The sweetest sound

And I was found.

In just a moment I was more alive than ever before.

Like a ship that's finally touching the shore

After sailing aimlessly for a thousand days,

Finally home, finally at a place where it can stay.


His voice touched my heart

So gently when I was falling apart

Piece by piece into the ground.

A few words and I was found.


I thought I had everything,

Till I heard his voice ring.

And I felt like I met my destiny,

Like I found the home meant for me.

In a moment I was spell-bound,

I was found.


I was cold inside, and the fire started burning again.

I didn't realize I was hurting, till he took away the pain

With the sweetest sound.

I was found.


I never thought I could go weak

Just from hearing someone speak.

But the moment I heard his voice,

That incessant shrill shrieking noise

In my head stopped.

The curtains dropped

On my lonely journey to find

The cure to my confused mind.

It's like I just turned around

And he was found.


I never thought a laugh

Could ever be enough

To light up my face with a smile.

All my emotions are in piles,

And feelings in tangled knots,

And he's reigning in all my thoughts.

It's hard to even breathe.

He's taken over from head to feet.

I never had a chance against this-

This overwhelming love with a silent promise.

I didn't have a choice.

I was lost in his voice.

Lost in the sweetest sound,

That's how I was found.