"Hey, Ynna, stop that!" The 10 year-old boy scolded his sister. The toddler just let out a gurgly laugh and continued down the stairs. "Hey, I'm not kidding! Mom and Dad are gonna kill us!" Mikey said, already a bit apprehensive as he followed Ynna down the stairs. Mom and Dad were away visiting their old high-school friend, but they were going to be home any minute now, and Mikey did not want to be caught dead in the all-sacred off-limits basement.

He watched helplessly as his sister toddled around the dark room for a bit until he switched on the lights. "Oh, this is not good," he muttered nervously. "Ynna, come back here!" Mikey sure is gonna get it from their parents if he didn't get his sister's and his own butts out in time.

From an almost hidden corner of the vast room (wow, Mikey never knew the basement was this large, but judging from the size of the entire house, it's not really out of proportion.), he heard his sister laughing gleefully, as if discovering a long-lost treasure. "Bubby, come here!" he heard her call.

Spotting Ynna in front of a massive thing with a white cloth over it, the sense of foreboding increased. "Ynna, we're not supposed to be here," he said. She obviously didn't care. "Look at big thing!" she said happily. "Yeah, I'm looking at it, but I'm not as happy as you are," Mikey replied a bit sarcastically. Ynna started tugging at a corner of the white cloth. "No, stop that!" Mikey started pulling his sister away from the large object.

Suddenly, the cloth fell off and revealed a humongous circular metal frame placed on an equally large steel base. "W-what is that?" Mikey said, now feeling a real prickle of fear. Out of nowhere, the middle of the frame glowed. . .

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