The Zulu Unit Files #6

Name: Oliver Qwinn (supposedly)

Age: Approximately 17 years of age

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 180 lbs.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Codename: Spartan

Not much is known about Oliver Qwinn, even with the access I had in Lab 13. His file was heavily restricted, having no access to his notes or his past.

All I can tell you is that he was a red flag on our radar, Lab13 trying to obtain a high level Alphahuman. The Zulu Unit knew we had to retrieve the Alphahuman before they did, and make him join our side. Any Alphahuman on the run and gets away clean must have beef with Lab 13. Once we found him, he was genuinely shocked to see all of the members using their abilities. He looked at them like they were monsters, and he had to kill them all. I knocked him out with a tranquilizer when his friend Janelle was able to calm him down. We later discovered he had no memory of his past, only that he remembered his name.

What we know about Oliver is that he is incredibly strong, able to life a ton at his maximum strength. His speed is undetermined, but able to see a bullet coming at his path. His agility and enhanced sense is able to have him be aware of all of his surroundings. But the most interesting ability of all is some kind of energy force coursing through his veins. I have never seen anything like this. This energy force is something that has never been developed, at least not in this caliber. The energy is able to melt through steel to stun a person unconscious. It goes from lethal to nonlethal, offensive blasts to defensive energy fields. Not only had that, but I recently discovered that he uses this energy source to copy certain abilities from other Alphahumans, such as Kirk's electricity and Travis's kinetic absorption. He is truly the Ultimate Alphahuman.

Having Oliver on the team may not only be able to change the tide on this war, but possibly help us reach our ultimate goal of finally ending Lab 13 and their horrible ways.

Author's Note: Hey everybody! Michael here and I have a few announcements. Firstly this is the last chapter in the files, and second is that I'm back in college for a new semester working part time, so my free time is mostly going to be my studies, writing on few occasions so bear with me? Thank you. Third is I am going to be releasing a teaser excerpt of Book 2 of the Oliver Qwinn series, just to give you guys the jest of what's going on in Oliver's life right now. I hope you will enjoy an extended preview, and if the book is among popular demand, I will try to finish the book as quickly as I can. Enjoy the weekend and keep reading fellow writers!