her face. He blinked and let the hair catch between his fingers. It was so soft. The blonde strand settled in to place among the other pieces and disappeared. He sat back on his heels and took her in for a moment. Her skin was pale and free from major blemishes. The blonde locks were as soft as sheep's wool.

Robert almost wished that she was awake so he could see what colour of blue her eyes were. Gosh he really loved her eyes. They drank him in like a desert soaks up rainwater. When they had first met the summer of his freshman year that was the first thing he'd noticed about her — her blue eyes.

He noted the light bit of make-up that adorned her face. He didn't remember it being there that morning. When had she put it on? He realized just how delicate and feminine she was. Slowly he reached out and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. She made a small noise and nuzzled against his touch.

Startled, Robert quickly pulled his hand back. Sara stirred and blinked her eyes open. She rubbed at them as she sat up. When she had cleared the sleep from her eyes, the blue orbs focused on the figure in front of her.

"Bobby?" she mumbled, her drowsy voice betraying her vibrant eyes.

His lip twitched up in a slight smirk, "Sorry to disturb your sleep,"

"No, if I sleep too much during the day, I can't get to sleep at night," she responded with a shake of her head. Robert smiled and sat back on his bottom, crossing his legs under him.

They both sat there looking at each other for a moment. Who was going to start? How does one even start such a conversation? Robert's eyes watched Sara's chest expand as she took a deep breath.

"We need to talk," she began slowly.

He nodded, "Okay, about what?"

"Well," she chewed on her bottom lip slightly, "about a lot of things."

"Where do we start?" he asked quietly. Sara flicked her eyes up at him then back away.

"We could start with the kiss from this morning. I know it was an accident but—"

"You're right," he interrupted.

She blinked, "I haven't even said anything,"

"What happened this morning wasn't a kiss," he let out a small breath and locked his gaze on to hers. She blinked again and opened her mouth to speak. But Robert was fast in his determination. He pushed forward on to his knees and lowered his lips on to hers.

Their noses bumped awkwardly and their teeth hit painfully. They quickly recoiled and pulled away. Sara could only stare at him. His face was slightly red and he was unable to meet Sara's eyes.

"That, uh, was much cooler in my head," he mumbled. Sara continued to stare at him.

"Wait," she said after a moment, "Just now, did you want to kiss me?"

"Well yeah. I mean, I thought that would be kind of obvious since I did kiss you."

"But it was on purpose, like you actually wanted to kiss me?"

His brow furrowed in frustration, "Can we just stop talking about it? It was weird and uncouth. I'm sorry." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Full of embarrassment, he began to turn away from her. She reached out quickly and grabbed his wrist before he could get away.

"Try it again," she whispered breathlessly. He returned her stare blankly, no coherent thoughts coming to him.

"What?" He replied.

Her gaze was intense and oh-so-shockingly blue, "Try it again," she repeated.

Robert swallowed hard and took a deep breath. Was he nervous? He really wasn't sure. Maybe he was more relieved than nervous. This wasn't a rejection or anything of the sort. He reached out and cupped the left side of Sara's face. She suppressed a shiver and looked away from him. There's no way, she thought, that this could be real. He moved his hand under her chin and tilted her head slightly upward. Her eyes searched his and saw the apprehension there. She offered him a small smile. His lips twitched up slightly and he was able to relax some. He leaned forward slowly, careful of his slightly larger nose. He tilted his head and gently guided his lips to his.

Sara's lips were soft against his and he nearly drowned in the feeling of it. Their lips barely touched, as if they were searching for each other in the dark. Tentatively, they discovered how to kiss. It was a slow and exploratory process. When Robert would brush his lips against Sara's, her heart would flutter madly in her chest. She had never known that her heart could beat so quickly. Her lips tasted of oranges. He slipped his hand up in to her hair. The feel of his hand in her hair holding her gently in place made her head spin even though she was grounded.

It seemed like the kissing went on forever but it really only lasted a few minutes. When Robert pulled away, he touched his forehead to Sara's. She opened her eyes and looked in to his. A bashful smile appeared on her lips and she couldn't keep in her giggles.

"Wow," she whispered, "So yeah we just kissed."

"Yeah, we did." He answered. "What do you think about it?"

Her smile widened, "I liked it," she paused, "A lot."

"So we could do it again?" He asked, pulling away from her some to get a better look at her.

She responded with a slow nod.

"Like," he took a moment to think, "maybe after dinner sometime?"

Sara's eyes widened, "Are you asking me out on a date?"

He kissed her forehead, "I am. Hopefully there'll be more than one."

"I think I could accept that," she giggled. His lips stretched in to a smile.

"We should probably head home soon," he murmured softly, lowering his lips towards hers again.

She hummed gently, "It doesn't seem like you're quite ready to leave yet,"

"Well," he breathed against her lips, "I'm technically at Science Research until seven."

Sara's eyes glanced towards the clock, "Then it looks like we have some time."

"So it seems," he whispered. Sara smiled and allowed him to take her lips once again.