WARNING: The following content has spoilers of characters, locations, and story plot of The Chronicles of Oliver Qwinn Book 1: The Zulu Unit. These documents give a backstory history of the characters that are not developed in the novel. If you wish to read this and know the characters that are in the story, I advise you to read Book 1 and then read this. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the novel and the files of the Zulu Unit!

The Zulu Unit Profiles #1

Name: Alex Stone

Age: 17

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 195 lbs.

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Jet black

Alex is the first Alphahuman that has been genetically altered to gain his Alphahuman abilities. Project Rebirth is a new experimental project, with Alex as the first subject. I do not know much about his past, just that he had several aliases over the years, starting at the age 12. His father, his name, age, appearance unknown, is a famous art thief. He is called The Shadow by the press, a talent robber who steals expensive pieces of Art and sells them in the Black market. Alex was apprehended when his father stole from an Art Gala in Cincinnati. Alex and his brother, Marc Stone were on the run. The police report is sketchy, saying that Alex let his brother fall to his death in order to get away from authorities. That didn't appear to be the case when being interrogated, his behavior in the state of shock. My superiors found Alex to be the perfect candidate to be part of Project Rebirth, and put him into Lab 13 custody.

For the next several months we prepped Alex for testing, and injecting a completely different serum that the Alphahuman formula. After weeks of exercise and balanced diet, we gave Alex the Rebirth serum. Once inject, the process of being genetically mutated was gruesome at best. His flesh was peeled off, his teeth falling out, his hair shedding away. During this process a new layer of skin, teeth and hair form. His skin was paler, his teeth more white, and his hair an extremely darker color than before. His behavior changed as well, being rational and unemotional. Before the injection he was grieving for his brother, enraged and vengeful against the higher authority.

The project went beyond our expectations, and his entire physique was far greater than our hypotheses. His speed, strength, agility, reflexes, stamina and all five sense have quadrupled after the first twenty four hours, and his limits were growing by the minute. It wasn't until the fifth day of experimentation that we discovered his incredible ability.

Inside of Alex there was an organic compound that was nothing we have ever seen. It was black and dense, like clogs in his arteries. We assumed this was a side effect from the genetic mutation, and it wasn't until he knew this himself that he realized he could discover the black ooze. We call it The Onyx Tumor for we believed this could kill him if we didn't act quickly. Then our intentions changed when we saw Alex controlling the Onyx Tumor outside of his body. Out of every single pore from his body the ooze leaked out, covering his entire body in a tar-like substance. We thought he was about to suffocate until we saw the tar harden, drying before our eyes. The ooze was now an outline of his body, showing the perfect muscles that outlined his body. The ooze was denser in areas that would need protected, such as the heels, shins, knees, groin, chest, elbow, forearms, shoulders and the head. His body was now a suit of armor, made biologically. Then his eyes popped out, slits of bright green glowing throughout the room.

The other scientists found the Onyx Tumor not a tumor, but a weapon. They now called it the Onyx Weapon. For weeks we spent testing his new Biosuit as we called, and discover he could extend the ooze into tendrils, transform his body parts into weapons. We thought we made one of the greatest Alphahumans of all time, until we found the devastating side effect.

We realized Alex was never eating anything we gave to him, or drinking any water. We thought he was starting to die of starvation but it wasn't until a Security Guard went into his cell to give him his dinner in person. Alex then transformed into a brutal beast, launching at the man and biting his neck. He ripped the flesh from his body, and started to eat it. He stripped him from his clothes, bite the flesh and if any blood was leaking out, he would suck it dry from the floor. We had to restrain him from shedding any more blood in the cell.

After analyzing his body we found that the Onyx was indeed a tumor of a sort, but more of a parasite. The Onyx Weapon needs thermal energy and basic nutrients from eating food to use the Biosuit. The Biosuit was taking all of Alex's thermal energy and nutrients, practically draining the life out of him. Eating food and being near heat would not be efficient enough for the Biosuit to be replenished. Alex need the thermal energy from flesh, and the nutrients from the bloodstream. Alex now had vampiric tendencies, scraping out the flesh and blood in order to survive.

So we quickly made a process of creating a solution formula, mixed with animal blood and meat to satisfy his needs. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when Lab 13 offered Alex useless Alphahumans as food that I decided he was going to escape with me from Lab 13, and be the first person to give me a reason to revolt again my government.