Hello there! This is a story I wrote for a friend who just said he wanted a character named Faolan, so here it is~! Enjoy my lovelies~! (and Miyuko Yamada is my pen name, that's why it's there)

Puppy Love

Miyuko Yamada

He had his hands shoved in his pockets, scarf wrapped around his neck as he hurried to get out of the snow, hurried to get home, quickly walking in order to keep up with the rest of the large crowd. The wind was brisk, seeming to pierce through the numerous layers of his clothes, offering him little warmth. With every exhale, he saw his breath like a puff of smoke. Oh the dreadful curses of winter.

Off to the side sat a beat-up card board box with a pair of soft looking, velvety animal ears poking out. The small figure sitting inside the box shook fervently, hugging his knees to his chest with one arm, using the other to reach out to get people's attention. However, everyone continued bustling on, paying no attention to the small boy as though he didn't even exist.

Hybrids of animals and humans were common among these people, being kept as Pets, and occasionally even hailed as lovers to their owners. There was strict code for keeping the Pets, paperwork to fill out, bimonthly check ups to make sure the Pet was not being utilized as a slave or abused in any other way. Some Pets worked, some stayed home, whatever the situation was these eared and tailed creatures were not unusual to see. However, this small and unattended was a different story.

The smaller, younger wolf-boy's ears perked up as the taller male dispersed from the crowd and approached his box. The two just stared at each other, the wolf moving his tail slightly. The taller one paused mentally as he stared at the undeniably cute young boy. What was he thinking? He'd never even considered getting a Pet! Regardless of what his mind was saying, his body began to move on its own. He extended a hand out to the boy, the wolf taking it and standing up, covering his bare private area with his free hand, lush black tail cowardly between his legs. The child was nude. The older man quickly removed the bag that was slung across his shoulder, dropping it on the ground before shrugging out of his large coat, handing it to the small male. He threw his bag across his shoulder and crouched down in front of the wolf.

"Get on my back."

The small boy put on the oversized coat and shyly complied, climbing onto the others back. The larger of the two hooked his arms behind the child's knees as the wolf threw his arm around the others neck. The black haired child buried his face in one of the man's shoulders and let the other carry him, hurrying out of the cold...

The wolf sat on the floor, ears flat against his dark hair, grasping the oversized coat that had been given. The older male approached the wolf , who'd jumped from his back the moment they were inside, slowly from the doorway.

"I'm not gonna hurt you..."

The child growled and showed his sharp baby teeth, clutching tightly to the large coat as though it was some sort of lifeline.

"I promise I won't..." the man sat across from the child, crossing his legs like the other had, "My name's Maika," he extended his hand to the other again.

"D-don't touch me!" the wolf's voice was higher pitched, showing his prepubescence.

"...Would you like warmer clothes?"

The wolf stopped showing his teeth and looked down shyly, nodding. Maika smiled and rose, walking back to his room, then returned, holding out some clothes to the child.

"They're probably too big for you...but when I get my next pay check we can go shopping and go get you registered, okay?"

"Y-you're gonna keep me?"

"I certainly won't let you go back out in the cold."

The wolf took the clothes, beginning to shrug out of the jacket, "D-don't watch!"

"Sorry," the older of the two turned around, digging his fingers through his brown hair, starting into the kitchen," Are you hungry?"


"I'll make us some food then."

Maika began cooking a somewhat simple meal, but soon stopped, feeling a tug on the back of his shirt. The brunet spun around, facing the child.

"...How old are you?" the wolf-boy questioned, angrily blushing and looking at his feet, though not releasing the back of his shirt.

"Sixteen," the lighter haired man smiled kindly down at the other.

"Where are your parents?"

"...My mom died when I was young and my dad passed away a few years back from cancer. I lived with my grandparents, but moved out when I turned sixteen."

"...Do you still go to school?"

"Yes, I do. I work too."

"...My name's Faolan...I'm eight."

"Hi Faolan...Where are your parents?"

"I-I never met them..."

"...We can be family now, okay?"

The wolf only nodded continuing to grasp the teen's shirt as he cooked.

Maika didn't know why he had such a soft spot for the little wolf. He would hardly have enough money for the two of them and plus...what would everyone think about him taking in such a cute young boy? Certainly he didn't have enough love and courage to raise a child, bu the little wolf needed a home. And the world could be such a cruel place.

He looked down at the black haired boy, still clutching his shirt tightly. Okay...maybe...maybe just for a little while...

~Eight Years Later~

"Faolan! I'm home!" Maika walked into the little homey apartment he shared with the wolf, smiling to finally be home again.

He got no response from the smaller male and sighed halfheartedly. Sure the two had been together for eight years and endured practically everything together, but the little black haired teen still had his moments where he could be quite cold. The brunet continued inside the generally neat house, finding many things now scattered and broken. Maika immediately began panicking.

"Faolan? Faolan, are you hurt?"

"I'm fine," the wolf called back, sounding almost defeated.

Maika rushed towards the noise, "Faolan...what happened?" he motioned at the numerous broken items that were strewn across the apartment.

Faolan lay nude on his stomach, tangled up in a ridiculous amount of string. The wolf blushed and looked away from his owner, "I tried to catch a bug..."

"Why aren't you dressed?"

"It was right after I got out of the shower."

"So I take it you did none of your schoolwork today?"


The now sixteen-year-old went to school online after going through elementary school and trying to go to middle school, and absolutely hating it. He clashed with everyone there, and had gotten in numerous fights with the other students. So after the beginning of his sixth grade year, where Faolan was constantly being bullied, Maika allowed him to drop out to take classes online rather than deal with those people . However, now the male knew no one else and only interacted with Maika.

The brunet sighed and walked closer, kneeling down in front of the to help him get untangled. Faolan quickly sat up and pushed Maika away.

"I can do it myself!"

Maika let a hurt smile grace his lips and stood back up as the teen began pulling aimlessly at the string with little avail. The twenty-four year old stared down at the wolf for a minute, watching him struggle to get out of his bonds. He sighed again and leaned down.

"You need my help?"

Faolan crossed his arms and looked away, blush deepening.

"Put your arms down, I can't get it off that way."

Reluctantly, he did as he was told, "...I'm not a kid anymore."

Maika smiled, "I know."

The brunet couldn't help but admire the wolf. The last time he'd seen the wolf nude was...he couldn't even remember a time other than the first time they'd met. At sixteen, Faolan had a small patch of dark pubic hair beginning to grow. He had pale skin that lacked any imperfection that contrasted beautifully with his dark hair. He was still thin enough to see the slight bulge where each of his ribs were. Maika cautiously graced his hands across the teen as he untangled him. He felt the wolf become tense with every gentle brush of skin against skin. Faolan looked away nervously as Maika began handling his private area.

"D-don't pull on it! That hurts!" the black haired male snapped, turning to meet Maika's eyes.

The older one smiled again, "Sorry.'

Maika looked back down, admiring the teen's somewhat childish length. It was small, no longer than his index finger and uncircumcised. He was careful not to grope the younger male, knowing he was embarrassed enough.

"I told you not to do that! It hurts!"

"Sorry Faolan."

"If you were really sorry you wouldn't do it in the first place!"

"I didn't mean to."


Unfortunately, Maika had to grasp the teens lifeless member. Somehow, the teen managed to get himself in a very undesirable position.

"W-what are you touching?"

"I have to, you somehow got it really wrapped up."

Maika couldn't help but think of how soft his manhood was, how wonderful it felt in his hand. He immediately felt guilty for having those thoughts about a child he'd practically raised. But Faolan was no longer a child, he was sixteen, the age where he had started living on his own and taking care of another. But Faolan was so careless, so innocent. He still needed to be protected. He still needed to be cared for. And Maika felt beyond blessed that he was able to do so, that he was able to bee the teen's protector, that he was able to be there for Faolan the way no one was there for him.

"Don't touch like that!"

"Like what?"

"Like that! Don't hold it in your hand like that! I-it feels weird..."

"Well I have to. Maybe this will teach you a lesson about being so careless."

"...St-stop! Don't touch there!" the wolf shrieked.

Maika then realized his thumb was on the others extremely sensitive tip, "S-sorry!" he moved his hand further down, grasping him more around the base.

The black haired male glared at the other, secretly thinking he was doing it on purpose.

Before long, Faolan was free of his restraints, but still sat awkwardly on the floor, ears flat against his head. Maika smiled at his shyness and gently kissed the teen's forehead and rubbed one of his soft velvety black ears, before standing and turning away to leave and begin cleaning up. However he stopped, feeling a distinct tug on the back of his shirt. The brunet turned back around, facing the wolf, who was turned away blushing. Maika crouched down next to the teen again, eye's level with the light blue of the teens.


Faolan said nothing and continued looking away for another few seconds.


The black haired male leaned forward and quickly pressed his lips to his owners, almost roughly. The wolf instantly began trying to advance the kiss further, placing his hands on the taller man's neck. The teen released a whimper as Maika gave into his request, moving the kiss to something passionate. Gently and almost cautiously, the brunet began to move his hands, placing them on the wolf's sides. Faolan, who'd originally started off as the dominate one, quickly sunk to submission. Soon the wolf pulled away, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. He stood, still covering his genitals, and awkwardly walked out of the room and into the bedroom the shared. Maika turned toward where Faolan had walked off to and furrowed his eyebrows...Was...was he supposed to follow the teen?

The older of the two rose and walked over to the door, "Faolan?" he knocked.

"Leave me alone!"

Maika figured he should do as the male asked , realizing he had other chores to tend to. He went back to the living room, then into the kitchen, starting on dinner of the two of them. H e couldn't help but wonder, as he began prepping, why Faolan's kiss was so heated and why he enjoyed it so much...


"I told you to leave me alone!"

"Dinner's ready."

"...I'm not hungry!"

It was times like this where Maika was happy all the doors in his house had no locks," Faolan, you're always hungry; please come eat."

The black haired male, now fully clothed, who was sitting on the bed with his knees drawn to his chest, looked up, an apparent blush on his cheeks, "...Fine."

Maika smiled, "Well, come on."

The wolf climbed off their bed and walked behind the brunet into the area they'd reserved for dinning in the house they'd made a home. They sat down at the small circular table, which Maika had set and placed food on, and began serving themselves. Faolan, in order to avoid talking, began scarfing down food as though he'd been starving.

"Slow down; you're gonna choke if you eat like that...You got some one your face too."

"W-where?" he began attempting to wipe it off.

"On your face...Here," Maika stood, leaning across the table, "let me get it for you," he used his napkin to wipe it away and smiled, sitting back down, "All better."


Maika only continued smiling and then turned back to his food.

It wasn't long before the two has finished dinner, Faolan assisting his master in the clean up, before the two cut two slices of cake and went into the living room, which Maika had cleaned from the days earlier "adventures", and sat down to watch TV. The two sat wordless for a few minutes before Faolan spoke.

"You have cake on your cheek. I-I'll get it," the black haired male leaned closer to Maika, sticking his tongue out and licking the crumbs off.

Maika's blush was so faint it was unnoticeable. Faolan's blush, however was very clear against his pale skin. The two sat quietly for another minute when Faolan abruptly stood and stormed off to their room yet again.

"Faolan? Faolan, what'd I do?"

The only response he got was the loud, echoing sound of the door slamming...

Faolan couldn't stand how Maika continued to treat him like he was a child. The black haired male paced around the room angrily . He kept dropping hints, licking his cheek, kissing him, clutching onto him every night while they slept. Was Maika really this dense? In his anger, the younger male suddenly had an idea that would definitely make Maika see what was going on...

It was about ten when the brunet walked through the door, not seeing his little wolf anywhere. He quickly glanced around the room, seeing the bathroom door was closed. He approached the door, knocking softly.


"G-go away!"

Once again, Maika began panicking, thinking Faolan was crying due to the shakiness of his voice. Without a second thought, the brunet flung the door open.

"Maika! Get out!" Faolan's face was tomato red.

The older male's face quickly turned that shade of red as well with what he saw: Faolan sitting on the edge of the tub, pants and underwear around his ankles, hard length in his hand. The wolf quickly covered himself as Maika stood shocked in the doorway.

"S-sorry!" the older of the two said, getting over the initial daze, leaving awkwardly, hiding his flushed face with his hand.

He was not supposed to be this attracted to a child he'd raised! Why, oh why, did the wolf look so touchable, so irresistible. He went back to his bed laying down with his hands behind his head, trying to forget what had just happened. Not even a minute after Maika had laid down, Faolan emerged from the bathroom, nude, length still throbbing, pleading to be touched. Maika sat back up, staring almost in awe at the teen.

"F-Faolan! What are you doing?"

The wolf couldn't even meet the older man's eyes, "I-I'm not a kid anymore," he began walking toward the bed, "I'm a man...and I have needs...A-and I want you to be the one to...to take care of those needs...I..." he climbed onto the bed and grasped his owners hands, "I love you, Maika."

"...Faolan, you don't love me, you hardly know anyone else, so I completely understand you confusing your feelings like that."

"I'm not confused! I do love you! I really really do!"

"...Maybe you've forgotten that I'm raised you, that I'm eight years older than you, that I'm another man, hmm?"

"I'm not stupid, stop treating me like I am. I know that and I don't care."

"...Faolan, there's no way you can love me."

"Yes there is! I do love you! And I-I always have! Not just a friendship love! I love you like a girl loves a boy! I've felt this way for a really long time and you haven't even noticed!"

"You're just confused."

"I'm not confused! When I...do it to myself... I always think about you. And when you smile at me, I feel like I'm the most important person in the world! And whenever you touch me, my heart beats so fast I feel like it'll explode! And when you're asleep next to me I just want you to hold me and tell me that you love me! I'm not confused! I know what I feel!"


"I just want you to recognize my feelings for you, even if you don't return them... Don't just play it off that I'm some stupid child..."

Maika shook his head in disbelief and whispered, "This is so wrong."

Softly, the brunet pressed his lips to the wolf's. Maika immediately began parting his lips, which Faolan instantly reacted to. As the kiss moved to something messy and lustful, Maika moved his hands to the bare skin of the small of Faolan's back. It wasn't long before the wolf pulled his tongue from the other's, breathless.


"I've..." he sighed, almost as though he was disappointed, "I've loved you for a long time, Faolan ...But I wanted to wait until you were older to say anything."

"If you did, why didn't you do anything when I kissed you? Or when I licked your cheek? O-or anything?"

"...I kissed back, did I not?"

"B-but I wanted you to...to do it to me then..."

"Well... what if I did it to you..." Maika moved closer to Faolan so that their lips were almost touching, "now?"

"I-I just wished that things would've gone like I'd planned," the wolf turned his head away nervously.

Maika smiled, taking his chin between his thumb and index finger, tilting his head back toward him, "How did you plan?"

"...I was gonna be laying nude and...aroused on the bed when you came in."

The older of the two kissed the other's cheek and smiled, finally knowing his feelings were mutual, "Close enough, right?"

"I-I guess..."

"Why are you so nervous? This is what you want, right?"

"Y-yeah but..." he let his voice fade out.

"But what?...You can tell me."

"...I-I've never done anything like this before..."

"Just relax and I'll take care of you."

With his final word, Maika again pressed his lips to the younger teen's, this time pushing him down onto the covers and crawling over him once the kiss had advanced. The brunet gently ran a hand down the other's bare chest, marveling at the smoothness beneath his fingers. Cautiously, Faolan moved his hands up to Maika's clothed chest, beginning to undo the buttons. Soon, the teen pulled away again, Maika quickly beginning to kiss down his neck. Maika almost roughly bit down and began sucking, Faolan's hands moving from his owner's shirt southward, toward his already hard sex.

The brunet grasped the smaller man's hands and put them back on his chest, "Don't touch yourself, understood?" he voice was almost threatening.


"That's an order."

Though he'd never admit it, Faolan was really turned on by this darker side of Maika. The wolf continued unbuttoning the older man's shirt,trying to ignore Maika as he bit and licked down his neck. The brunet pulled away, admiring the now five large purple-red marks he'd left on the wolf.

"What do you want?" Maika whispered almost huskily, shrugging out of the unbuttoned shirt and tossing it to the side.

"I-I want you...inside me..."

"Anything else?" Maika roughly pinched one of Faolan's pert nipples between his index finger and thumb.

"A-aah~!" his hands immediately began moving downward again.

"That wasn't an answer. And what the fuck did I tell you?" the older man grabbed his pet's hands, pinning them above his head.

"M-Maika, this hurts."

"I'm not gonna apologize if that's what you want."

"...I want you to...s-suck my...cock," Faolan pulled at his wrists, only increasing the pain.

Maika couldn't stifle his laugh at the black haired male's failed attempts to get free. He moved in for another kiss, both going in open mouthed. Faolan ground his hips against his owner, pleading for him to notice his painfully hard cock. The older man ended the kiss quickly, Faolan whimpering in disappointment.

"Naughty, naughty~" Maika scolded in a whisper, biting the pet's earlobe and teasing it with his tongue.

"M-Maika...Please...m-my..." the teen sounded so desperate.


"My...my cock...touch it...please..."

Maika's laugh seemed evil. He kissed the younger male, nibbling on his bottom lip. Faolan parted them quickly, his owner immediately taking advantage of it, biting more aggressively before dominating the kiss. Faolan moaned into the kiss, pulling harder at his wrists. Reluctantly, Maika gave in, having a better idea in mind. The black haired male's hands immediately went to his erection, one hand quickly stroking it, the other cupping his balls. Maika pulled away, moving down to his neck, nibbling gently over the area's he'd already marked, licking and kissing occasionally. The wolf's voice rang out, calling his lover's name and moaning as he touched himself.

"Just a bit longer," Maika thought, smiling against the teen's skin.

He felt Faolan arch against him, moaning, gasping much louder than before and squeezing his eyes shut. Maika chuckled, this time Faolan almost scared of what he was going to do. The brunet pulling away,eying the semen on his pants and abdomen as well as his pet.

"You came without me?"

"I-I couldn't...Sorry."

"Sorry doesn't fix it," the man got up from the bed, going over to their closet, "You need to be punished Faolan."

The wolf grasped the base of his manhood again slowly pumping it, secretly excited for what this "punishment" would be. His owner returned holding two neck ties in his hand, Faolan staring at it confused. Within the blink of an eye, Maika had straddled the teen's hips, grabbing one of his hands and pulling it upward, quickly tying it to one of the bedposts.

"What are you doing?" the wolf moved his other hand to untie himself, only to be stopped by Maika, grabbing his free hand and tying it to the other bedpost, "Maika, untie me."

"Nope," the brunet kissed the other's neck, "you were very naughty and deserve to be punished. Maybe now you won't cum without me."

The older male began quickly kissing and licking downward, the teen tense beneath him, pulling at the extremely well tied bonds. Maika smiled at what he saw as the placed himself between Faolan's legs.

"Well, well..." he grasped the base of the other's still erect length, moving his thumb and index finger up the shaft, "Is one time not enough for you?"

"Maika..." the wolf's voice was almost pleading.

"Well?" he pulled the skin of the others uncircumcised length down, revealing the wolf's undoubtedly sensitive head, rubbing it with his index finger.

"A-Ah~! No! It's not enough!"

The older male grinned evilly and began moving downward, stopping to take Faolan's pert buds between his teeth, teasing the other with his hand. He continued licking down, toying with his navel in a way that would send shivers down anyone's spine. He looked up at the black haired male once he reached his strained cock, who was now tugging frantically at the two ties. Maika laughed almost sadistically.

"Shut up and suck my cock!"

Maika's smiled widened at the teen's demands, "Oh, so now you're going to tell me what to do?"

"M-Maika I didn't mean it like that...Please...I'm sorry...Maika, please..."

"...Only because you asked nicely."

The brunet started at the shaft, licking upwardly agonizingly slowly. He pulled back the skin of the smaller male's erection, licking the slit where precum was beading, feeling the wolf arch his hips upward. Maika firmly pushed him back down and encompassed the throbbing organ with his mouth, bobbing his head slowly.

"M-more...deeper..." Maika could hear the pants that the black haired male's breathing was now coming in.

The brunet pulled back and pushed his tongue between Faolan's foreskin and tip, staring up at him with almost hungry eyes. The teen called out and bucked against Maika's hand. He pulled away slightly and quickly slicked three fingers with saliva, placing one at his entrance and inserting it slowly.

"Y-you don't have to be slow and gentle... I've done this to myself..."

"Have you done anything else?"

"...I-I found that vibrator in the top drawer of your nightstand and... I uhm... had some fun with that..."

Maika inserted another finger roughly, "You had fun with your Christmas present before Christmas? Very naughty Faolan," he pushed his fingers further in, curving them to press against his inner walls.

"Aah~! Maika~! You! You found it!"

The older of the two pulled his fingers out and looked at his wolf, "Tortured enough? Should I reward you now?"


Maika quickly removed his pants and boxers, stroking the base of his length slightly. Faolan stared in awe,

"I-is it gonna fit?"

"With enough lube, yes," he reached over to his bedside table and took it out of the first drawer, "I see you used this too."

"Y-yeah... S-sorry..."

Maika smiled and spread the liquid like substance over his member before pressing it against the teen's eager hole, feeling it twitch in excitement, "Tell me what you want," he leaned down whispering into the smaller man's ear, then took his earlobe between his teeth, biting sensually.

"You! I want you! I want your cock!"

"Good puppy."

The brunet began slowly inserting his length, watching as Faolan squirmed underneath him and pulled at the neckties tying him to the wooden bed frame, calling out loudly.

"Maika! It hurts!"

"You know you like it," the older male seemed to growl.

And yes, how Faolan did like it. The pain mixed with the vague pleasure was driving him utterly mad. He moved his hips back, encouraging him to move quicker.

"Quite eager for a virgin, aren't you."

"I-I've done it to myself!"

"Oh, so I don't need to be gentle with my little puppy, do I?"

"No! Be as rough as you want~!"

Maika's smile darkened so much it even scared Faolan. There was no time for him to prepare. Maika's thrust were wild, impatient, oh-so ardent; almost as though he'd been longing for the teen's body for years. Faolan's wrists would definitely be bruised and red the next day.

"Maika~! There~ just like that! Please~!"

The brunet leaned down, pressing his lips firmly against the wolf's, both of them instantly parting them for the other, a playful, romantic caressing of tongues. Though Maika was being too rough, especially for a virgin, Faolan was enjoying it beyond comprehension. Maybe him finding that toy in advance was a good thing. The older male pulled back and stared at the black haired male, cheeks flushed red, covered in his love-bites, panting and beginning to beg his owner for his second release.


Had the boy's hands not been bound to the bed, the brunet would've taken that as a chance to get him on his knees and hold his hips so roughly he would most definitely have bruises the following day. But there would always be their next round to try new things.

"I'm gonna cum again~!"

The older man reached a hand down and roughly wrapped two fingers tightly around the base, "You never asked me."

Though his thrust had slowed slightly, they seemed to be coming even harder now, hitting that spot with an almost unnatural precision.

"Not there~! God Please! Too good!"

"Ask me if you want to cum, my little puppy."

"PLEASE! Please Maika! Let me cum~!"

Maika said nothing and pressed his lips to Faolan's again, fighting the other playfully for dominance, which his owner, of course, won easily, though he refused to let the kiss end. He released the teen, immediately feeling his seed hit his hand and their abdomen's, hearing him moan loudly into the kiss. His muscles clenched around his already ridiculously close master's length, sending him too over the edge. Maika pulled away, ending the kiss, and too called out, probably louder than he'd intended to. The brunet gave a few shallow thrust before literally collapsing onto his now lover, sweaty body against sweaty body. He could feel Faolan's short, hot breaths coming in pants on the top of his head; he could hear the wolf's heart beating frantically and loudly. After his breathing had calmed slightly, Maika looked back up at the teen he would now be pleased to call his boyfriend. His eyes were closed and his face relaxed.


There was no response from the teen underneath him.

Maika smiled once he understood what had happened: the teen had passed out from shortness of breath. He laid his head back on the teen's chest, waiting for his length to soften before he pulled out. Once it did, he stood and looked down at the black haired male, who still somehow managed to maintain and innocent appearance even with semen on him and beginning to come out of his entrance. He admired the scene for a moment, letting his smile widen because he knew that this wouldn't be the last time he'd be able to enjoy such a view. He then grabbed his robe and went into the kitchen, knowing once his wolf woke later into the night, he would be starving...

Faolan immediately woke once the enticing smell of food, that was most definitely being cooked by Maika, flitted into his nostrils. He leaned up slightly, rubbing his head. The room was still dark, no light coming through the curtains. The semen that should've been in his stomach was gone, as was the seed that should've been below his entrance, but there as a stain between his legs: a combination of sperm and blood. His once bound wrists had been untied, though they were now red, a reminder of the fun that had happened not too long ago. Just what had happened after they had sex?

The wolf tried to stand, instantly finding it a great pain in his hips to do so. But regardless, the teen was determined to rise and find his lover. He grabbed his robe and stumbled out, into the kitchen, holding onto the wall. Maika heard the teen's footsteps and turned around, finding the wold glaring at him from the entrance of the kitchen.

"Oh, you're awake. You must be hungry. Go back to the room, I'll bring it in for you," Maika's smile was now anything but sadistic.

"You better be fucking carrying me back."

Maika's smile widened. He turned off the burner's on the stove and walked over to Faolan, pecking him on the lip's softly before taking him in his arms, bridal style. He walked back to their room and gently set the teen back down, pulling the disheveled blankets over him.

"I'll change the sheets in the morning. Set some pillows up, I'll be right back with the food," the brunet turned and left.

Faolan couldn't help but be reminded of the times he been sick and Maika had done these kinds of things for him. He glanced at the clock: 3:46 am. And Maika had to work in the morning, the wolf knew. When the older one returned with a large tray filled with food, Faolan forget everything else and remembered his indisputable hunger. The two ate, Maika's smile refusing to fall from his lips as he watched the teen practically shovel food into his mouth. Once all was gone, Maika brought the dishes out to the kitchen, planning to do them in the morning. He returned to the teen's side, both nestling into the bed, Faolan burrowing into Maika's side. Maika smiled and leaned down slightly, whispering into the other's ear.

"...I love you, Faolan."

The younger of the two jumped slightly.

"And I'm happy to call you my little puppy."

Faolan, generally a very cold, unforgiving man, smiled, placing his hand on his lover's chest, "I love you too Maika."

And the two, finally at peace, found rest and refuge in the other's arms...

"Shit shit shit shit shit!"

Faolan groaned and rubbed his eyes, not happy having been woken up.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?"

"No, not at all," the black- haired male responded obviously sarcastically.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay... What were you cursing about?"

"Well... it's not work if that's what your thinking; I already called in sick. Today is the twenty third."


"The twenty third...What happens on the twenty third every two months?"

"...Shit! The check ups!"

"Yeah, and he's gonna be here in twenty minutes!"

"Oh god, we're screwed! He's gonna know that we had sex because you left all these fucking marks all over my goddamn body," Faolan looked down at his bare chest, love-bites still very prominent against his pale skin, reaching up to his jawline.

"Go take a shower, I'm gonna do dishes and change the sheets, okay?"


That twenty minutes was nowhere near enough time for the two to devise a plan or a lie to make it look like Maika was not having sex with a male minor. The doorbell rang once Maika had thrown the sheets in the wash and had put on fresh sheets.

"Hello Arthur," Maika faked a smile, "How've you been?"

"Quite good, and yourself?"

"Very good. Well come in."

"...Where's Faolan?" the man questioned upon entering the apartment.

"He should be getting out of the shower right now. He woke up kinda late today."


"...Why don't I make some coffee while we wait for him?"

"Sounds fine to me."

Arthur lead himself into the living room, taking a seat on the couch. He was a man in his early thirties and had known the two almost as long as they'd known each other, coming to check on the two every two months, as it was law for owning a Pet. He was the one who gave the okay for Faolan to move to home school, and who'd even watched Faolan occasionally when he was younger and in need of a babysitter.

"Maika I-" the wolf paused, seeing the professional looking man in his house, "Never mind, I'll be out in a minute."

Faolan couldn't help but panic as he tried to figure out how to hide the marks on his neck. However, he knew there was no good way to do so. The wolf quickly dressed and walked back out to the two.

"...Faolan...Why are you wearing a scarf?"

"...I'm cold...?"

"I would've believed that had there not been a question mark at the end of that or sentence, or if you were wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Now take off the scarf."

Maika laughed nervously as he walked back into the living room, setting down a tray with three cups of coffee and sugar and cream on it, "Here's the coffee Arthur."

"Wonderful, but I'm more interested in why Faolan is wearing a scarf."

"Oh, you know how strange he can be some times," Maika continued awkwardly laughing, taking a seat on the couch beside his wolf.

"Yup, strange me."

"...Maika, you're acting rather strange too...Come on Faolan, take off the scarf. I'm not leaving the house until you do so."

"Arthur is this really necessary?"

"Yes Maika, it is. Faolan?"

The black haired male sighed and unwrapped the scarf from his neck, marked red and purple by the other man.

Arthur raised an eyebrow and smiled, looking from Maika to Faolan, "...Faolan...did Maika do this to you?"

"Y-yes," he ducked his head almost in shame.

"...Finally! Do you know how long I've been waiting for this to happen?"

"Uhm...what?" Maika leaned forward slightly.

"You two having sex! It finally happened! I was getting scared it wouldn't happen, but it finally did! Well congratulations you two, really. And Maika, you seem to be quite the animal. I did not expect this many marks."


"I've been with you two for eight years and for about five years, I've known you two would end up together; you're just so perfect for each other. And now, it's finally happened! Well, if that's all, I'll be on my way and leave you two lovebirds alone."

"I-I guess..."

"Okay then. See you two again in two months. Farewell!" the man saw himself out, smiling the entire time.

Maika turned and look at the black haired male, who was still too shocked for words. Faolan turned and stared back at him.

"...What the fuck just happened?"

"...Our inspector congratulated us on having sex with each other... I think."

"...I...I don't understand."

"Neither do I," the older male brushed a lock of dark hair out of the teen's eyes, "but that doesn't matter right now."

"Don't you dare go and be a sappy idiot after you made me fucking pass out last night after sex. Plus, look at my fucking wrists. This is your fault. And I can't fucking walk without being in a shit ton of pain. Don't you dare try and sweet talk me to get yourself out of trouble."

"Oh yeah cause I'm so scared of a puppy."

"I'm not a fucking puppy!"

"You let me call you my puppy last night."

"...I will kill you in your sleep."

Maika jumped up and quickly kissed the teen, "If you don't pass out again."

Faolan too stood up, "Your fucking fault kissing me until I literally had no air!"

The brunet swiftly pulled the wolf from the ground, bridal style in his arms, "Why don't I go make my puppy remember where his place is?" he started back toward their room, the teen squirming and trying to get out of his grasp.

"You better not, my hips still hurt! And why aren't you being all sweet and sensitive like you always are! Dominant you is weird!"

"Really, was it weird last night?"

"Shut the fuck up you arrogant bastard!"

Maika pressed there lips together passionately silencing the teen, "I love you too."

~The End~

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