By:Andrew Troy Keller

They were making love in bed
And unaware of the up-coming dread
That awaits them.
You see,it was him
Who had always brought home the daily bread.

Herbie had always thought of her throughout the day whole,
For he had loved Sheila--body and soul.
He had never figured that she should place her head
Upon another man's bed--
Or at least,so I was told.

Her new lover's name was Todd
And he was built like a Mount Olympian god.
From head to toe,
He had a lot to show.
And also,Sheila had a lot to show Todd.

They were having so much sex that Sheila had forgotten everything--
Even the sound of her own telephone ringing.
On the other end was Herbie,who had a feeling of disaster
And wanted to know why she had refused to answer
When the phone rings.

Then,it had came to him as clear as an unused frying pan.
His very own wife,Sheila was with another man.
And so,with a heart so heavy that it had weighed a ton,
Poor Herbie had bought himself a gun
And sped on home as fast as he can.

As soon as he was home,he had gone into the bedroom
And saw the vision of the start of the lovers' doom.
For Sheila and Todd,her lover dude
Were on the bed and completely nude.
"WHY?!",shouted an enraged Herbie."AND IN OUR OWN BEDROOM!!"

Sheila had covered up her body devine
And Todd had gone to run and hide,
After Herbie had taken out the gun
And aimed it at his former 'honey-buns'.
So in order to explain,Sheila tried.

But instead,Herbie had fired the gun
And killed his so-called 'honey-buns'.
Then,he had turned it on Todd,her lover fool
And murdered him,too.
After that,he had placed the gun on to his forehead.

A next-door neighbor had heard the shot
And it had scared her an aweful lot.
The police had been called in
And they had entered the bloody den
Of Herbie Feathersnot.

He had shot two lover's dead.
And also,he had died a lover's death.
He had died for he was a certain type of man--
A jealous man.
And for cheating on him,his formerly beloved wife was dead.