Chapter 3: Congratulations!

I started walking along the isl as every ones eyes landed on me and I could feel the pressure come on but as Jaeger instructed I looked at him and only him the whole way there. My dress flowed lightly beside my thigh and it seemed like miles away as I clutched to my dads arm. When we finally made it up there the music stop and the pope started his normal speech.

"Glad to see you made it this far, maybe I was wrong about you" Whispered Jaeger

"Jaeger, I told you I wasn't going to bail out on you that easily" I said rolling my eye's but kept looking at him as the pope had us recite the lines.

"Now will you Jaeger take Silver as your lofty wedded wife?" Asked the pope finally getting to the last line.

"I do" He said and then pope turned to me.

"Silver do you take Jaeger to be your lofty wedded husband?" he asked

"I do" I said feeling a smile come across my face.

"You may kiss the bride" Said the pope and Jaeger stepped up to me and pressed his lips to mine. We were like that for a minute or to and than I pulled away remembering that there were more people in the room beside us.

As we walked down the isl people cheered and chanted. There was wild laughter behind us as we made our way down the stairs and into a car the read "Just Married" on the window. It brought us back to our house where we were going to change and go to the reception. Than afterward we would decide where to go for our honeymoon which would hopefully be chosen soon.

"Are you almost ready to go people are going to be waiting for us" Said Jaeger walking and stopping. He gasp and said "Well I think I might be jealous if you weren't mine"

"Thanks" I said looking down at the dress I now wore.

It was a dark silky dress that shaped my upper body and started to flow out as it got near the bottom. It was placed together by the neck and in the back it was bare. The dress had curved around me back and covered by butt down. I took a simple ribbon from my dresser and pulled my hair back into a pony tail, leaving the side strands out.

"Come on, lets go show you off to the world" he cheered

"Sure" I mumbled and linked my arm with his.

We headed out the door and to the car were we drove to the reception. As soon as we were out and joined the party I got separated from Jaeger where I ended up at a table with my friends. I was happy to be talking to them as I looked around the crowd and saw Cleo standing nervously around so I excused myself and walked over to her.

"Hey Cleo are you OK?" I asked

"Yeah just fine but I am a little nervous" She said and added "I don't know a lot of people here so it's hard to find someone to chat with or sit down and talk to"

"Come on you can come sit with us and meet my new husband if I could ever find him" I grumbled and looked for him in the crowd but once again there was no sight of him.

"He must be here somewhere come on I will help you find him" She said grabbing my arm and pulling me into the crowd as we looked for Jaeger.

"Silver there you are, sorry my mom dragged me away again for the first dance and I argued with her that the first dance goes to you" Came Jaeger's soft voice from behind me.

"You must be the famous Jaeger, hi I am Cleo, Silver's double" Said Cleo introducing herself before I could even say a word.

"A double?" He asked and than added "You never told me you had twin"

"Well yeah but that was because when I was little my mom didn't like me, especially because of what I was turning out to be so she took Cleo with her when she left. Me and her got connected over the internet a couple years back" I said and quickly added "I didn't tell you because I didn't really think you would of believe me especially when we look nothing alike."

"Silver you can tell me anything and I will believe you" He reassured and than bowed down "Can I ask this dance"

"Of course" I said taking his hand and letting him lead me out to the dance floor. Everyone left so that me and Jaeger could have the first dance together alone.

The music was a good rhythm and we flowed steadily to the beat. My dress swirled around my thigh and felt good when it passed my skin. I rested my head on Jaeger's shoulder with one hand in his and another on his shoulder. He had his head rested lightly on mine and held my hand in his while the other hand was around my waist keeping me close. When the song was over with everyone clapped and me and Jaeger exited the dance floor hand in hand to our table.

"You guys are such a cute couple" squealed Jessica as soon as we sat down.

"Jessica you better check yourself before you wreck yourself fool" Said Done and we all burst out laughed. When I looked over to the other side of Jessica I could see my sister was now having a good time.

"So Cleo where is your boyfriend I seen you with when you came over to our house?" I asked

"He decided to stay home but I came anyways" She said giving me a smile that looked kind of sad from my point of view.

"Well I am glad you are here now lets go see if it is time to cut the cake" I said standing up and grabbing Jaeger's arm.

"Well the wedding is just as I planned it but your wedding dress was even better than I thought it would be, the person in it was even lovelier" Said Jaeger.

"You are just so full of joy aren't you" I giggled

"Well who wouldn't be if they got to marry the one they loved" Said Jaeger leaning down and kissing me but that kiss was cut short by his moms sharp tone.

"Jaeger you are grounded for such behavior and you can come live with me" She said but Jaeger just laughed as he turned toward his mother.

"Mom I know longer live with you so I don't have to follow our rules anymore, besides me and Silver have done way more that that" He said an evil grin ran across his face.

"Jaeger" She gasp but Jaeger didn't even bother to acknowledge her yet instead turned to me and linked his arm with mine. He carried me away from her and we headed out the door toward the car.

"Come on we can leave early I am sure your friends won't mind I already told them that if we were gone it would be because of personal business" He said and I nodded.

When I got home I changed into some comfy cloths and sat on the couch rubbing my sore feet. It was good to be out of that crowded area and to not be dressed up so fancy. I was soon comforted my Jaeger who had changed as well but didn't seem as I tired as I was. He gave me a warm smile before looking back at the T.V even though it hadn't been turned on yet.

"I am glad to have you all to myself" I said holding his hand in mine as I cuddled up to him. He must have taken it as a welcoming because he pulled me closer into him.

"As am I" He said the tiredness finally showing when I looked up into his eye's.

"We should get some sleep it has been a long day and you had to deal with your mom" I stated but he shook his head in disagreement.

"I have a better idea" He said getting up and leading me to the bedroom where we closed the door behind us. I grinned at him and marveled at his idea as we laid under the covers stripping each others cloths off.

That morning I woke up to Jaeger getting up and getting dressed in his work suit. When he seen me awake he gave me a smile and kissed my gentle. Than pulled away and started getting ready again so I put on my robe and made him some coffee.

"Sorry about this love but they called me over and want me to work today and tomorrow but other than that I should be free for another couple of days" He said kissing me goodbye and leaving me to tend to things at the house.

Right as he left my stomach started hurting and it felt like I was going to through up so I quickly ran to the bathroom. I puked out my guts for what seemed like hours than brushed my teeth. I grabbed a pregnancy test thing and took it just like I had been for the past few days but each time I had done it, it had come back negative. When I looked at the test results I was shocked to see they came back positive. I quickly ran to the phone, calling Jessica and asking her to come over as soon as possible.

"Silver are you OK, you sounded worried on the phone" Said Jessica and I looked up from where I sat on the couch and pointed and the pregnancy test. She picked it up and when she read the result her eye's went wide as she turned to me and said "Oh my gosh you pregnant"

"I know but I don't know what to do, I am scared" I muttered and she came over and patted me on the back.

"Have you told Jaeger yet?" She asked and than added to the question "He is the father to right?"

"No I haven't told Jaeger I just found out maybe ten minutes ago that was right after he left for work and of course he is the father I wouldn't hurt him like that" I replied

"Silver, you are going to have to tell him soon" She said and I nodded in agreement.

"I know but this is all so new to me and I am wondering how much of a freak I will be when I tell my family I am about to have a kid" I said and added "Jaeger will have to deal with his mom protesting against us for even getting that close"

"Silver, we are your family and friends and we are here for you, we are not going to make fun of you and Jaeger besides he wanted a kid of his own. He will be happy to know that your pregnant" She said. "Beside he will figure out sooner or later when you have morning sickness tomorrow morning" She quickly added.

"You right I am going to have to tell him tonight" I agreed and turned to her and asked "Thanks for being comforting and do you think we could go out for the day just you and me. You can tell all my friends when we separate so you can explain not to tease me"

"Of course come on there is an awesome breakfast place I know of, you just have to get dressed and we can go" She pointing to the robe I had slipped on.

I gave her a grateful smile and than went and took a quick shower before changing into some fresh cloths. I than went with her to this breakfast place she talked about and she was right about the good tasting food. We than went and watched a funny movie together. After that we went shopping for some new cloths and when we were done with that it was getting really late and I knew Jaeger would be home soon so Jessica dropped me off at my house.

"Silver remember you have to do this, he will find out sooner or later" She said and I nodded. She gave me a quick hug before leaving and I waved her goodbye before walking into the house to see Jaeger had just gotten out of the shower.

"Hey love glad to see you had a good day with Jessica" He said walking over to me and kissing me.

"How was work" I asked moving to the kitchen about to get Jaeger some food to eat. He came up right behind me and put his hands around my waits. "Please be careful on my stomach" I said without realizing it.

"Why is there something wrong, are you not feeling good?" He asked suddenly getting worried.

"Jaeger I am not sick and in fact its even better than that, it's something that you always wanted" I said and he gave me a curious eye.

"And what's that?" He asked looking me straight in the eye's.

"Jaeger, I am pregnant with your kid" I said

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