A Kid To Care For

Rated: T

Introduction: Jaeger wants to start a family with Silver now that they are out of high school but Silver is unsure of herself. She was never good with kids and didn't know what to do with them. She didn't want her own child to hate her but she also did want to hurt the guys she holds dearly.

Chapter 1: Graduation

I was in front of a mirror dressing myself for my graduation and making sure I looked good for my loving boyfriend, Jaeger. He was going to be my date there of course and was going to be here any minute now. I put the last of my make up and then looked over myself to see everything was in place. I was about to try something else when there was a knock on my door.

"Jaeger you can come in" I said opening the door and stopped, a little stunned at who it was. "Mom, what do you want I thought you decided to leave when I was little" I sneered

"Honey, I thought I would come see you for your graduation" She said giving me a warm smile before welcoming herself in. "I have changed these past few years and want to be part of your life" She said

"Well I don't want you in mine" I snickered

"You look beautiful and you have grown so much" She said and then with a sigh she added "At least give me one more chance to prove myself" her eye's were pleading.

"No, I am not going to just say oh it's OK you ran out on my life but now that your here you can be in it" I said right as Jaeger walked in and then he stopped at the sight of my mother. With one swift step toward me he had his arms protectively around me.

"What is she doing here" He growled looking at my mother then turning his attention to me. His expression softened when he looked at me and asked "Silver I thought you said your mother left you when you were little"

"She did but than she just appeared out of no where and when I answered the door she welcomed herself in" I argued with him.

"Silver, I never thought you would still be with him" Said my mother and I whipped around to scold her but Jaeger beat me to it.

"I love Silver and there would be no way I would let her go not even now but you wouldn't understand, you abused her and never paid attention to her, than you left her" He yelled making my mother wince and I grabbed Jaeger.

"Jaeger calm down" I begged him and he tore his angry from my mother and looked at me. His eye's became soft again and he pulled me closer and pressed his lips against mine. "I will handle her, don't worry" I said as I searched his face. "Come on we have to go" I said linking my arm with his. "Mother you have to go" I said

"Very well" She said and walked out without bothering to look at either of us.

"Silver I hate her and what she did to you" Said Jaeger making me face him. He didn't look angry but scared and worried at the same time.

"Yes but it's over now calm down" I said snuggled into him then grabbing his hand and dragging him out of my house. I locked the door and turned to him "Come, we have something to attend to"

We finally got to the graduation and went to our assigned class rooms. Me and Jaeger were in the back with our friends waiting for one of the teachers to announce that it is time for us to go. I linked my arm with Jaeger's as we moved in a line toward the auditorium when they did finally come get us. I felt my stomach clench which each step and finally it was a knot as we got upon to the stage.

"We are here today to congratulate this years graduating high school students" Said the principal of the school. "We are here to celebrate how these amazing students have past our school and are going to carry on with there own lives, start there own family and everything else" He continued on.

It felt like hours with each teacher coming up and telling them how proud they were. I felt like I was going to fall asleep if it hadn't been for Jaeger keeping me awake when I needed to be. Finally we got our slips handed to us and where able to go. Me and Jaeger split up to go find our parents, Jaeger his mom, and me my dad. I finally found him in the dark corner trying to avoid the large group.

"Silver you look so lovely" He looked up with warm eyes and pulled me into a hug. "I am so proud of you and can't wait to have you moved out so I can turn your bedroom into a lab" He whispered teasgingly and I punched him. "I am going to miss you so much" He said

"I am going to miss you to but don't worry Jaeger and I found a house together we are going to live in and I know we will get along" I said reassuringly and he nodded.

"Just remember you are always welcome to come live with me and take over the house as long as I can have the basement for my work and you feed me. Other than that you could call it yours" He said

"Dad I am not going to take the house from you but I will come down twice a week to help you keep in clean, and I could come by with dishes of food for you if you wish" I said hugging him again.

"Sounds good to me, you know what I like and it would be good to see my daughter" He said kissing my forehead. "To bad your mother couldn't be here but instead abandoned us for another guy" He said

"Um dad about mom, today when I was getting ready to come here she showed up and said she wanted to be a part of my life again" I said

"Did she try to hurt you again" He asked but I shook my head.

"She didn't try to and she wouldn't have had a chance to because Jaeger showed up right then and put his arms protectively around me and threatened her" I replied and right then I felt her presence behind me.

"Well Tomas its nice to see you are doing so well" She said and dad's faces became stern as it filled with hatred. I blocked the two of them from each other but my dad pulled me behind him and kept his eyes on her.

"What are you doing here I thought you wanted to be out of our lives forever because you were scared of making your own kid hate you" He said and then added before she could have a chance to respond "But what you did just made her hate you even more"

"I know what I did but I am ready to be a mother to her now" She said

"And why, is it because I won't be in the house no more and how you wont have to deal with me but yet I help you" I sneered and continued "I am here today because of my dad and boyfriend, no thanks to you"

"What's going on?" Asked Jaeger's voice stepping in front of me with my father. I looked at the two in horror, I really didn't know what they were going to do but if I didn't do something my graduation would be spent in jail with these two and the woman I really hated.

"Alright guys, we came here to graduate and move on to our new lives, lets not let her taunt us" I said stepping through them.

"Your right" Said Jaeger pulling me into him. "Come lets go" He said and then looked at my father "May I speak to you about a manner that I think deeply concerns you"

"Of course" He said and I was then carried off by the two men I cared about the most in my life.

While my father and Jaeger went to talk in private that they said didn't concern me one bit I went and found my five friends who stopped talking when I seen them. They whispered something and I walked there way to see what they were talking about and why they were acting so strange lately.

"Hey guys are you OK, you have been acting really strange lately, like you are keeping something from me" I said giving them my glare and they all winced.

"Guys I think we should tell even if Jaeger told us not to, Silver is our best friend and you know how she hates surprises especially in public" Said Jessica and than all the group sighed.

"I will tell since I am not afraid of Jaeger" Said Dona and then turned to me and said "Jaeger is going to propose to you here today and he told us not to tell you because he wanted it to be a surprise"

"Why would he want to marry him, I told him that he would find someone better than me" I said but they all shook there heads.

"Silver please tell him yes, he really loves you and would give you his world, just for you to be his" Said Yasmine and added "He has stayed by your side through the horrors of your life and you did the same for him when he was having a hard time."

"Well I guess we will see what happens, thanks for telling me guys and knowing me well enough to tell me before I punched him for embarrassing me" I said and than was approached my a smiling Jaeger.

"Come I have a table for us" He said and pulled me over to it. I sat next to him as cake and drinks were starting to get passed out while they started out the band. "Silver" Said Jaeger nervously

"Yes" I said facing him.

"You know I love you and want to be with you for the rest of me life" He said and I nodded so he continued "I know you think there is someone out there better for me but I really doubt it and I want to be with you" He said and when I didn't speak he continued "I would do anything to have you as mine even if it means doing everything, I love you enough that I would"

"Jaeger I love you and want the best for you and when it came down to it I would rather you be mine then see you with anyone else" I said and when I looked up into those innocent eye's of his I knew I could refuse his proposal whenever he decided to ask me.

"Then Silver I..."He started but was cut off by his mothers sharp and annoying voice.

"Oh my baby is all grown up, I can't wait to see you with a family and job and oh my its going to be so wonderful as long as you get rid of her" She said giving me those eye's but I just looked at her bluntly.

"I see you referred to him as your baby but yet you said he was all grown up" I stated and the said what the point was "That must mean he is a man and mine if I am correct"

"Why I..." She said but was cut off.

"Mom, Silver will always be in my life and as long as she is you will respect that" He said and continued "Now as I was saying before you interrupted me" Said Jaeger standing up and yelling every ones attention. "Everyone please settle down"

"Jaeger this is crazy what are you doing" Said his mother but Jaeger just seemed to be ignoring her. Finally everyone was quiet and all attention was on us.

"I have been wanting to do this for a long time" He said turning to me and bending down on one knee and pulled a single box out of his pocket. "Will you marry me?" He asked

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