I stare out of my window; my hand rests against my cheek.

I stare at the sky that seems to echo the words you speak.

The wind gently caresses my face, and I wish it was you.

A tear slowly rolls down my cheek, like a sweet drop of dew.

This is that happy tear

For the day when you'll be near,

And I would cry because I'd be the luckiest girl I know.

The warmth in your laughter can melt the thickest snow.

It melted all the thick walls of doubt in my heart,

That, time and again, kept on tearing us apart.

Now I know that you're the one I searched for so long.

Now I finally found the hand where mine belong.

And this is that happy tear

For the day when you'll be here,

Time will stand still; our hands will be clasped together.

Everything will be perfect, the world never seemed better.

I will swim in your love while I drown in your eyes,

In that soft glow that can soothe my deepest cries.

And I can lose myself a thousand times in that voice

That makes me want to break into tears of rejoice,

Because I know for sure that you're the one.

I know the drought is over, my search is done.

I know it's you I always wanted here in my arms.

I have been completely smitten by your charms,

And broken out of my trance of uncertainty and fear.

And this is that happy tear.